Top 13 Games Like SimCity (2013)

Top 13 Games Like SimCity (2013)
Few things are as satisfying as watching something you built come to life.

Looking for the best games like SimCity 2013?

There are times when all you want to do is create something beautiful, watch it work just the way you envisioned it (more or less) and then sit back, relax and marvel at your handiwork. There are also times when you want to rule over tiny, microscopic people and boss them around, telling them where to live or work or go to school just because you’re aiming to create your own little perfect microcosm where your word is law and nothing can go wrong unless you want it to. Or something like that. Well, whether you just want to feel the joy of creating something from scratch, or you want to rule the world your way, city-building games are for you.

Really, you can’t do much better than city-building games when it comes to something like this. Think of it: you can build an entire city however you want, and no one can talk back to you. You can prove that you could do a better job than the politicians and civil engineers we sometimes complain about. You can send an earthquake or a tsunami on your city just for the fun of it.  

And that’s what games like SimCity do: they give us the chance to be mad dictators, benevolent leaders or wacky hybrids somewhere in between, just for a few moments. So if you’re into having that kind of power and want to find what other good games like SimCity are out there, here are 13 games designed to have you building up and breaking down to your heart’s content.

13. Depraved

Depraved gameplay trailer

Let’s kick things off with a promising newcomer from Evil Bite, Depraved. You can expect to see this one released later in the year but, even at this stage of the game, Depraved is looking well positioned to ride the wave to success.

The newcomer is also putting a new spin on things—Depraved takes you into the Wild West where you start off with nothing but a single cartload of (meager) resources and a stubborn will to survive the harsh wilderness. That Western element is not something we’ve ever seen in a city-builder.

Prepare yourself to fight off raiding Indians bent on protecting their homeland from, well, you. They were here first, after all. You’ll also need to steel yourself against wolves and bears with an occasional taste for something higher up the evolutionary food chain than they’re used to. And let’s not forget darling Mother Nature and her fickle self. Crops can fail all too easily, storms will come to challenge your resolve and winters can prove brutal and deadly.

Like in any city-builder, you’ll need to grow your little town into something much bigger and more secure by keeping your citizens happy. And remember: this is the Wild West. The gun-slinging little varmints you rule over won’t hesitate to shoot up the town should they feel their voices weren’t loud enough to get your attention. Watch it—you may have a ghost town situation on your hands.

In this harsh environment, the Undertaker’s (this here building) could wind up being the busiest place in town, and for more reasons than one! Yep, that’s a body being carted in.

I’m counting 11 dead here. Clearly, this town wasn’t big enough for any of these poor guys!


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