Killing Floor

Killing Floor
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Killing Floor (2009)

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When genetic experiments carried out by Horzine Biotech, a London bio-engineering company go horribly wrong, hordes of mutated zombies are released into a city of millions. Come to the rescue as a Special Service agent tasked with containing and eliminating the threat of a zombie apocalypse. In a frantic co-op fight fest featuring up to 6 side-kicks, lead the way in an intense battle to exterminate the zombie threat once and for all. 

As a revolutionary feature, customize your gaming experience by altering the number of hordes you face and the area you face them or even personally choose one of ten monstrous zombie types to battle against! With over 33 different weapons at your disposal and the exciting ability to create new maps and modes of your own, “Killing Floor” provides the ultimate survival horror experience. 

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327's picture

327 8 years 11 months ago

Killing Floor, an offering of Tripwire Interactive, gives players all the adrenaline fueled gore of a zombie themed FPS while sidestepping the bandwagon with "specimen" lore rather than the usual viral outbreak of other games. 6 player co op, a refreshing change from most games' 2 or 4, brings you through a choice of maps with waves of zeds to kill. The end of each round brings you to the trader, where you can augment your gear, reload your ammo, and get new weapons.

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