Planetside 2

Planetside 2
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Planetside 2 (2012)

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On the planet Auraxis, 3 factions are locked in a war for control of the planet. The warring factions include the Terran Republic, who uses their military might to expand their empire, The New Conglomerate, corporate-backed guerillas who fiercely oppose the Terran Republic, and The Vanu Sovereignty, who are obssessed with obtaining alien-artifacts on the planet.

Planetside 2 allows hundreds of players to engage in one single battle at the same time. Warfare occurs on a massive scale and makes use of infantry, air, and ground vehicles in snowy mountains to desert wilderness. Players must battle as one strategic unit, utilizing an array of hi-tech weapons to destroy the enemy force and achieve victory. Choose your allegiance and take control of your character on the battlefield, experiencing an all-out war like never before as you blast your enemies into oblivion.

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Belwolf's picture

Belwolf 3 years 5 months ago

Squad up with as many of your friends that you can muster in this massive open-world FPS. Conquer enemy faction territory with dozens of other real players in the huge sandbox. Roll up with several tanks and air support. This entire game is fueled by player activity. Log on and support the war effort!

MaxwellDenton's picture

MaxwellDenton 6 years 1 month ago

It's an awesome MMOFPS. I just wish I had the hardware to run it with mid-level graphics. It's worth a shot if you are a fan of FPS games.