The Top 10 Funniest Undertale Characters, And Their Funniest Moments

Undertale is known for its wild characters. Most of them are either made on crazy concepts or you have no idea how they were ideas in the first place.

Because of this, all of them are pretty hilarious even when they don’t intend to be.

10 Mettaton

Mettaton himself isn’t all that funny of a character, or at least doesn’t try to be. What makes Mettaton funny is that he’s so over the top and that Alphy’s clearly doesn’t want him to succeed.

Mettaton is somewhat ridiculous in his first scene. He turns his attempts to kill Frisk into a quiz show and has ballons, confetti, and everything. It’s completely comical how he intends to serve justice.

Mettaton Moments | UNDERTALE

9 The Royal Guards

The Royal Guards are these dudebros in full armour tramping about in the Hot Lands. They’re also really dense. Neither of them realized who Frisk was until they started taking him away to safety.

There’s also that they’re both  into each other. The fact that they’re gay isn’t the funny part, it’s the fact that RG1 gets so hot and bothered by when RG2 takes his shirt off. Also how he proclaims is love is adorable, but pretty ridiculous.

UNDERTALE: Royal Guards Mini Boss Battle (Pacifist)

8 Greater Dog

Greater dogs appearance is funny. Greater Dog clearly only wants affection, but also looks like he could beat you silly.

Plus a dog in a full suit of armour coming out of the snow is pretty funny.

UNDERTALE: Pacifist VS Greater Dog

7 Dogarressa and Dogamy

These two are cute more than anything, but they do have their moments. Particularly when they say “Dogs can pet other dogs??? A new world has opened up for us..." Also the fact that they can’t see at all and only realize Frisk is there because they can smell him.

Undertale - Dogamy & Dogaressa (Pacifist)

6 Doggo

Doggo is literally a meme. He’s much like the Dogi and can’t see stationary objects so he uses sense of smell to tell if someone is there but just not moving. He also smokes dog treats, which in the very least is interesting.

Undertale: The Legend of Doggo: Pet Spam and Ringing his bell

5 Burgerpants

Burgerpants is funny because he’s relatable. He’s works at MTT Brand Burger Emporium and he absolutely hates it. He’s quoted as saying “I'm 19 years old and I've already wasted my entire life” and “sorry I can’t go to hell. I have no more vacation days.”

Also his story of being called Burgerpants is funny.

Undertale - Burgerpants (Pacifist)

4 Undyne

Undyne is a pretty serious character but she does have her occasional moment.

In particular, the moment when she asks if anime is real. The fandom took that and ran with it.

Undertale - Anime is not real

3 Alphys

Alphys is funny because she’s so awkward. It’s kind of painful to watch as she awkwardly interacts with everyone as she clearly has social anxiety.

Probably the funniest thing is all of her date options, in all of them she’s so awkward and it’s kind of cute.

All Alphys Date Options

2 Sans

Sans is supposed to be funny. He constantly tells puns, which to some is annoying, but in all honestly are funny.

Undertale - Sans Puns

1 Papyrus

Papyrus is by far the funniest because he tells stupid jokes and is absolutely ridiculous. He wears outrageous outfits, takes everything literally making some funny moments, and because he’s so emotional it’s actually really entertaining.

Undertale - Papyrus date

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