[Top 10] Anime with Sword Fights

Anime with Sword Fights, sword fight anime
Ichigo (anime: Bleach)

10. Inuyasha  

Kagome had no idea what to expect when she accidentally tumbled into a well. Instead of getting soaked, she ends up in an entirely different timeline. No, an alternate dimension that takes place in a pre-modern Japan. School was already difficult enough, now she has to deal with characters of a completely different age. Worst of all, having to deal with the half-demon dog guy who calls himself Inuyasha. From the moment they meet, there has been nothing but friction. But as Kagome slowly warms up to her new environment (and feelings for the human mutt), she realizes that she fell into the well for a reason. Yesterday she was just some high school teen. Now she finds herself having to save her new home, and her true love. 

The half-human demon mutt himself. 

9. Samurai 7 

In the future, a new kind of Earth had been overcome with war made by mechanized samurai. After the war, things began to settle down. But the scars of the past still lay as mechanized bandits still roam the lands. Farmers of the earth have no choice but to hire samurai for their protection. Kyra and her friends journey to find fellow samurai who still have a little honor left in them, hoping they are willing to accept meager farmed rice as payment. Seven samurai of different experiences and qualities rise to the task. 

Shimada the Wise 

8. Mushibugyo 

In an alternate 1700s Japan, the country is terrorized by giant insects called “Mushi”. In order to protect the people, the City Patrol had been established. The strongest are sought out in order to fight the infestation. When young Jinbei learns that his father is to be summoned, the kid immediately takes his place. While powerful in his own right, he is still the weakest of his group. But his fierce determination and powerful spirit are what win over his new friends. 


WARNING: not for the arachnophobic. 

If you’ve watched Eight-Legged Freaks, this is its anime adaptation.  

7. Gin Tama 

Yes, this is another anime that takes place in an alternate Feudal Japan. And yes, there are samurai in it. However, the twist is that they are BANNED from using their swords. Ever since the aliens conquered Earth and began running things (like a better healthcare system), samurai have been forced to find mundane jobs. It sucks, especially for Gintoko Sakata, who is willing to take any job offered. Hell, even do some dirty work if it means wielding his pride and joy again. But even with his quality and skill, the pay is still disappointing. 


6. Katana Maidens  

An evil creature known as the Aratama has been terrorizing people. A special task force known as the Miko seek out these monsters in order to exorcise them. They are normal high school girls in uniform licensed to wield their swords. In this Japan, schools train the junior and senior levels in order to fight the Aratama. Sure, they are still high school girls who hang out, watch anime, and talk about boys. But when it’s time to work, they are a force to be reckoned with. One certain girl is more passionate than most, which may come to be her greatest weakness in the midst of sword-wielding.


5. Akame ga Kill!  

With his village poor and starving, Tatsumi sets his sights on the Capitol, hoping it will aid his people. However, when he arrives at his destination, he realizes it is far from the generous city he believed. Corruption is everywhere, and he nearly becomes a victim of it himself. Thankfully, a woman with a blade comes to his rescue. She is a member of the vigilante assassin group known as Night Raid, who are determined to take down every corrupt person in the Capitol. Tatsumi decides to join them, and put an end to the suffering the Capitol has caused. 


4. Sword of the Stranger 

Fate comes into play when wandering fighter Nanashi rescues a young boy from an abandoned temple. The kid’s name is Kotarou, and he seeks Nanashi’s protection. He is being pursued by those of the Chinese militia for reasons unknown. Unable to leave the child, Nanashi becomes his bodyguard. Meanwhile, a man named Rarou, working for the militia, is in hot pursuit of them. 


3. Sword Art Online 

It was supposed to be an amazing virtual reality experience. Sword Art Online was supposed to be a fun game where players could control their avatars with their own bodies using Nerve Gear. But suddenly, they find themselves unable to log out. The creator reveals he is holding all of them captive. They must defeat the final boss and finish the game in order to leave. However, now that the players are literally in the game, survival of the fittest becomes a reality. Because if you die in the game...you die for real.  

Should have been called Simp Art Online. 

2. Bleach 

On the surface, Ichigo seems like a normal high school teen. But his secret is that he is able to see ghosts, and he has no idea why. He is suddenly visited by a shinigami named Kuchiki, who saves his family from those called Hollows. Defeated and injured, she transfers her shinigami into Ichigo. Together, they must defeat the Hollows that terrorize Ichigo’s city. 


1. Samurai Champloo 

Jin is mysterious yet courteous, and a total sweetheart. Mugen’s rude, perverted, and overall a bag of dicks. Their differences cause a public swordfight that results in their arrest, and are to be executed. However, a kind yet airheaded waitress saves them. In return, they must help her find a samurai “who smells of sunflowers”. If you thought this would be like how Ash adventured with Misty and Brock in the first Pokemon series, you are dead wrong. 


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