Ascension Best Strategy: Top 10 Card Combos To Outplay Your Opponent

Ascension Best Strategy
What kind of strategic combos could turn the game and outplay your opponent?

Yes, I am talking about these card combinations that, sometimes make our life easier, but some other times will utterly destroy the opponent.

But do not be fooled. Simple combos are just that, simple to perform, but not so powerful, while merciless combos are exceptionally difficult to achieve. And here is the difference between pro players and novice players.

Read further to find out what card combinations will ensure you an easy victory, or will simply be an insta-win.

#1: Serpentcall + Eternal Askara

If you are a fanatic of control strategies, this is among the most powerful combos available.

Serpent Call is a Lifebound Construct that allows you to acquire any hero in the Void as if they were in the center row.

In the other hand, Eternal Askara is an Enlightened Hero that can banish any card in the center row, and If that card is a monster, you obtain 3 Honor points.

If played correctly, this combo can deny any kind of strategy for the opponent, and also give you exclusive access to virtually any hero you want.

How this works:

~ First, play Eternal Askara, and banish whatever card you don’t want your opponent to acquire or defeat.

~ This card is sent to the Void, where nobody can reach it back again.

~ Lastly, use Serpent Call to acquire whatever hero you banished with Eternal Askara.

#2: Forgotten Scripture + Scryer of the Lidless Eye + Master Dhartha

This is a very powerful combo that will give you a huge card advantage.

If you manage to pull out this combo, you will be able to draw 6 cards in a single turn, without any negative side effect.

If you are building a deck thinking about late game strategy, this is a combo that you should really consider.

Of course, you can scale this combo even further if you add another Scryer.

It works like this:

~ Play Forgotten Scripture.

~ Play Scryer of the Lidless Eye.

~ Draw 2 cards.

~ Discard Master Dhartha.

~ Master Dhartha will come back to your hand.

~ Play Master Dhartha.

~ Draw 3 cards.

~ Transform Forgotten Scripture into Mantra of True Sight.

~ Draw another card for a total of 6 cards.

#3: Adayu, the Serene + Vir, Ephemeral Guru + Daybreak Askara

A game breaker combo. Expensive to obtain. You need three different cards that are unique (basically only one copy per deck).

But oh, boy! This thing will almost guarantee your victory.

That is what happens when you combine 3 of the most powerful cards in Ascension that are not only brutal by themselves, but 3 times the brutality when played together.

But wait, doing this combo is not an easy task. It could be even impossible if you don’t plan incredibly well your deck.

You need to meet several incredibly difficult conditions, as well as drawing two cards in the same turn, and have one card of each faction in your hand. Difficult, but if you pull this, well… enjoy easy victory.


~ Obtain and play Adayu, the Serene.

~ Obtain and play Vir, Ephemeral Guru.

~ Obtain all the heroes in the center row.

~ Play Daybreak Askara.

~ Copy Vir twice

~ Start playing your new heroes and triggering Adayu’s effects.

~ (Probably) Win the game.

#4: Umbral Edge + Penumbral Edge + Hedron Canon + Hedron Link Device

Here we are getting into serious business.

If you thought that the previous combo will hit hard, wait for this:

Umbral and Penunmbral Edge are two Void Constructs that, if played together, will give you 8 Power per turn. But this is not enough, right? We always want more. Combine that with Hedron Cannon and Hedron Link Device.

What you will obtain is a wooping amount of 12 power points every turn, more than enough to defeat any monster in Ascension.

Do you want to destroy that big guy? Please, do it. Do you want to clear the center row of small monsters, please, go ahead.

To make this work:

~ Play Hedron Link Device

~ Play Hedron Canon

~ Play Umbral Edge and Penunbral Edge.

~ Profit.

#5: Tablet of Time’s Dawn + Reclamax

As simple as this, but this combo could easily be the most powerful ever in Ascension. Basically, if build correctly, a deck with these two cards will grant you infinite turns.

The Tablet of Time’s Dawn is a Mechana Construct that gives you one extra turn if you banish it.

Reclamax is another Mechana Construct that allows you to acquire any Mechana Construct from the Void, back to your discard pile.

If you build a sufficiently small deck with a few “Draw two cards” heroes, you can easily keep bringing back the Table to your deck, and obtaining extra turns again and again.

To make this work::

~ Acquire Tablet of Time’s Dawn and Reclamax. Do not play them until you have both of them.

~ Banish as much as you can from your deck. Leave only the necessary Rune and Power generation heroes to play both Mechana Constructs.

~ Leave 2 or 3 “Draw X cards” heroes.

~ At the begining of your turn, play cards that allow you to draw cards. Cards like Flytrap Witch are optimal because they give honour and allow you to draw another card.

~ Once you draw the Table and the Reclamax, play both of them.

~ Finally, banish the Tablet and re-acquire it with Reclamax.

~ Finish your turn and enjoy the new one.

#6: Cell Block E + P.R.I.M.E. Directive + Rat King

With this combo, you insta-win the game even before the opponent has the chance to develop his strategy.

Basically, what we want is to obtain mechana constructs so PRIME Directive effect is triggered.

Thanks to Cell Block E, any monster that you defeat or play, is converted into a Mechana Construct under your ownership.

From his side, PRIME Directive tells you that if you conrol 8 or more Mechana Constructs, you win the game.

And finally, Rat King is a monster that, once it enters the game, it summons another 5 Giant Rat monsters on top of the other cards in the center row. Also, if you defeat the Rat King, all the Giant Rats are automatically defeated. That is a total of 6 monsters defeated, that if you add up to PRIME Directive and Cell Block E, is a total of 8 Mechana Constructs.

To win the game with this combo:

~ Acquire enough power build cards to be ready to defeat the Rat King.

~ Play Cell Block E and PRIME Directive.

~ Once the Rat King appears, defeat it.

~ The Rat King and all the Giant Rats will be defeated and converted into Mechana Construct,

~ You win.

#7: Vir, Ephemeral Guru + Daybreak Askara

Another big hit combo. If you bring it into play, you will completely destroy your opponent!

The explanation is simple: Vir lets you acquire ALL the heroes in the center row without paying their cost and put them in your hand, ready to be played, while Daybreak Askara duplicates the effect of any hero, and if that hero is Enlightened, this duplication happens twice.

Basically, you will acquire all the heroes in the center row three times in one turn if you triplicate Vir.

The correct order to play this is:

~ Play Vir, Ephemeral Guru

~ Acquire all the heroes in the center row.

~ Play all these heroes as you please.

~ Play Daybreak Askara

~ Duplicate twice the effect of Vir.

~ Acquire new heroes…

~ Profit…

#8: Dhartha, the Eternal + Vir, Ephemeral Guru + Daybreak Askara

Another destroyer combo. This is an upgraded version of the previous combo.

It works in a similar way, but in this case, you can trigger the effect of Dhartha many times and keep defeating and acquiring new heroes and monsters.

It works in this way:

~ Complete the previous combo, up to “Acquire all the heroes”.

~ At this moment, play Dharta.

~ Next, play one of the heroes in your hand, so Dhartha’s multi-united effect is triggered.

~ Acquire or defeat the new hero or monster.

~ Repeat.

#9: Dhartha’s Retreat + Twofold Askara + Nairi, Henge Queen

Do you love Honor, right? And how about drawing extra cards per turn? Well, this powerful combo is just about that. You will easily outrun your opponent with a big advantage.

In one side, Dhartha’s Retreat allows you to draw two extra cards per turn. Solely with this, we are talking about a serious advantage. The only condition is that you cannot acquire or defeat anything.

In the other side, we have Nairi, Henge Queen. When you play her, you will earn 5 honour points.

And to empower the combo, you can make use of Twofold Askara (or any duplicating effect card).

Additionally, if your deck is small enough and correctly built, you can keep drawing this combo every single turn, earning at a pace of 10 Honour per turn and acquiring a huge advantage respect your opponents.

How this really works?

~ First, Play Dhartha’s Retreat, and keep it in game.

~ Next, play Nairi, so you will earn 5 honour points.

~ Then, play Twofold Askara, and duplicate the effect of Nairi, earning another 5 honour points, for a total of 10.

~ Finish your turn. Then, you will draw 2 extra cards.

#10: Orb of Nyx + Rat King

If you are a lover of big armies, this is the right combo for you.

When the Rat King enter the center row, another 6 Giant Rats are summoned.

Now, according to Orb of Nyx, everytime you defeat a monster, you obtain a Soul Gem.

Can you then smell something fishy here? Yes, of course.

Just imagine this:

~ Play Orb of Nyx.

~ Wait for Rat King to appear.

~ Defeat Rat King (and all the Giant Rats)

~ Trigger Orb of Nyx 6 times.

~ Enjoy a new army that you can immediately play.

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