Which is the Best GTA Game? Here, We Rank All GTA Games, From Best to Worst

Which is the Best GTA Game? Here, We Rank All GTA Games, From Best to Worst


Five dolla bills ya’ll!

Rating A Top Series: No Easy Feat 

Oh man, where and how do we start to rank the long list of GTA games that has been around for over almost 20 years now! That’s right folks: Grand Theft Auto is now older than most college freshman, and man do I feel old. But, gray hairs and bad decisions aside I feel like I can give a pretty accurate ranking because we grew up together; from the online 8bit demos released in 1997 (which you can still download off their main website) to the most recent release of GTA 5.

It’s just a few rocket launchers what’s the bfd?

I have been there through thick and thin: the plot holes, glitches, lost saves, cheat codes (back when those were still a thing), the first GTA easter eggs, running out of ammo during critical missions, cruising on main street, picking up hookers, impossible missions, the GTA story series (not my favorite), and turning on GTA just to drive around in my favorite car running people over until the car eventually is ingulfed in flames and then blows up. Why? Because violence. That’s why. For the first time in my life I could break the law as flagrantly as I wanted with no real world repercussions you know like jail and court fines. Instead of being the “innocent” child (the eldest, mind you) I was transformed into a psychopathic mass murderer / good guy just trying to make his way in the world blurring the lines of social acceptability and law.

So while I will try to refrain from adding additional bias to this ranking keep in mind this is like trying to rank your life long friends who have been around since elementary school, and who are still around today. You have seen them grow up and develop into the complex systems they are now. Lets jump in!

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MJuarbe's picture

MJuarbe 5 years 1 week ago

i remember playing GTA when it came out for the PS1. good times good times

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