SpiderHeck Unleashes the Fury of Arachninjas and Laser Swords

SpiderHeck Unleashes the Fury of Arachninjas and Laser Swords
Time to unleash the mighty fury of the Arachnids!

Spiders and their incredibly creepy long legs have long been a source of freak-out for plenty of people living on the pretty blue ball. 

Whether it's those creepy legs, or the fact that they have a tendency of jumping on people at the worst moments possible, or maybe the fact that they stick like glue when you try to shake em off, spiders freak a lot of people out.

Face off against hordes of attacking spiders. Image by 'SpiderHeck'.

SpiderHeck’ has brought together everyone with arachnophobia’s worst nightmare, and every little kid’s dream of wielding laserbeam swords and turned it into freaky spider combat. ‘SpiderHeck’ features two primary modes, the first being single-player combat. 

In single-player mode players face off against hordes of enemies, cutting enemies in half with their laserbeam swords, blasting them to pieces with rocket launchers, and spiderwebbing circles around them with superior combat skills.

Challenge friends to single combat in a local multiplayer dual. Image by 'SpiderHeck'.

The game also offers local multiplayer, where players can dual against their friends in single-combat and prove to all their friends who the real arachninja in the room is. Single combat was used to settle disputes for ages. ‘SpiderHeck’ potentially offers a less violent alternative way to resolve disputes than fisticuffs…

‘SpiderHeck’ utilizes “simple, intuitive controls” according to the developers, and the game’s physics-based combat system allows players to pull off insane combat stunts using spider webs, rocket launchers, and deadly laserbeam swords.

‘SpiderHeck’ is developed by ‘Neverjam’ and is available on Steam.

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