Top 10 Best Sherlock Holmes Games

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Can you solve the mystery in the dark and seedy streets of London in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock and Holmes are the most iconic detectives of all time. Their adventures have been adapted for everything from movies to video games.

As far as video games are concerned, it wasn’t until the recent success of the movies that brought the detective series to the spotlight and gamers have a lot to choose from.

Here are some of the best adventures of our legendary detective.

10. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Gameplay Trailer

Although The Devil’s Daughter is the eighth installment in the Sherlock Holmes series, this game has enough mystery and entertainment to stand on its own. Follow Holmes as he confronts dark family secrets when a strange woman begins interfering in his personal life (especially with his adoptive daughter).  

  • Features five cases for you to investigate. But depending on how you interpret the clues, you may come to the wrong conclusion and fail the case. 
  • Freely explore the city’s neighborhoods to discover clues and suspects.
  • Even though the plot focuses mostly on Holmes, you can still play as Sherlock and use his skills to progress through the story

The clues may not come easy. You might have to fight, chase, and interrogate suspects to find the truth.

Keep your eyes open for clues. But finding them is the easy part, it’s up to you to interpret them correctly in order to solve the case.

9. Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes: Launch Trailer

It’s Sherlock and Holmes' most challenging case yet. Holmes disappears when suspected in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossing. It’s up to Sherlock to find him and help find the real culprit.

  • Set in a realistic recreation of 1898 London.
  • Use your “sixth sense” to examine scenes and uncover clues.
  • Use the three new camera angles to really immerse yourself.

Explore London in 1898.

Solve special puzzles to solve the case.

8. Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Baskervilles Trailer

Help Sherlock investigate the legend of a supernatural hound. Explore foggy 19th century England to find the truth behind the folk tale.

  • Combines hidden object and challenging puzzle games.
  • Over 35 locations to explore.
  • Choose your difficulty level. 

The hidden object games unlock pieces for the puzzle games.

Over 35 locations to discover items.

7. Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper

Sherlock Holmes versus Jack The Ripper-Trailer

Whitechapel, London 1888, the police struggle to find the culprit to a series of brutal murders. As women’s bodies pile up, they call on Sherlock for help. He must track and apprehend Jack the Ripper before he kills again. 

  • Switch between playing as Sherlock or Holmes.
  • Use and combine over 100 items to collect clues.
  • Has a help system to put you back on track if you get lost.

Solve one of England’s greatest mysteries and uncover who Jack the Ripper really is.

Wander down historically accurate White Chapel, the same streets the Ripper stalked.

6. Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Remastered-Trailer

The Awakened returns updated with stunning graphics and a new third-person perspective. Join Sherlock and Holmes while they investigate the mythic Cthulhu and the strange disappearances that seem related. 

  • Solve puzzles such as picking locks and decoding messages.
  • New help system that shows what interactions are available.
  • 5 vast locations to discover including Scotland and Louisiana.

Fight between the rational and the supernatural.

More than 50 objects to help you collect clues.

5. Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring


Sherlock Holmes-The Secret of the Silver Earring-Trailer

Mevlyn Bromsby, a rich tycoon, is shot dead at a benefit. With hundreds of witnesses but few suspects, you will need to investigate and even uncover family secrets. 

  • Investigate 5 murders. With over 40 witnesses to question and over 200 clues to find,
  • 40 different locations set in 19th century London.
  • 5 levels and a wealth of in-game movies.

Could Mevlyn’s own beloved daughter have killed him?

Over 40 locations, all with ornate detail.

4. Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis

Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis PC Game Trailer

Arsene Lupin is a young French thief with an impressive track record and he has just challenged the great Sherlock to try to stop him. Lupin announces he will steal five objects of England’s most prized treasures from the capital over the course of five days. Play as Sherlock and Holmes to stop Lupin from humiliating London. 

  • The most famous monuments in London become realistic settings for you to admire.
  • Latest 3D technology immerses you in your cases and settings.
  • Meet the queen of England in a private interview.

Visit Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Tower of London and many other historic locations.

Stop the master thief Arsene Lupin to save not just your reputation but London’s as well.

3. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Case of the Mummy’s Curse

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective-REMASTERED-The Case of the Mummy’s Curse Trailer

Sherlock and Holmes learn about the strange death of three men who were part of an archeology trip to Egypt. Each one is strangled with mummy’s wrappings found at the scene. The London Times is saying the deaths are caused by an ancient mummy, causing public hysteria. Sherlock takes on the case to find the real culprit and put all this nonsense to rest.

  • Over 20 characters to interrogate and interact. 
  • Search the London Times for clues and scour through the London Directory to solve the case.
  • Present your findings to the Queen’s magistrate and find out how you did against the master detective. 

Enjoy original video footage exclusive to the live action game.

Search multiple places for clues.

2. Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House-Trailer

When Queen Victoria’s genealogical records are stolen, the Royal Family looks to Sherlock and Holmes to help solve the mystery. Travel through beautifully hand-drawn scenes and solve riddles of all sorts to uncover the truth; including why the Royals insist on keeping the case a secret.

  • An all new adventure made exclusively for the DS.
  • Solve jigsaw puzzles, decipher codes, and examine paintings. If you can solve them without using the Help feature, you unlock extras and bonus puzzles.
  • Your investigation will take you to interesting places like Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

Use your DS touch screen to solve puzzles in fun new ways.

Solving puzzles without help equals extra reward points.

1. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment-Launch Trailer

This groundbreaking game put all the control in the player's hands. You decide whom to interrogate, what clues to collect, and how to put facts together to build your case. But depending on how you interpret the clues, you may succeed or fail at finding the culprit. 

  • The moral system for players lets them decide to absolve or condemn the criminal.
  • 6 unique cases with different solutions and endings depending on your choices.
  • Use Sherlock’s 14 different deduction skills to collect your clues your way.

6 thrilling and unique cases such as murders, missing persons, and thefts.

Will you be an angel of mercy or the hammer of justice?

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