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Torchlight 2 Review and Gameplay
That oh so long awaited sequel


Once upon a time there was Tristra-I mean Torchlight. A small town with nothing to show for itself except an endless underground labyrin-I mean mine, with all manner of demonic and otherworldly monsters. Now for the twist. The mine holds ember, a magical substance used to create enchanted items of extraordinary power. The catch? It corrupts those who use it. Of course, there has to be a catch with anything magical.

A hero is recruited by a sage named Deckard-I mean Syl. She needs help searching for her mentor, an alchemist named Alric who was corrupted by ember. With no other option, the hero kills Alric and a mysterious creature named Ordrak, who was the source of the ember's corruption.

Now, the Wander-I mean, the Alchemist, corrupted by ember, destroys get it already. This Alchemist is the hero from the previous game, twisted by the Heart of Ordrak, the very monster he slew. Under his influence he destroys Torchlight and is off to disturb the balance of the world's six elements.

It's a bit of a letdown how similar the plot is to the Diablo games. Too bad they didn't take the idea of the cinematics too. Those were, possibly, one of the most impressive graphical achievements of their time. In Torchlight, we get a series of artsy images with text instead. This is the one aspect of the game that could've used some more work.

I'm actually a fan of the art style, but I wish there was a touch more animation. 

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