Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs
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Sleeping Dogs (2012)

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Wei Shen is an undercover cop working for the Hong Kong Police Force. He is tasked to infiltrate the Triads and take down a dangerous criminal organisation - the Sun On Yee. Going undercover, Wei Shen must prove his worth by eliminating the gang's enemies and move up the organization until he finds himself in a position of power.

Torn between his loyalty to the badge and the code of the triads, Wei Shen will risk everything as the lines between truth and honor become permanently blurred.

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Karthik's picture

Karthik 7 years 8 months ago

It gives you with a variety of options to not as much as GTA V.., Since it was out way too earlier than GTA. Gives more attention to fighting skills which other open-world games lack which are more towards firearms and stuff. It is an overall package.

RumHouse's picture

RumHouse 9 years 3 weeks ago

One complaint. Why can't I change key bindings as it regards moving and driving. I know, I am one of those who prefer arrows to wsad. What can I do? Every game on the market, however, allows for that alternate binding. Except this one. Annoying. However, I am pleased to say that, aside from that, Sleeping Dogs is a serious powerhouse of fun. Loved the oriental feel, the immersive combat system and fast-paced storyline that had me begging for vengeance. Great open world play! What a satisfying gaming experience! And yet, why must I wsad my way through it?

usama395395's picture

usama395395 9 years 1 month ago

Sleeping Dogs provides players with an engrossing narrative set to the atmospheric and richly-detailed backdrop of Hong Kong. An extensive array of additional missions and activities ensure there are always opportunities for further adventure and action to discover while roaming the streets. Along with an impressive presentation for both the visuals and music, Sleeping Dogs is without doubt the sleeper hit of this year for open world action games.

jed_ds's picture

jed_ds 9 years 1 month ago

This is your cheapest plane ticket to Hong Kong (while playing undercover cop at that!) Have a feel of the atmosphere in the land they call “The Pearl of the Orient” while losing yourself and finding the gangster in you. Expect to learn what true loyalty really means.

Tamara4012's picture

Tamara4012 9 years 1 month ago

Comparing Sleeping Dogs to any other game is pretty pointless because Sleeping Dogs is special in its own right. This game is combination of smooth game mechanics and absorbing tale about risky undercover assignment of a cop driven by thirst for vengeance. Side quests and atmospheric setting complement the main story well and you will find yourself getting surprised at every turn. Free-roaming in Hong Kong, through glaring neon lights and echoes of karaoke tunes, is stunningly immersive.

Falconero's picture

Falconero 9 years 1 month ago

Given Rockstar's success, tackling the free roaming genre has surely been far from easy for United Front Games, but their work has undoubtedly paid off, making Sleeping Dogs much more than a simple GTA clone. A strong narrative, a solid gameplay and an engaging progression make it one of the finest free-roamings developed in the past few years.

Fahad_Shaikh's picture

Fahad_Shaikh 9 years 1 month ago

A variant of the open world action-adventure genre, sleeping dogs was a fun 30 hours spent gaming, the hand-to hand combat system, gripping story and electrifying chases make it a must play for all the open world fans.