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Travel Agents have their work cut out attracting players to the world of Will to Live Online

Lets takes a look to see what the latest apocolyptic MMOFPS has to offer.



The Fallout series has long been the go to, post-apocalyptic open world title. For a decade, the series has come to monopolize the attention of players looking to shoot their way through dying wasteland environments. Now though, with the recent exploding popularity of open world survival games, one title is looking to take things to the next level, past the static Fallout experience, towards something livelier, more unpredictable and more connected.

Will to Live Online is an upcoming FPS MMORPG from AlphaSoft LLC, a small, independent studio based out of Eastern Europe. On its surface, the game appears to be a mix of games such as Day Z and S.T.A.L.K.E.R but let’s take a deeper look, to see what else we can uncover.


Will To Live - Story

Pest control services get a lot of business in Will to Live Online.

Will to Live Online takes place 50 years after the aptly named “Global Catastrophe” which wiped out over half of the human population. Now, mutants and dangerous beasts rule the land. Players take the role of one of a few remaining survivors, tasked with navigating the dangerous wasteland, surviving day to day in order to reclaim the land that was lost.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Will to Live Online, is that its open nature – and persistent online connectivity – allows for narratives created by the players themselves. Whilst still early in the game’s development, AlphaSoft have been canny by introducing the framework of a story, through which players can create their own.

As an MMORPG, Will to Live Online has the opportunity to create more unexpected story experiences than the plot/quest driven nature of Fallout, where linear quest objectives often felt counter to the open world setting.


Will to Live Online – Release Date

As one of the final games to be on the Steam Greenlight programme (where users from all over the world voted for prospective games to be added to the store service) Will to Live Online has enjoyed a surge of popularity from a growing community, even before the game has officially been released.

On April 5th, the apocalyptic shooter entered Steam “Early Access”, with a smaller slice of the promised experience available. Updates are coming often (currently about two a week) gradually building up to a full release in late 2018.


Will to Live Online - Gameplay

Never miss your train in Will to Live Online, you’ll have to shoot the conductor to get on.

So, what sets Will to Live Online apart in terms of its gameplay? Well, before we get into the particular details let’s say what the game is not. This is not a story driven experience, this is a game of systems – playing moment to moment, encounter to encounter, occasionally running into other players –

Thing start off in character creation. Players are able to choose from up to four classes (including the hardy Miner, able to soak up damage and the wily Hunter, a sharp shooter capable of sticking to the shadows. These classes each have their own skill trees, which players will be able to make their way up by earning XP. There’s a raft of customisation options here, everything from the height to facial details – everything you’ll need to look your best for those radiated mutants.

Once everything’s been picked out, you’re spawned into the world with nothing but a knife. Its up to you to then scramble for supplies, everything from food and water to gear and weaponry. These early moments can prove incredibly tense.

Finding a gunsmith or black-market dealer (sellers who’ll be able to stock you for your journey across the wasteland) will prove vital. Chatting to any NCP’s you find, you’ll gradually be sent in certain directions, either to scout out enemy bases or scavenge from derelict buildings. Finding low powered firearms, the player will slowly build up strength, taking down smaller enemies (such as mutated rats) whilst typing out messages on the in-game chat to team up with other online players.

Its important to keep an eye on the type of ammo you’re using. In Will to Live certain ammo types (FMJ or HP as examples) do better damage against certain enemies. And be careful not to die in combat encounters. You’ll lose a random assortment of items from your backpack and respawn far away, tasked with returning to your body to pick up the loose items before another player picks them up.

Will to Live Online has a measured pace to its gameplay. Players will find things slow at the start, but with patience and tactical considerations (keeping an eye on health/hunger and inventory management) characters will begin to grow in strength. When this occurs, and players are suddenly able to handle more ferocious enemies with greater ease, the sense of satisfaction is sure to draw players in.


Will to Live Online – Trailers

To get a better idea of what the developers have in store for the game, here’s a few overview trailers.


Will To Live Online - Early Access Trailer

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