Tomb Raider: 12 Celebrities Who Can Take On the Role of Lara Croft

Tomb Raider: 12 Celebrities Who Can Take On the Role of Lara Croft
The reboot is coming

Who Would Make the Best Lara Croft Actress?

This is the new Lara Croft of 2013

It seems for the first time in 6 years that the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie reboot is finally happening. Warner Bros. has come aboard to distribute the film and the writer, Evan Daughtery, has been announced. Of course there is still a lot of room for error and we could end up never getting to see Lara Croft on the screen again, but if this works out, then here are 12 potential actresses who would make for an amazing Lara Croft!

12. Mila Kunis

She's probably wearing something...

Notable Work: Black Swan, Jupiter Ascending, Friends with Benefits, That 70’s Show

Mila Kunis has had a long career that started with her famous role as Jackie in “That 70’s Show.” Lara Croft certainly has some humor in her, but not to the ditsy slapstick extreme that Jackie portrayed. However, Mila Kunis has had many other roles since her time in the comedic sitcom and has demonstrated a strong ability to act well in both serious and action movies. Her latest role in Jupiter Ascending should leave little doubt over her qualifications.

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