Battlerite Support Champions Ranked Worst To Best

best Battlerite Supports
Find out who the best battlerite support champions are.

Who Are The Best Battlerite Supports?

In team games such as Battlerite, supporting is looked upon with mixed feelings. On one hand, you need a good support if you want to succeed in matches. On the other hand, support is one of the least popular roles.

However, with Battlerite, the support champions are very fun and viable, and this is where Battlerite differs from other games in the genre. Every champion has their niche in matches, and the supports are pretty balanced. This does not mean all supports are equal though! A support champion’s place in the META is not only determined by the support champion itself, but also what other characters are powerful at the moment. This is my list of supports ranked from worst to best, based on just how viable they are within the current meta.

9. Zander 

The magician can pull more than a rabbit out of his hat with his crowd control abilities and damage bursts. This support is fun; however, he is probably the least effective in the support role.

Zander has a bag full of tricks when it comes to CC, but this comes at a cost of his healing output. Combining his teleport abilities with melee carries, such as Rook, can open up a bunch of combos to target enemies, but his lack of healing really puts a damper on his ability to support a team.

8. Sirius

The celestial being is a good warrior and a better support. With healing abilities that do not require line of sight and some good engage ability, how does he shoot for the moon and miss?

Sirius is pretty good, with some decent healing rates and good burst. Combine this with engage, and you have a well-rounded support hero. Then why is he so low on the list? Well, despite his well-rounded kit, he is very predictable. If you do not hit his counter and you can stay away from his engage ability, he is just another healing support with nothing special. At a lower level of play, this may not be an issue; however, as you progress, Sirius becomes less and less effective.

7. Poloma

 Poloma uses her spirit wolf to terrorize the arena and control her enemies. She heals her allies with a tethering and can be very frustrating to play against.

Although Poloma is pretty strong, with abilities to AOE panic enemies and some reliable orb control, her healing output relies on her allies staying close. This limits team comps, and thus, limits her effectiveness. On top of this, she cannot heal herself without the aid of an ally. Despite her control abilities, her shortcomings make her rather hard to play, and puts her lower on the list.

6. Pearl

Pearl is a little girl with big powers. She controls the battlefield and stays safe with some good escape abilities, all while having a decent heal rate.

Pearl is a strong support. Her bubble almost negates any ranged threat while it is deployed, and her counter allows her to get out of sticky situations. With good coordination, her ultimate can carry teams. However, it is the very thing that puts her lower than other supports: the immense amount of coordination she requires to reach her full effectiveness. If you do not have a team that’s on the same page, or if you lack communication, Pearl will be hard to reach her peak performance, and without this coordination, Pearl is just an average support with an above-average way to negate ranged threats.

5. Ulric

A Shining light in the dark, with a big shield and holy might.

Ulfric has a kit full of survivability, crowd control, and a high healing output. In theory, he is a very good support with little downside, however, with long cooldowns, and being melee with no escape abilities, he doesn’t make it very high on the list. Also, Ulric has little compatibility with many heroes, reducing his viability.

4. Pestilus

A prophet of the Dark Gods, this support makes use of his dark gift to control the battlefield.

Pestilus is pretty much a less mobile blossom, with the same body blocking potential as Tree of Life and Queen are mechanically similar, and an insanely high healing output. The constant panics, the incredible escape and dive ability from Infect, and a high burst damage potential from his ultimate, Pestilus controls the battlefield and makes it at number six on the list.

3. Lucie

A mobile potion brewer who can dish out damage, stay safe, and control the flow of the game.

Lucie is a very strong support pick, with such a high healing output, an incredible shield that can be applied without line of sight, and several abilites to keep herself safe. A timed panic can take very important characters out of a fight, and with proper use of Roll and Barrier, Lucie is hard to kill. Combine her with a team with some peel ability, and she’ll prove her worth in almost any team comp.

2. Blossom

A bubbly dear-woman who body blocks, heals, and weakens.

Blossom is one of the strongest supports in Battlerite, with huge healing potential, damage mitigation, some mobility, a game-changing ultimate, and some minor crowd control and weakening. Her kit is brimming with abilities that make killing characters very hard, and her Tree of Life is one of the best abilities in Battlerite. Add in her empowered Tree of Life, and you have a crazy powerful support.

1. Oldur

A time bending creature, who controls the fight with crowd control and some decent damage output.

While lacking the healing potential, Oldur is still the top support on the list. How? Well, Oldur looks after his team while also providing a huge damage output. Sands of Time offers a DOT effect, Time Bender and Chronoflux can negate ranged threats, and Time Travel reducing ally cooldowns while also being a way to engage or burst and enemy down. Oldur, overall, provides a high amount of damage output while also having healing and crowd control, making him the best support that you could want in Battlerite

Battlerite offers the opportunity for fun with every character, and supports are no exception! All these characters are very fun, and allow the player to have fun while also supporting the team!

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