[Top 15] Best Sci-Fi RPGs To Play Right Now (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

best sci-fi RPGs
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Sci-fi RPGs are one of the hottest genres of video games right now. It makes sense. Who doesn’t want to gallivant around the galaxy, discovering new planets, aliens, and the like?

There are a lot of sci-fi RPGs out there though. So we’ve gone through them all and picked the best 15 of them. Here they are, for your gaming pleasure.

15. Borderlands 3 (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

These guys seem like they know how to party.

Borderlands 3 trailer

Guns that talk back, guns that blow stuff up, guns that shoot bees, guns that can melt metal, guns that, well, you get the picture. Borderlands 3 has it all. There’s also, a robot named Claptrap. One of the best looter-shooters to ever loot and shoot, Borderlands 3 is a must-play RPG for any sci-fi fan. Traverse the universe, save the galaxy from the clutches of two social media-obsessed twins, upgrade your skills, and laugh your butt off while you doing it. Fantastic art and a wonderful sense of play really make this game sing.

14. Fallout 4 (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Free chems are never free chems if you know what I mean.

Fallout 4 trailer

Do you have several hundred hours to spare? Then pick up Fallout 4 immediately. This sci-fi RPG will have you exploring a radiated Boston, dodging mad scientists, mutated creatures, and a hundred other enemies. You’ll also collect tons of useful supplies, and guns. Talk your way out of jams, sneak past guards, or just shoot everyone in sight. The world is yours. Deep character-building mechanics, and some wonderful base construction tools, let you play in whatever way best suits you.

13. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Why have one lightsaber when you can have two?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic trailer

Recently remastered, KOTR is the perfect game for people dipping their toes into the world of sci-fi RPGs. Based in the Star Wars universe, you’ll do everything from swing lightsabers, to shoot blasters across the galaxies. You’ll also get to traverse beautiful sci-fi worlds along the way. KOTR allows you to build up a team of companions while developing your own character. A truly fantastic story undergirds the whole game, making for an immersive sci-fi RPG experience.

12. Control (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Excuse me Miss? Your gun? It appears to be broken?

Control trailer

This is the first sci-fi RPG to really get Brutalist architecture. Set in the future, Control is all about exploring The Oldest House, a building that is, in part, a conduit of power for far-advanced beings. It also houses a rubber ducky with some rather nefarious powers. Full of spooky enemies, upgradable powers, and some absolutely gorgeous levels, Control is all about understanding your strengths. As you advance in the game you gain better guns, more telekinetic powers, and uncover a whole host of secrets. A game of the decade contender.

11. Outriders (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

I bet that guy has some really bad breath.

Outriders trailer

Survival on an inhospitable alien planet is no joke. Especially when you know the rest of humanity has gone extinct. Outriders makes sure you experience all that pain and loss. One of the first great games of 2021, Outriders forces you to survive, and perhaps thrive, as one of the last humans in the universe. Set in a last-ditch effort at a space colony, you gain mysterious powers as you fight your way through hordes of humans and aliens alike. The co-op nature of this game makes survival in this sci-fi RPG a little less lonely.

10. Xenogears (PS)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

When you and the gang all have the same hairstyle.

Xenogears trailer

Any game that has a title starting with an “X” is a guaranteed sci-fi RPG hit. Xenogears is no exception. Fans of the genre consider it to be one of the greatest games of all time, full stop. Its beautiful imagery and moving thematic content are two of its best qualities. Its turn-based combat revolves around controlling various mechs and using their special abilities to destroy your enemies. A vast amount of lore is available for those who love world-building as well. Truly an epic game, one that will keep players enrapt for hours.

9. Far Cry 6 (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

I'm not sure if that's how you're supposed to hold a gun.

Far Cry 6 official trailer

Drugs, pet best friends, and rocket launcher backpacks are everywhere in Far Cry 6. All the ingredients needed for a great sci-fi RPG. The latest in the Far Cry series, this one leans heavily into the sci-fi aspects, allowing you to pilot souped-up planes, shoot all types of futuristic guns, and even construct all manner of high-tech tools with scavenged material. As you progress in the story you’ll topple a dictator, try to save your family, and perhaps change the fate of the world. Just don’t let it go to your head.

8. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Good doggy. Please be a good doggy.

Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn is the rare sci-fi RPG where a bow and arrow is your best weapon option. Set long after an apocalypse, Horizon Zero Dawn imagines a future United States that is full of robot dinosaurs and other high-tech creatures. You play as Aloy, a woman hoping to discover some of the secrets of her past. The game’s great setting, imaginative storyline and inventive combat systems, all work together to make this a new classic in the genre. Just make sure you explore as much of the map as possible, you don’t want to miss any of the surprises the developers included.

7. System Shock 2 (PS)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Seems a little silly to have writing on the side of the gun that you can't read.

System Shock 2 trailer

Who hasn’t thought about what they would do if they were trapped aboard a spaceship controlled by a rogue A.I.? Another long-standing entry in the sci-fi RPG genre, System Shock 2 has you play as a soldier working to destroy a very powerful artificial intelligence. You upgrade your guns and your psionic powers as the story progresses, using them to defeat any and all enemies. Known for its fantastic graphics and genius level design, System Shock 2 became a cult hit that quickly grew into a regular hit. This multiple Game of the Year award winner needs to be played by all sci-fi RPG fans.

6. Cyberpunk 2077 (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

You have to make sure you have good hair when the world is burning.

Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

Ever wanted to play a game so big you’d need about three lifetimes to discover everything in it? Then Cyberpunk is the game for you. Set in a world inspired by the science-fiction of the 80s and 90s, Cyberpunk is a newer entry into the world of sci-fi RPGs. A plethora of options for upgrading and developing your character, multiple story paths, and a huge number of weapons means you’ll never be bored. The world of the game is lovingly crafted and painstakingly detailed, offering a great experience for gamers both old and new.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remastered (PC/PS)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

That sword is just too big!

Final Fantasy VII Remastered trailer

While many people still fight over this question, most gamers consider this the best Final Fantasy ever made. Whether you think that’s the case or not, if you’re a sci-fi RPG fan, you have to play this. The soundtrack is great, and the remastered version adds new content and changes the narrative in drastic, but wonderful ways. As an added bonus, the locations are beautiful. Slick gameplay, and one of the all-time greatest RPG stories ever, make this a fantastic game. The cyberpunk world of Midgar is a joy to explore. You won’t want to put this game done once you’ve picked it up.

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Adam Jensen makes smoking cool again.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer

Adam Jensen has lived a hard life, his body has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. The least you can do is help him upgrade his robotic parts so that he can save the world, again. Human Revolution, the most recent in the Deus Ex series, has you play as the cyborg Adam Jensen, a former detective and now special agent, as he tries to uncover the leader of a terrorist network centered in Prague. Along the way, you’ll sneak through slums, banks, and religious cults. Tricky enemies, fun powers, and secrets around every corner make this a game worth playing.

3. Biomutant (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

Who decided that racoon's should have swords and guns? Seems like they just need one or the other.

Biomutant trailer

It’s not every game where you get to play as a raccoon who can do kung-fu and shoot guns. Based in a far-future world, Biomutant is a huge open-world sci-fi RPG where you play as a mutated animal who can speak, think, and most importantly, fight. That’s important because you’ll be doing a lot of fighting. You’ll wield all sorts of fun weapons, and gain your own personal powers as well. Biomutant’s inventive story system has branching paths, each of which depends on where the player spends the most time and what groups they interact with. A fun new game that is very much worth your time.

2. The Outer Worlds (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

I never knew that there were pine trees in space.

The Outer Worlds trailer

In The Outer Worlds, everyone wants to sell you something. Or sell you to someone. Set in a few far-off space colonies, The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi RPG that is all about finding a way to defeat the corporations. You, and a group of misfits you pick up along the way, explore towns, cities, and abandoned factories. Along the way, you’ll fight all manner of humans, aliens, and mutants. You’ll need to solve problems, create compromises, and maybe even condemn some places to death. Cool art, fun combat, and great stories all make this game shine.

1. Mass Effect 3 (PC/ PS / XBOX)

best 15 sci-fi RPGs

This guy better do something about all those comets hitting Earth. Don't just stand there.

Mass Effect 3 trailer

As with any good sci-fi RPG, this game is all about saving the galaxy from an existential threat. A threat that you might not be able to beat. The third in the main Mass Effect trilogy, this game picks up where the last one left off, allowing you to import all your information from the earlier games. You meet new friends along the way and interact with old ones as well. You’ll fight in all kinds of battles, and hopefully win most of them. Some of your friends may die, but only because of the choices you make. A truly sprawling game with hundreds of options and choices to make, you’ll be enraptured with the world of Mass Effect in no time. Get playing now!

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