[Top 10] Best Battlerite Champions For Winning Ranked

battlerite best champions
Blossom and her bird companion Maxwell.

The Best Battlerite Champions to boost your rank

Battlerite is a diamond in the rough in the world of Free-to-play games. It’s all the fun parts of MOBA’s boiled down to the roots, and it kicks out all the boring stuff. It is ever changing, and the META is just as volatile. In this awesome game, one of the most rewarding things to do is to climb the ranked ladder and get better at the game. These are my Top 10 Battlerite Heroes, in no particular order, to boost your rank in the current state of the game!

1. Ashka

Ashka is one of the best heroes in Battlerite. Don't let his size fool you.

This Champion dominates the battlefield through his AOE damage and Crowd Control. He bombards enemies from a distance while staying safe with an escape ability.

Ashka is a great overall hero with abilities that allow him to rectify mistakes and do a lot of damage through Firestorm. He has self-sustain through his Searing Flame, which is a huge advantage when playing solo in ranked play. His escape ability also puts him at an advantage when it comes to positioning, as he is hard to stick to. All of these add up to a very strong ranked hero.

Abilities Worth Noting

Ignite – A Damage-Over-Time effect that is applied through Firestorm. This effect does 8 damage over 4.5s and is reapplied by basic attacks.

This ability allows Ashka to have a steady stream of damage. Every hit from Firestorm applies this DOT passive, and basic attacks reset the timer. If taken advantage of, this passive ability can cause major damage.

Firestorm (RMB) – Fires 3 bolts of flame, dealing 16 damage and applying Ignite

One of his best abilities as each hit does decent damage and applies his passive. On top of Ignite being applied, enemies hit get hit with a minor crowd control effect, effectively allowing the other projectiles to hit with ease.

Searing Flight (Space) – Jump to a target location, dealing 10 damage to enemies

Although this ability does damage, do not be mistaken; this is a survival ability, and a good one at that. The instant jump away from a bad fight is a life saver, and one of the reasons Ashka is very hard to kill.

2. Thorn

Thorn is a threat in the battlefield like no other.

A beast both in lore and in the arena, Thorn is a tank who can dish out damage and fill in most compositions. With the ability to pull enemies out of position and block incoming damage, he is a very strong pick in ranked.

Thorn is a great hero to boost your rank with, as he is a great hero overall. With abilities to pull players out of position, and to mitigate damage, he is a thorn in your side (get it?) at all skill levels and all team compositions. His ultimate also allows for good clean up or amazing team fight potential.

Abilities Worth Noting

Root Claw (M1) – Basic attack; Every third attack pulls the enemy closer and heals for 8

A Simple attack, however, every 3rd attack, you heal and pull the enemy a bit closer. This allows for some awesome sustain and some great disrupting of enemy positioning.

Barbed Husk (R) - Shield a target ally, guarding them from damage and disables. Attacks absorbed by Barbed Husk trigger an AOE barrage of thorns that deals 12 damage to enemies. This ability also prevents any movement or ability casting while shielded.

A great tool for protecting an ally that got caught out, or for tanking a heavy damage ability. This shield is already very strong, but it offers even more utility through the damaging thorns that burst out every time the shield is attacked.

Evil Clutch (Q) – Summon a hand at a target location, which then travels back to you. Any enemy hit is dragged along with the hand.

This makes Thorn one of the best at disrupting team compositions. The ability to pull squishy characters into the middle of the fight can make it almost impossible for the other team to win.

3. Oldur

Oldur bends time and owns the arena

The time-bender is a support that relies on control while also putting out a huge damage output. His control abilities can eliminate threats or save his teammates.

Oldur is a strange hero; he is a support, but he puts out a huge damage output while maintaining a huge control advantage. With a very long AOE stun, an AOE slow, and decent damage coming from his basic attacks, Oldur is a very strong hero to climb the ranked ladder. Add on top of this that you can catch enemy projectiles and throw them back, petrify, and throw enemies around, and you have an annoying, yet surprisingly powerful, Battlerite champion.

Abilities Worth Noting

Time Bender (Q) – Negate projectiles and store them. Recast to throw the stored projectile. Melee attackers are simply knocked back

This ability is short and sweet. Catch a projectile and toss it back. Very strong against comps that rely on powerful skill shots (i.e. Jade)

Chronoflux (EXQ) – A stationary bubble that slows enemies and reflects projectiles.

Very similar to Time Bender, but instead of a directional shield, it is a stationary bubble. This can disrupt skill shot comps during fights by a large margin, causing the damage to be reflected or making the enemy reposition.

Time Travel (F) - Target ally's cooldowns are lowered. Target is removed from the arena before arriving back at a target location, stunning all enemies

A very powerful ability that can remove important enemies or save an ally. A good use of Time Travel can easily change the game in your favor.

4. Blossom

The deer-lady herself

A healer that body blocks abilities with her tree, weakens enemies, and can AOE stun. She is a competitive pick for all ranks.           

Blossom is an amazing hero, with good overall healing and some minor crowd control. The damage mitigation potential on her empowered tree is amazing when used correctly, and some decent weakening from her ultimate can sway the fight in the right direction. Throw in some repositioning ability from her hop, and you have an amazing healer.

Abilities Worth Noting

Thwack! (M1) – Basic attack; Upon reaching full charge, the attack will do extra damage and inflict snare

Pretty simple attack that does a little damage. The strength and notability of it comes with the charged version: the snare allows for some decent crowd control during fights.

Nourish – Heal the nearest ally to a target location, healing 12 initially then for 8 more HP over 6s

The bread and butter of her kit. This healing ability has a low cooldown, stores charges, and heals for a good amount.

Tree of Life (Q) – Spawns a tree that heals for 12 health upon placement then for an extra 30 HP over the duration

The immediate value of this ability isn’t even mentioned in the description, as it doesn’t mention the body blocking potential of the tree. The tree can block projectiles, allowing for some serious outplay potential

5. Croak

The Dual-wielding frog

A frogman who jumps in and out of combat. Stealthy, deadly, and fast. Croak has huge burst potential.

Croak will always have a place in the higher tiers of Battlerite until there is a completely reliable way to detect stealthed heroes. The damage output, stealth, self-sustain, and an incredibly powerful ultimate all create a hero that can be impossible to play against to an unprepared team.

Abilities Worth Noting

Frog Leap (Space) – A Leap attack that attacks in a cone in front of the landing area. Can be recast

The main way to harass enemies, Croak can enter combat, attack, then exit with this ability. It is integral to his kit and one ability that needs to be mastered when playing the frogman.

Venom Wind (F) – Dash through enemies, applying Venom, a huge burst of damage that blows up after a delay

This ability can be used to wipe teams that are not prepared for it. The sudden burst of damage cannot be negated in time by most healers, and most heroes have a hard time tanking the damage.

Camouflage (Q) – Turn invisible and get a burst of movement speed. Removes negative effects.

Another integral part of his kit, this allows to engage and reengage with ease. The flexibility of this ability always keeps the enemies on their toes and can be used to attack from advantageous positions.

6. Shifu

The Martial Arts Master

A martial arts master that can do huge damage and jump around with a lot of speed. With a very strong kit, he is very strong.

Shifu is a very fun and strong hero. His ultimate does heavy AOE damage, his spear makes him very mobile, and his counter makes him a good trader. He is very strong, though a bit predictable.

Abilities Worth Noting

Fleetfoot (Space) - Remove negative effects and become immaterial

Becoming immaterial instantly is a very strong mechanic in his kit, and it can be abused during big fights to bait out abilities or to allow some pressure to relieve off you. Your damage output may be reduced during the immaterial duration, but Shifu still has a decent damage output while being untouchable.

Javelin (E) – Throw a spear and jump to an enemy. Can be used to jump to a wall

The mobility from this ability makes Shifu one of the best heroes for engaging on squishy targets. It stores two charges, so getting away is much harder.

Whirlwind (F) – Spin your spear around in a circle, dealing 112 damage over 2.75s

When combined with the Javelin, this ability can cause some awesome damage over a short amount of time, and to all enemies in range. If used in the correction position, this is a complete game changer.

7. Taya

The Boomerang Thrower

This incredibly quick marksman provides high damage and mobility to any team comp. Although weak to assassin comps, good use of her crowd control and mobility can get her out of most stick situations.

Taya does some awesome damage, all while being fast and slowing her enemies. Her basic attacks have two opportunities to do damage, and her RMB has great potential to secure the orb or do huge bursts of damage to enemies.

Abilities Worth Noting

Razor Boomerang (M1) – Basic Attack; upon reaching maximum distance, returns back to Taya

Although just a basic attack, the mechanic that lets the boomerang return and potentially do more damage per attack really sets her apart from her other ranged peers. The downside is that the boomerangs are rather slow, making them dodgeable and easily counterable.

X Strike (RMB) – Throws two boomerangs in an arc, stunning on the return. Deals bonus damage if enemy gets hit by both at the peak

A strong ability, dealing high damage if you manage to hit both at the peak. The stun on the return of the boomerangs is just cake, allowing skilled Taya players to escape much easier from invasive melee enemies.

Wind Bomb (E) – Throws a wind bomb at a target location, pulling enemies towards the center

This allows for some great set up for any team with AOE damage or Taya’s X Strike. This is also a great ability to use for an escape, as it can pull melee off you for a much needed second.

8. Jumong

The Hunter of the Ultimate Game

An archer that decided to hunt the most dangerous game, Jumong has a very high skillcap and potential. Add in some lock down and sustain, and you have a powerful hero.

Jumong requires an experienced player to play effectively, but once put behind skills hands, he is extremely oppressive. His bear trap allows his team to capitalize on the catches, and his double cast mechanic can let Jumong put out some serious damage. Sustain is another part of Jumong’s intense kit, and it allows this archer to be a force to reckon with in the arena

Abilities Worth Noting

Dragon Slayer (F) – Charge up a powerful arrow, which then pulls along hit enemies with it, dealing damage. If enemies hit a wall, it deals additional damage.

Jumong’s ultimate is decent when charged and shot. However, when aimed correctly and it hits enemies into walls, it really shines. The increased damage and longer stun can really make the game sway to your favor  

Bear Trap (E) – Place a trap that inflicts root when activated

Simple, but effective. This trap can open up opportunities for picks, or it can steal breathing room against aggressive comps

Black Arrow (Space) – Dash in a direction and fire an arrow

Mobility that shoots a projectile. Can be used to chase an enemy down or as an escape. This is a very powerful ability when combined with the double cast mechanic of Jumong, allowing big distances to be covered in a short amount of time

9. Lucie

The Potion Thrower

The potion-brewing support is strong when supported by a decent team. With a frustratingly long panic, a petrify, and a shield, she is good at protection. The heals she can put out are also not something to overlook.

Lucie can create some good team fights through her healing and all her crowd control. The high healing rate and the incredibly high shield that she can apply makes singling a target out very difficult. With effective use of her limited mobility and a little bit of peeling from her team, she can become a huge nuisance to any enemy comp.

Abilities Worth Noting

Healing Potion (M2) – Throw a healing potion to a target location, healing allies near the area

A simple ability that can cause a lot of pain for the enemy team. It has a high healing output and applies a slight cool down reduction to allies that are healed by it.

Panic Flash (E) – Throw a flask which panics enemies

An incredibly annoying ability which can be used to cause enemies to run uncontrollably. This is a powerful tool both when getting aggressive enemies away and when getting important enemies out of the fight. 

Roll (R) – Roll in a direction

Once again, another simple ability that is very effective. This can be used to get out of a tight spot or to reposition  

10. Bakko


The Shield and Axe of Battlerite

A stalwart warrior, with a big shield and bigger chest muscles. He is a controlling and aggressive fighter with abilities that are meant to get in enemies’ faces.

Bakko is a strong hero overall, with a deflecting shield and a few abilities to get into your face and beat you up. High crowd control paired with the shield can easily punish ranged characters, and the shield from War shout is a nice plus.

Abilities Worth Noting

War Shout (R) – Shield nearby allies

This ability is often overlooked by many Bakko player’s, but it is a great shield that can block some heavy damage if your Bulwark is down. It is nice to shield when aggressively attacking, and can just save you enough HP to get back out in one piece.

Heroic Charge (F) – Charge forward a long distance, grabbing the first enemy that you hit. Upon hitting another enemy or a wall, or reaching max distance, slam down, dealing damage and stunning.

Heroic charge is a versatile ultimate ability, allowing Bakko to select a target and separate him from the team. If aimed properly, it can even do some big damage and stun multiple enemies, just adding extra icing on the cake that is the Bakko ultimate.

Bulwark (Q) – Put up your shield in the direction you are facing and deflect projectiles. Stuns melee attackers.

Bakko’s bread and butter when dealing with ranged heroes. The shield allows him to reflect some damage back, and relieve some pressure exerted by enemy skill shots.

In conclusion:

Well, that concludes my list! I hope you enjoyed it. My experience playing Battlerite has always been good but learning to adjust with the META has made it even better. These few champions are the ones that can improve your experience just like they did mine. I hope you learned something, and I hope to see you in the arena! 

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