Top 25 Best Anime Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

 Best Anime Games
Year's only halfway over but that doesn't matter.

25. Devil May Cry 5

DMC 5 Gameplay

Dante and Nero mark their badass and stylish return to modern consoles. A mysterious man named V approaches Dante in the hopes of hiring him to solve the recent demon attacks occurring worldwide.Meanwhile, a demonic tree has planted itself into the center of Red Grave City, draining the blood of the civilians.

 Nero takes the case, meeting with Dante and V along the way. Fight through hordes of devilish armies with the stylistic sword and gun gameplay fans of the series love. Chain together combos to ascend in stylish rank. Scoring high ranks will award you with more red orbs. This in-game currency can be used to purchase more powerful skills and weapons for your characters. The highly anticipated demon hack and slash has been reawakened. 

Legendary demon-slaying mercenary, Dante, makes makes his badass return. Cutting through armies along the way.

Chain your stylish powers to raise even more hell.

24. One Piece: World Seeker

One Piece: World Seeker Gameplay 

Explore the vast open world of “Jail Island” from the perspective of Straw Hat Pirates’ captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Access the rubber man’s signature Gum-Gum abilities and “Haki” to mow down enemy navy and pirates. Experience a brand-new story in this seamlessly endless odyssey, with returning and new faces from the cast of the top Shonen Anime, One Piece. A new untold story is just moments away waiting to be explored.

Explore the vast, beautiful world of Jail Island as protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and work your way towards King of the Pirates.

Blow through hordes of navy soldiers and opposing pirates with every ability under Luffy’s arsenal.

23. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Gameplay

Grab a fresh pair of batteries and a katana. Take control of the bloodthirsty cyborg, Raiden, in this action-packed installment of Metal Gear. Placed four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden is hired by a private military company (PMC) for VIP protection, military training, and so on. Slice through the ranks of Desperado’s mechanical soldiers and juggernauts. With a blade in hand, feet, and anywhere else Raiden can swing from, gameplay has never been so personal. Utilize your Zandatsu to cut and take parts from your enemies to power Raiden further. With more precision-based melee, enter Blade Mode and control the angles and motions of your blade. Enhance all your abilities further in Ripper Mode to become a truly unstoppable force. The future has never looked so fearsome.

Nothing gets in Raiden’s way as he effortlessly slices through the opposition.

Get more precise slices and dices in blade mode. Go either manual or freestyle your slashes.

22. Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Trailer

This is one of the most anticipated sequels to an adventure RPG in quite some time. Play the role of martial artist, Ryo Hazuki, continuing his quest to find his father’s killer. Take Ryo to Guilin, China with many more areas to explore afterwards. Interaction is key, with absolute immersion in the world. Previous installments enabled, quite literally anything. With options ranging from waiting for a bus, playing at the arcade, interacting with the townspeople, to having a job riding a forklift, most would stray from the main story to leisure the endless possibilities at their own expense. The greatest of role-playing games is currently under development.

Follow Ryo Hazuki, as he restlessly pursues his father’s killer.

The first bit of gameplay footage. The world has never been this beautiful and realistic to interact with.

21. Fist of The North Star: Lost Paradise

Fist of The North Star Lost Paradise Gameplay 

Throw yourself into the gore that is Fist of The North Star. In a world devastated by nuclear warfare, Kenshiro ventures through the wastelands in search of his kidnapped fiancée. With Kenshiro’s signature fighting style, finish your opponents in a gruesome flurry of pressure point strikes. Switch up the blood modes from mild to extreme to truly enjoy the cinematic style you prefer. Lost Paradise follows the same RPG elements as Shenmue but with an added layer of over-the-top bloody action. When traversing through Eden, you’ll find many elements to heighten your experience. Play old SEGA soundtracks while riding your dune-buggy. Become a bartender or doctor if you wishto deviate from the hardcore action,

Finish enemies in a bloody explosion the series is known for.

Have a break from imploding your enemies to take on various side quests and jobs, like bartending.


JUMP FORCE Beta Gameplay

Set in the Shonen Jump universe merged with the real world, all of your favorite characters from top anime and manga series are here to duke it out. Create your own character and follow a brand-new story, uniting with famous allies such as Naruto and Ichigo from Bleach. In this 3v3 fighter, utilize each character’s special attacks and finishing moves to reign victorious against your enemies. The core feature may quite possibly be character creation. Customize your own avatar with various moves and abilities from your favorite fighters to unleash the ultimate warrior.

Build an unstoppable three-man squad from famous manga and anime characters across the Jump universe, including your very own custom avatar.

Witness your favorite heroes and villains across different universes, together in the most odd of mix-matches, ready to battle.

19. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 Gameplay 

A prequel to the Yakuza series, making it easy for new players to grab a copy, this game follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima. This open world, hand-to-hand beatdown takes you on an adventure around the fictional settings of Kamurocho (based on Tokyo’s Kabukicho) and Sotenbori (based on Osaka’s Dōtonbori). What stands out most isn’t the energetic storyline, full of drama suspense and gritty action, nor the ability to bash skulls in with a metal bat or bicycle. The amusement comes from the over sexualization, comedy, and drama from the hundreds of side quests, activities, and plot twists available to you. Taking care of an infant, watching erotica, or just buying booze for some drunks; a fight is never too far away either. Utilize 3 different fighting styles all with special “Heat” moves to deal massive damage in some pretty gruesome scenes. This has all the power, sex, and violence to be expected from hardened gangsters.

Show no mercy when multiple stereotypes pick a fight with the wrong gangsters.

Engage in some of the most hilarious of side stories. Like winning a chicken from bowling?

18. Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay 

Survive through the Titan invasion and relive the story of the famous Attack on Titan series as your own character. Experience the first two seasons of the Attack on Titan anime with extremely fun gameplay. Fly across cities with the assistance of the high speed ODM gear to scale buildings, similarly to Spider-Man. You will realize that fighting the giant humanoid Titans is no easy task as you position yourself to grapple with them. The skill lies in using momentum to glide towards your target and timing your slices accordingly. Improve your chances of survival with various tasks. You can also buy new items and acquire techniques learned through building relationships with key characters of the series. Create tower defenses or resupply stations to stay stocked on items. The campaign is fully co-op with online capabilities. Follow the story with friends or challenge others in 4v4 scouts’ missions or Titan exterminations.

Take a stand for humanity. Create your own character, and reclaim the walls with the scout regiment.

Work with Eren, Mikasa, and other allies from the AOT series as you fight off waves of hungry Titans and secure the city.

17. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Gameplay 

Looking for a grind with satisfying rewards? Monster Hunter is the way to go. Hunt various monsters in an effort to craft clothing and armor or just for more money. Explore the “New World” filled with many rare monsters waiting to be preyed upon. Take on multiple quests to hunt monsters in any way you see fit. Track prints or signs of dung. Sneak in for the kill, or if you prefer, use camouflage and trap settings. You can even mount a monster and go for an adamant kill. Your character’s stats and attributes are predetermined by the armor and weapons equipped to you. You will have fourteen different weapons to choose from, all of which also affect the mobility of your character. Appreciation also comes from the monsters themselves. Every breed has a different behavior and attack pattern. Some are more aggressive while others are timid and protect their young. The world truly feels alive and awaits your travels.

Hunt down multiple breeds of monsters scaling from giant dinosaurs to tiny reptiles. All of which act in countless ways.

Take your hunted monsters home for an upgrade in your armor. Craft yourself the best hunting gear.

16. Danganronpa

Danganronpa Gameplay 

Experience the colorful cast of characters in the murder mystery visual novel, Danganronpa. Makoto Naegi has been accepted to Hope’s Peak High School, where only the most talented of students may attend. Monokuma, antagonist of the game, locks the children inside with no access to the outside world. Investigate the various murders through puzzles and interactions with the cast of anime tropes. Once the bell rings, it’s time to debate. Use bullets to shoot through character statements and eventually piece together the entire case. Get to know each character, before their inevitable deaths. Alliances are formed, friends are made, but in the end, people will die.

Get to know the incredible cast of stereotypical anime tropes, before their expected deaths.

Nonstop Debate. Shoot through contradictions to catch killers in the act.

15. Bladed Fury

Bladed Fury Gameplay 

This platforming hack and slash game, based on Chinese mythology, follows princess Qi, who is accused of killing her father. Run your way through gorgeously painted scenery and enemies, stabbing everything in your path. There are two forms of attack. One is the light sword with launching and juggling capabilities. There is also the big sword with a three hit combo and charged attack used for breaking enemies’ super armor. There are many creatures based off of Chinese mythology, and a soundtrack fitting for every situation. Bladed Fury has a straightforward fast-paced story with simple combo upgrades for anyone to grab a controller and start playing. There’s also an unlockable hard mode for more replay value.

Cut through anyone in your way in this side-scrolling, slashing platformer.

A beautifully astounding art style, taking great influence from Chinese mythology and lore.

14. Earth Defense Force 4.1

Earth Defense Force 4.1 Gameplay 

In this third-person shooter, an all-out war has begun against the Ravagers, a race of merciless aliens, and the EDF. Take on simple quests of shooting down swarms of aliens or survive for a set time limit. EDF 4.1 is actually outrageously simple; you shoot things with seemingly unlimited ammo, enemies explode, and there’s collateral damage. You can ride tanks, and screens get cluttered with enemies with absolutely no warning. Pick between four classes and split screen for even more fun. The simplicity of just killing things with no true objective solidifies this game as the essence of gaming. And what’s not to love about using a super powered anime girl with a jet pack, shooting up aliens from the air?

Show the Ravagers who’s boss and take back the Earth from the incursion.

Pick between 4 classes of the EDF and blast your way through Kaijus and aliens.

13. Initial 2: New Stage

Initial 2: New Stage Gameplay 

Take on the role of Captain Belvia and her partner SERA as you slash your way through waves of mutants. This is a simple hack-and-slash adventure RPG. Clear zones and complete each mission to proceed. You have access to heavy and light attacks, which can be used to juggle opponents and perform instant kills when up close. Belvia will gain access to more special attacks as she proceeds through the game. This game is another fun past-time that is equally simple, as it is enjoyable.

Control Captain Belvia and team up with Iudex soldiers to fight off the Replicant Empire.

Use Belvia’s fast flashes and versatile special attacks to cut into mutant Replicants.

12. Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Black Clover Quartet Knights Gameplay  

In a world full of wizards with mana, only Asta is born without magical abilities. Based on the Shonen manga of the same name, Black Clover: Quartet Knights has you control the magical cast members in this 4v4 third-person shooter-type game. Each character has a different fighting style with their own array of abilities and magic to be used. Battle in 4v4 matches with various goals from: capturing zones to escorting crystals. There are light customization and deck options to change your abilities in battle. There is an original story that starts with Asta versus Mars and then deviates from the original plot. Including some original characters to the series, there are also full anime cut scenes, and in-game cut-scenes that are extremely pleasing to watch. This is a must play for any Black Clover fan.

Take your favorite wizard or the mana-less Asta in a team of four through various multiplayer matches.

The Overwatch-style gameplay is perfect for Black Clover. Take control of zones and other missions and defeat your opponents along the way.

11. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay 

Noctis Lucia Caelum must reclaim his throne and fulfill a greater destiny in the fifteenth main installment to the Final Fantasy Series. Set off with your party in the Regalia, your sweet ride, and explore the Kingdom of Lucis’s open-world environment. Use the Active X Battle system, and instantly switch between weapons and magic as you face a variety of monsters. Originally, you were only able to control Noctis, but patches have made it able to switch between any of the four party members. Attack prompts will sometimes appear to land combination moves with your partners. There are over 100 melee weapons to choose from. Party members have different weapons and equipment to expand gameplay. Being an open world RPG, there are many side quests and mini games to be enjoyed in your pastime. You can camp, race with your Chocobos, and visit restaurants. This is the most interactive title in the FF series.

Travel the kingdom of Lucis with your party and complete the campaign, or take on side quests at your leisure.

Take a minute to relax and set up camp to sleep under the stars.

10. My Hero One's Justice

My Hero One's Justice Gameplay 

UA’s super-powered heroes and villains finally clash in this 3D arena fighter adaption of the great Shonen anime/manga, My Hero Academia. Showcasing a great roster, from both good and bad sides, each character has their own unique set of combos and quirks (abilities). Each fighter has a normal, counter, and unblockable attack; each directly used to answer the next. Counterattacks best out normal ones, unblockables stop counters, and normal attacks can penetrate unblockable attacks. Everyone also has their own special quirk to bypass any attacks. Finish off your opponent with your Plus Ultra attack in flashy fury.

With a vast variety of heroes and villains  to choose from, test out different quirks and supports to rule the school.

Unique quirks make the battles more versatile and interesting from start to finish.

9. Persona 5

Persona 5 Gameplay 

Codename: Joker saves the world from the maliciousness within adults’ subconscious. In this title of the Persona series, players explore Tokyo as an academy student by day and hero by night. Dive into the consciousness of foul minded adults and destroy their corruption. Prospect through dungeons, distinctive to each host, with an array of puzzles and enemies to conquer. Collect differing personas and build a team unique to your own playstyle. Battles are turn-based with melee, ranged, and 8 elemental magic attacks. As a JRPG, the game wouldn’t be complete without an assortment of side gigs and activities. You can enjoy retro-gaming,  read a book, or watch a film. With a finite amount of time to enjoy everything, this offers major replayability.

Probe the minds of corrupted adults by achieving tasks in select dungeons.

When you’re not off fighting the consciousness of evil, enjoy the life of a somewhat normal high school teen.

8. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Gameplay 

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, has you create your own character and jump into an original story, taking place during the 2nd season of SAO. As a third-person shooter RPG, players have access to an open world where they accept various quests and fight their way through dungeons. For more variety in your exploration, use the grappling hook to access any area. Towards the end of the story, you have access to “Kirito Mode,” playing as Kirito and further expanding on the 2nd season of SAO with some amazing cutscenes. Multiplayer is  an option amongst, fighting through bosses in co-op, or PVP. Featuring fun gameplay,  many weapons, and customizations to choose from; everyone’s dream of living the SAO title is a reality. Well, somewhat of a reality.

Blast into dungeons and take on quests with your OC in this highly anticipated shooter RPG.

Engage yourself in this original story with familiar and original characters from Sword Art Online.

7. Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club Gameplay 

It’s your first day of school, and you’ve been invited to become a member of the Literature Club. No problem, but you are the only guy in a club full of cute, stereotypical anime girls. Build relationships *with the beautiful, ever so cute, girls. What?* in this exciting visual novel. At the end of every night, you must create your own poem by mixing keywords that arouse the attention of your club mates. No room for spoilers, but there’s an eventual dramatic turn of events and a rapid increase of pacing.

Bask in the glory of being the only guy in a club full of cute girls.

Win your love with a romantic or meaningful poem. Just make sure to use the right words.

6. Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul Gameplay 

Blade and Soul is truly different from the traditional MMORPG. Featuring many gameplay elements that separate it from the bunch as an action open-world MMORPG. Choose between 10 classes with varying roles in gameplay and diverse gimmicks. HUB worlds are filled with hundreds of active players. Clear unique dungeons and gain crafts and rare elements for your character. Wear whatever clothing without the drawbacks of armor stats. Instead, there are soul shields obtainable in the game to power up your stats. Weapons also go through a leveling system for constant progression without changing too frequently. The game has aged well since its release in 2012, and is still easy to pick up and play. With a huge community swarming with enthusiastic players and dozens of side quests and content, Blade and Soul is a community over a game.

Create the most precise and realistic of characters without the drawbacks of armor stats. Dress the way you want.

Join your friends through different dungeons in this massive, and still-growing, community.

5. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay 

There’s a distortion in time affecting the Dragon Ball universe. Only you can save the timelines from falling into chaos. Create your own “Time-Patroller” of different races. From Namekian to Saiyan, even a Friezan race. Customize your patroller with all your favorite abilities of the franchise like Kamehameha or Big Bang Attack. Focus on certain fighting styles like physical or ki-based attacks. You can also equip yourself with special conditional abilities that activate at certain points in battle. Once you’re ready, send your patroller out to carry out various missions alongside heroes and villains of the Dragon Ball universe, or even other patrollers. The game has regular updates and patches to keep it fair and fun for everyone. Check out the latest DLC for new moves, characters, and costumes to abuse.

Create your patroller and hang around with others, or complete missions for the ultimate Dragon Ball RPG experience.

Regular updates keep the game fresh, including  the newly-revealed Dragon Ball Super Broly.

4. Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball Fighterz Gameplay 

The most anticipated anime 2.5D fighter of all time is here. Select from popular Dragon Ball characters and battle it out in this 3v3 tag arcade style fighting game. Beginners and veterans of traditional fighters can easily adjust to the game’s auto-combo feature. Repeatedly pressing the light or medium attacks can unleash powerful automated combo attacks unique to each character. This is a 3v3 tag fighter, where you can strategically pick the right team and hit the arena to test your combat skills. Special attacks and ultimate attacks make a return and scale to an amazing degree, featuring stage destruction and destructive finishers. The story is original to the series, with a new playable character: Android 21. Unlock your potential as a fighter and reach the heights of power never before seen or experienced.

Fierce matchups await. Brawl to the top tiers.

Finish off your opponents in an ultimate destructive finish.

3. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay 

Relive the Fourth Great Ninja War as Naruto, Sasuke, and other important characters from the beloved final chapter of the Naruto series. Once again introducing the 3D arena style ninja fighter, choose from 3 ninjas of various types to support each other.  A new mechanic allows quick tagging between teammates for extending combos and more versatile strategies. Ninjas have access to their own diverse jutsu, some of which can be customized (Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi). Jutsus expend chakra, which can be recharged manually or through collecting chakra orbs. Defeat your opponent with Ultimate Jutsu Finishers to show a small cutscene and dialogue from your character. The soundtrack is beautifully picked, and graphics are true to the anime/manga. This is quite possibly the closest an anime fighter has looked to its source.

Control multiple ninja in this battle royale of super powered gods and prodigies.

Prove your nindo- your Ninja way. Reliving the events of the anime with visuals that blend so well, you couldn’t tell it was a video game.

2. Naruto Online

Naruto Online Gameplay 

Immerse yourself into the story of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, with your own ninja. Naruto Online is a turn-based combat RPG. Players assume one of five elemental ninja and play through the entire story of Naruto and the Shippuden series, following the characters through their own struggles and achievements. Play through some side quests, socialize with friends, or battle through bosses and other players in PVP. With addictive gameplay and regular updates, it’s no wonder this won Web Game of the Year.

Pick a team of the best shinobi and relive Naruto through their perspective.

With an almost endless roster of shinobi to choose from, battles are never dull and the competition stays fresh.

1. NieR: Automata

NIeR Automata gameplay. 

Alien invaders have driven humans to the moon, but the remnants have created androids to fight back and reclaim Earth. In this number one pick for any action-packed JRPG lover, control one of the YoRHa unit’s androids to eliminate the invaders’ created machines. The gameplay is truly fast-paced and full of nonstop action and variety. Access the open-world by running or riding your own animal to roam. Use heavy and light attacks to string combos and control a robotic ally for some machine gun support and advantage. There are differing perspective views while battling, flight segments, and platforming sections. Buy more weapons and upgrades for your android to experience gameplay at its fullest. Content is brimming from this game, the music is incredibly memorable, with tracks you’ll want to download and play anytime. With multiple endings to be exploited, you have maximum replay value.

Sexy androids destroying mechanical nuisances in fast-paced action, take my money.

Multiple perspectives and objectives like flight segments for a cluster of nonstop enjoyment.

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