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DayZ (2013)

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Set in a remote Russian state infested by zombies, survival is the only goal as you battle it out against zombies, diseases, hunger, animals, injuries and for the first time ever, rival survivors. Experience an unprecedented look into the realities of survival as you tend to your needs while keeping watch over your shoulder. 

In one of the most realistic gameplay settings, enjoy the thrills of surviving a zombie infestation mixed with the creative elements of role-playing and decision-making. Use all your wits to stay alive for as long as possible because “DayZ” has not only zombies wanting to kill you, but also cold-blooded humans.

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EarlySummeR's picture

EarlySummeR 7 years 2 months ago

The game is good but the community is suck, new player having hard time bullied by "bad" veteran player

Wiz07's picture

Wiz07 8 years 11 months ago

Day Z is one of my favorite post-apocalyptic zombie games because it's so realistic and you always have to be looking out not only for zombies but for humans which present a bigger threat specially when they have groups and you're alone.

Keirdolan's picture

Keirdolan 8 years 11 months ago

A game in which your chances of survival rely on your next tin of beans, Dean Hall’s DayZ is an immersive epic that retains a sense of realism unique to the post-apocalyptic Zombie genre. I found myself in a plethora of perilous situations, all of which made the whole experience more unpredictable and exciting. 8/10.

hannahsmithlara's picture

hannahsmithlara 8 years 11 months ago

The appeal of the alpha; since there are no objectives, is that death inevitably overtakes you. It's unfavourable, yes, yet it delivers a sense of realism thats uncommon in many zombie games. The game sound effects are basically epic, the attention to detail in unbelievable and the adrenaline the game provides is an amazing overall experience. DayZ has a lot of potential and is worth taking a look at, especially when it is complete.

M.Nikolic's picture

M.Nikolic 9 years 4 days ago

Hold your horses, for the zombie apocalypse is at the doors. In order to survive, put your skills to the ultimate test, and decide whom you can trust for not everyone is friendly in the outskirts of Chernasus. Track down animals, loot the cities and villages for supplies, and spend every bullet wisely. Play your role in the shattered world, and see if you have what it takes to survive. What distinguishes this game from others is the diverse community, unlimited options and a constant tension.

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