WoW Legion: 10 Coolest Ground Mounts and How To Get Them

World of Warcraft Newest Expansion with New Mounts
Take A Look At the Best of WoW: Legion's Newest Mounts

WoW Legion: 10 Coolest Ground Mounts and How To Get Them

There Are 28 New Mounts in WoW’s Newest Expansion “Legion”

So you’re hyped up about the latest expansion Blizzard has released for World of Warcraft? One could only wonder why with the bountiful addition of new mounts. Mounts make your journey through dungeons and across worlds more exciting - and efficient!

With twenty-eight new mounts at your finger-tips and chauffeuring your player around, the appeal is self-explanatory. You’re able to summon creatures to put transportation at ease and potentially protect you from enemies while you quest. Having a mount in gameplay is a privilege and now you have the ability to choose from a variety of these creatures.

The 2016 release of WoW expansion Legion brought excitement and the capability of choosing from some of these new mounts and more:

Llothien Prowler


Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder

Fathom Dweller


Bloodfang Widow

Grove Defiler

Spirit of Eche’ro

Great Northern Elderhorn

Steelbound Devourer

Arcadian War Turtle

Long-Forgotten Hippogryph

Leyfeather Hippogryph

Mechanized Lumber Extractor

Hellfire Infernal

Felblaze Infernal

Prestigious Bronze Courser

Prestigious Ivory Courser

Vicious Gilnean Warhorse

Vicious War Elekk

Vicious Warstrider

Vicious War Trike

Vindictive Gladiator’s Storm Dragon.

So as you can see from this list, there were quite a few new types of creatures added.

For a truly unique experience in this sixth expansion of WoW, a few breed additions were made available. This expansion brought about some new breeds such as foxes, fishes, and rats that have never been seen before in prior WoW expansions. This is an exciting attribute for those who have been playing the game since its infancy.

The Ten Best Legion Mounts and How To Get Them

If it had to be narrowed down, the best ten mounts would be: Llothien Prowler, Brine-deep Bottom Feeder, Ratstallion, Spirit of Eche’ro, Arcadian War Turtle, Leyfeather Hippogryph, Mechanized Lumber Extractor, Hellfire Infernal, Vicious War Trike, and Bloodfang Widow. Let me get into why these mounts should be sought after and how to achieve that.


1. Llothien Prowler

The Llothien Prowler is considered a mount must-have because it’s the first and only fox mount. That alone is enough to give it a whir. With its red-orange coat and glowing eyes, there’s no way you can pass this guy up. You can obtain one of these adorable Llothien Prowlers by questing in the Suramar region. The quest to complete is Volpin the Elusive.

Upon receiving a Torn invitation, you make your way to Suramar. Once you’re there, you follow the path to a specific tree where you’ll find Volpin. Two wolves will be guarding the tree but rest assured, they are easily taken down depending on your level. Once you find the elusively camouflaged Vulpin, the mission will begin. A battle will ensue with four nightborne and your main goal is to protect the fox. Once you turn the quest into Volpin, you receive the mount.

2. Brine-Deep Bottom Feeder

The brine-deep bottom feeder is an underwater mount that can only be used in aquatic environments. You can get the brine deep bottom-feeder by paying a visit to the vendor Conjurer Margoss on an island in Dalaran. In order to receive this underwater mount, you have to befriend this fisherman. You will become best friends by gifting him drowned Mana. Mana is acquired by fishing on the island. It may take a while but it is worth the dark fishy mount.

Another way to accomplish earning all the Mana necessary is to bait an aquatic monster in the water. When the monster is present, he will drop exactly what you need to achieve your goals once you defeat him. This task is worth it because this is the fastest swimming mount you can have. Although it doesn’t affect your gameplay much outside of the water, it is still a superb mount to consider when you do underwater quests.  

3. Spirit of Eche’ro

The Spirit of Eche’ro is the glowing spirit of one Highmountain Tauren’s pet. Huln Highmountain had a moose as a pet and named him Eche’ro. This is its spirit reincarnated into a mighty desirable mount.

You can acquire this mount by going to the archaeology trainer in Dalaran. Once you learn basic archaeology, the trainer will give you a quest called “The Right Path”. You will be taken to the right path by visiting a woman named Lessah Moonwater in Highmountain. She will give you a follow-up quest named “Laying to Rest”. Once you collect all the necessary bone fragment in this quest, you will be rewarded with the icy blue moose spirit mount.

4. Arcadian War Turtle

The Arcadian War Turtle is one cool turtle, locked and loaded with heavy artillery and a shell of metal. It breathes fire and moves you throughout your missions with a destructive stride. He is virtually indestructible as far as aesthetics are concerned.

To get an Arcadian War Turtle, you must visit a vendor with the desired form of payment. Travel to the bank in New Dalaran and there will be a vendor closeby by the name of Xur’ios. He will have items for sale in his inventory but some will only be available certain days. It is merely a game of chance and patience with this vendor. Upon refreshing and revisiting, he will eventually have the War Turtle back in his possession available for purchase. His required form of payment will be in Curious Coins though, so make sure to have 150 of them.

5. Leyfeather Hippogryph

The Leyfeather Hippogryph is magical violet creature that can now be found in the Broken Isles. They are useful when it comes to traveling via ground or taking to the clouds in the sky. They are very fast depending on your skill level and are very useful.

To acquire one of these mystical Hippogryphs will be no easy feat. They are a rare breed and only obtained by getting the “Glory of the Legion Hero” meta-achievement. You can complete this achievement by completing about twenty-five quests within the dungeons and raids category.

6. Ratstallion

The Ratstallion mount is simply to be described as any sewer creature with whiskers would be. You just ride around on a giant rat but it’s kind of neat because it is the first rat mount to become available.

To get your own beady-eyed, sharp-toothed mount, you must complete the “Underbelly Tycoon” quest. This quest entails having to successfully loot 20,000 Sightless Eyes in the Underbelly of Dalaran. To do so, you will have to go after and defeat people and you will receive fifteen or more sightless eyes with each kill. This is only when PvP mode is on. When PvP mode is off in the sewers, it is best to seek the rare characters that can have as many as seventy sightless eyes to take with you.

Another way to up the sightless eyes you receive from slayed characters is to invest in the wild Mana wand. It increase the amount left when looting.

7. Mechanized Lumber Extractor

The Mechanized Lumber Extractor is a mechanical golem with bright-green glowing facial features. He vibrates with each step and lets off steam as he marches forward. It is a pretty cool mount so it was deemed worthy for this list. It’s especially desirable because it has use both on land and in the sky.


You can get this machine mount by retrieving 300 toys. This is a nice perk for toy collectors as it gives incentive find as much as you can. The achievement is called “Remember to Share”.  Although some complain it too closely resembles the Sky Golem, I believe it is still a rewarding fresh respin on an old mount.

8. Hellfire Infernal

This fiery mount is a warmongering hellion of a creature is also available to use as a mount. The blazing mount will be available for ground travel. This mount would provide +60% or +100% speed depending on your skill level for riding.  He is obtained by taking down the grand Gul’dan. You will have to complete this task by going on a mythical difficulty. There could also be the possibility of an alternate colored version of this mount. The alternate version is the Felblaze Infernal.

9. Fathom Dweller

Another favorite among the underwater mounts, this jellyfish is definitely sought after since the first sighting as a NPC version in Cataclysm. Now with the ability to mount this deep purple sea creature, earlier expansion players are rejoicing. A saddle is now available for players to use the Fathom Dweller as a mount.

The only way to get this mount is seemingly impossible. It is definitely a difficult mission as it includes defeating a boss by the name of Kosumoth the Hungering. This occurs over a body of water in the Eye of Azshara. It is not that simple though. You must first travel to Broken Shores and conversate with an orc who will need you to retrieve an item for him. You find the item by going to the Musty Caves and looting a mound of dirt. He will give you a mission of visiting ten different locations but they must be done in order before you return back to this orc. Lastly, a curse will appear to allow you to see the boss and you will be given access to begin your 6-day venture to Kosomoth.

Even with that said, it isn’t a 100% guarantee that you will be gifted with the Fathom Dweller. In some cases you will have to go back and start all over again.

10. Bloodfang Widow

Now we wrap up the best mounts with this realistic arachnid. Despite claims that it is too expensive, this mount is an exciting addition to the mounts in Legion. It is a ground mount that gives you more speed depending on your skill levels. After coughing up the two million gold, you will be able to purchase the mount in Dalaran once you find the mad merchant. It is a fairly straightforward means to obtaining this mount. You just have to figure a way to muster up the change needed. It’s up to you to find out whether it is worth it or not.

In all, Legion has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in regards to mounts. With many different additions to acquire, you will not have the opportunity to get bored. You can even make a checklist of all the mounts you want to acquire then go for it. The adventure is what it’s all about after all right?

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