Top 10 Badass Bosses in WoW

World of Warcraft Bosses That Are So Hardcore That They Will Make You Cry If You Don’t Rage Quit First!

World of Warcraft Bosses That Are So Hardcore That They Will Make You Cry If You Don’t Rage Quit First! 

In the 12 years that we have been blessed with World of Warcraft, there have been many expansions. Within each expansion is its own exciting universe with different quests and bosses to take on. Trust me, we’ve had our fair share of good and bad when it comes all these aspects. In regards to bosses, I can say some will leave your jaw dropped wide open in shock after you finally beat them. Then there’s the other hand where some bosses are so easy or lame and leave you wondering if the boss you just defeated was already dead when you started or just drunk.

Here is the nitty gritty of which bosses are worth mention. The following ten bosses are the ones that will make you run home crying to your mama or simply in awe of because of its badassery.

1. C Thun

C’Thun is a boss in World of Warcraft that has a resemblance to the mighty mythical creature, Cthulhu. It stands tall with a giant all-seeing eye and spiked tentacles. This creature is an old god in the city of Ahn’Qiraj. In the temple of the same city, he is the ultimate boss.

Ancient lore states that C’Thun ruled over the world of Azeroth in the very beginning. It ruled alongside three additional powerful old gods. They experienced tension and strife with the Titans that initiated from Pantheon. Each party had their fair share of power but three of the old gods were trapped in the underworld. The elemental were soon banished as well and the battles ceased.

Throughout the peace, C’Thun didn’t sit with idle hands. Instead they molded a new race from beings discovered in Silithid. Thus the Qiraji race of Ahn-Qiraj came to be. They were created to simulate the great powerful being and were to be used as an army for the battle with C’Thun. In the end, C’Thun and its army was slain.

C’Thun is a total badass because of its appearance for starters. Its complete guard of tentacles will obliterate you if you even get too close and it won’t miss you due to its always-open lingering eye. Not to mention its organized and patient manner. You’ve got to be a little patient to wait and plan your wrath -- even if you did end up failing in the end. Being that it is one of the most difficult bosses, you will learn to worship this being, that is if you make it to completion before rage quitting.

2. Al’ar

There’s no question about why Al’ar made the list of most badass bosses. I mean, come on, it is an angry phoenix boss and everyone knows the wrath of the fiery flight within a phoenix. This fire bird is a beloved pet of the boss Kael’thas Sunstrider who is next on this list. This dear pet is a difficult boss in the region of Tempest Keep once you make it to the Eye. The lore depicts the phoenix as a protector of the banished elemental lands.

    An obvious reason why Al’ar is so wicked is partially because of how difficult it is to take him down. Considering he rises from his ashes as a traditional phoenix would, he may respawn multiple times. So don’t get too excited if you put out the fire once or twice. It’s going to take more than just a bucket of water, figuratively speaking of course, to put this beast out. His abilities are abundant and he has many attacks.

3. Kael'thas Sunstrider

As mentioned above with this guy’s beloved pet, this guy was a part of sun royalty. He was also known as the Sun King but before that as the prince of Quel’Thalas. He was the only remaining member of the Sunstrider Dynasty. After demise of his land, he interacted with the Legion and was deemed a traitor. He went through wars when the Scourge attempted to takedown his realm of Quel’Thalas. He saved many and renamed them his blood elves.

    Kael made this list because not only is he pretty beast, his beast is too. He is so badass that he has a pet that will do damage alongside him. He wasn’t afraid to switch sides and even though he lost everything, he kept going and did what he had to in order to avenge the fall of his lands by the undead.


4. Heroic Al'Akir

Heroic Al’Akir is a windlord in control of the weather and winds. He was one of the old gods banished to the elemental planes. He is the last boss to beat and can be found in the Throne of the Four Winds. The initial boss must be mastered before moving on to him.

In ancient lore, Al’Akir was the weakest elemental boss but still played a huge part in the battles against the Titans. Despite being the weakest element, it can still transform into a whirlwind and a thunderhead. Both attacks come from the sky above the Elemental Planes which gave him an advantage.

Al’Akir is a badass because he uses his speed and location in the sky to get ahead on its enemies. His abilities are also very useful when it comes to defeat. Thunderhead turns him into a giant thunderstorm that can last up to an hour. He can slam enemies or release thunderbolts. His second ability, whirlwind, can pull his enemies into a relentless whirlwind every ten minutes. He can release them at anytime and it is a surefire way to injure those he targets.

5. Chromaggus

This two-headed dragon boss is typically confused with that of a dog or close resemblance to a canine of some kind. He can be found and defeated in the Blackwing Lair. The lore to this nasty beast is somewhat of a mystery. Some believe the beast was merely an experiment gone wrong by Nefarian. It is said that he played around with injecting dragon blood into core hounds, thus creating the dragon we know as Chromaggus.

    He is badass because his abilities make him hard to defeat. His attacks are a guessing game due to their sporadic nature. Basically, he has five afflictions and each one is a different color that represents a unique attack. Red is for fire, green is nature damage, blue is frost, black is a lesser fire attack, and bronze is for stunning the player temporarily. If the player is unfortunate and encounters all five, they will die and will in turn heal the boss. As you can see, this is very effective and extremely nifty.

6. Ragnaros (vanilla wow)

Ragnaros is a firelord and among one of the most powerful old gods of the elemental beings. He was banished to the elemental planes along with previous bosses in the first battle against Titans. His residence is currently called Sulfuron Keep. Before he ended up in this fiery lake beneath the world’s surface, he reigned over the core in Blackrock Mountain.

Thaurisson made it possible for Ragnaros to have his return and when he did, he released a wrath so strong, a volcano emerged which we previously referred to as Blackrock Mountain. Thaurisson’s demise was followed by the captivity and enslavement of the rest of his followers. So basically Ragnaros had a team of Dark Irons to do his dirty work and now he receives praise from the clan.

Ragnaros is awesome because just how powerful he is. Although he was banished to the planes below the surface, he still came out on top as a powerful lord ruling from below. He still strives for revenge on Azeroth but he manages.

7. Arthas (The Lich King)

Arthas, or better known as the Lich King, is the headlining boss of the WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King. The Lich King is the product of Kil’Jaeden using the spirit of Ner’zhul. He wanted to have the upper hand for taking down Azeroth and he took great measures to become more powerful. He betrayed his creator and became one with a human named Arthas, thus making him of lich human race.

    Arthas, or the Lich King, is badass because he telepathically reigns from the Icecrown Glacier. He’s the top, the big deal, the master of the frozen lands. He portrayed very destructive behavior by participating in long wars, plagues, and the like. His cruel nature makes him one of the most evil bosses on this list.

8. Yogg Saron

This toothful boss is another one of the old gods that took to battle against the Titans in the beginning ages. They were also banished but to a place in Ulduar where many guards had to keep watch. Its name translates to “Hope’s end” and has sparked much fear in Azeroth. He can be defeated in the dungeon named Ulduar. The whispers of this beast often aided in its escape and defeat of enemies and captors. It was almost hypnotizing.

The most awesome thing about Yogg Saron is the fact that its blood weighs heavily as a weapon. Also known as the black blood or Saronite, it will push anyone who comes into contact with it into violence and hatred. Most fear it but the Scourge seek it out as a tool to get things going. This can mean fuel or building construction.

9. Blackhand

This warlord is a powerful chieftain resulting from the simple manipulation fueled by power. He started as a Sythegore Arm raider and warrior. Soon he would become the chieftain due to his diligent and respected nature. He strived for power so he was willing to do anything to get it. Even if that meant listening to everything Gul’dan said. He would go on to invade towns like Shattrath City and slowly became more powerful and sometimes more evil. This all happened because he had an ego and Gul’dan needed a weapon, so he extorted him for his own needs. He was even blackmailed to persuade into being a warmachine.

    Blackhand is a badass orc because he was in the first horde as a warchief. He was an original and from the beginning, people paid him plenty of respect. He was very intelligent and tactical when it come to battle.

10. Lady Vashj

Perhaps my favorite on this list, this evil mermaid definitely takes the cake for most badass boss. She was already set up for success because her mother was a leader so she was already born into it. As a follower of Queen Azshara, she was sent on an underwater sea mission. Soon after reaching the bottom of the sea with the queen, she transformed into serpentine naga.

After thousands of years passed, she became a follower of Illidan. As part of his orders, she would pump water from the Coilfang Reservoir into her underground lair which would soon become the Serpentshrine Cavern.

The reason why she is top on the list of badasses is because what’s better than getting your ass kicked by a sexy fish-woman? Although you may not want to admit you got frustrated with your attempts at beating a girl, you will had to admit she’s pretty badass. She has a longbow and many magical abilities. Not to mention her weapon of choice was enchanted by the queen. If these fail, she can always fall back on her bodyguards.

    In all, there are many great bosses in World of Warcraft over the years. Here are just a few that really deserved recognition. From creatures, to warlords, to evil maidens, we’ve really encountered a melting pot of bosses.


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