Top 5 City of Heroes Best Blaster Builds

City of Heroes Best Blaster Builds
And that's what I think's best...

"Best" is an objective term, depending entirely on what you envision your expereince should look like. In the case of what we are reviewing here, it will be a look at the builds that I have had the most FUN with.

Some are AoE nightmares, some are more like a controller, others do things that make other archtypes jealous. Blasters are the ranged damage powerhouses of the game, and the selection of ways to deal that damage leave few wanting.

5. Fire/Fire/Fire

Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation

Yes, right off the bat, the Fire3 build. AoE and damage galore, a nice few additions to aid survivability and you have the first Blaster I ever took to 50. Decent defense, coupled with a some other cool goodies, makes this a build worth reviewing..

What makes Fire/Fire/Fire a good Blaster build?

  • All the damages (as long as they're fire)- So much damage. Single target, AoE, oh it's all here, it's all here.
  • Just a purp, please – I use a single purple inspiration (Luck) every so often just to take the build all the way to the Defense soft cap. It's lovely to have this on a Blaster. Do you even know?
  • Some extras – Aim+Build up before your attack chain is just GLORIOUS. Ring of Fire is a nice addition to immobilize targets. Cauterizing Aura for the self heal. Melt Armor for the -Def and -Res. And when it all falls down, you have Rise of the Phoenix, your self res.

Fire/Fire/Fire full details

4. Dual Pistols/Martial Combat

Dual Pistols/Martial Combat

Love, love love – not the strongest build, but certainly one of the most versatile. Take the ability to change your damage type and add it to the toolbox that is your secondary. This is a good build to try after you have played some OG Blaster combos, to show you how far the game and the archtype have come. Use the build below and adjust as you need, some powers in the secondary can be replaced through other means (Enhancements or Inspirations), but some you can't find anywhere else, providing a unique flavor for the Blaster.

What makes Dual Pistols/Martial Combat a good Blaster build?

  • Swap Ammo – You can swap between Lethal, Cold, Fire and Toxic damage. I don't know of another AT that can do this. Change your damage to suit your opposition.
  • All the shots – You have a nice range of choices with AoEs and single target attacks. Not to mention you have a stun, an kb and a chance for -Def.
  • Reaction Time – While there a plenty of other goodies in your MC toolbox, the sheer enjoyment of Reaction Time (read as "Bullet Time") will leave you giddy at times. I said GIDDY.

Dual Pistols/Martial Combat full details

3. Radiation Blast/Atomic Manipulation

Radiation Blast/Atomic Manipulation

Yes, yes – as is always, I expect the booing and the hissing and the sissy fits about now. Why, WHY is THIS on here? Well, I'm glad you asked, simply put, it's different and it's more powerful than what you'd think. You're not going to light the world on fire with you Rikti Pylon times, but you are far from a slouch either. Don't knock it till you try it, really is the moral here – would Fire/Atomic be more effective, maybe, but I can't validate that since I haven't played one, but I do feel my alt itis acting up now....

What makes Radiation Blast/Atomic Manipulation a good Blaster build?

  • Good Defense – With incarnates you are softcapped on def. That is a beautiful thing, add your CC from Atomic and things are gonna be ok kid (Oh, hello Radioactive Cloud)
  • On the other hand...- You dish out PLENTY of -def to your opponents, as well as some -to hit and then you can boost your own recharge, regen, recovery, to hit, and damage. That Radiation damage doesn't look so bad in this Atomic light, just sayin....
  • The Good Balance – A few single targets (including a snipe [did I mention the new mechanics?]) as well as AoEs aplenty. Follow the guide below for the optimal attack chains for this build, so you are not dead in the water for too long without proper attacks.

Radiation Blast/Atomic Manipulation

2. Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation

Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation

Another "Oldie, but goodie". This set is high damage with damage mitigation in the form of knockback, LOTS of it. The combination is a mixed bag with good utility thrown in along with all of the important things you'd want in ranged attacks.My NRG/NRG Blaster, Devastructor, is still one of my favorite toons that I rerolled with Homecoming, and when I want to blast all the things, I roll out with him.

What makes Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation a good Blaster build?

  • Knockback – An annoyance to some, so fun to others (ME). I have used the word satisfying a few times aleady, but sending your foes flying never gets old, IMHO.
  • The Buffs – OH THE GLORIOUS SELF BUFFS. Aim, Build Up, Energize, Power Boost and Boost Range. Because of course you want MORE. More range, more damage, the ability to hit better, and oh yeah, a self heal that also reduces your endurance costs for a bit.
  • PEW, PEW, PEW! - Your melee attacks are fun, if you want to wade into hand-to-hand range. The build is a BLASTER, ladies and gentlemen (and others), and between the animations, the selection of choices and the new Snipe mechanic, you are going to get carried away, and that's ok.

Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation full details

1. Beam Rifle/ Temporal Manipulation

Beam Rifle/Time Manipulation

Ah yes, the NEW school. New as in, newer powersets than the core game. When I first rolled a Beam Rifle toon, I was skeptical. Like, what is the point, we have Assault Rifle and they just added Dual Pistols. Wrong. I was so wrong. Beam Rifle takes your Sci-Fi tech fantasies and puts them in the palms of your hands, beautifully. Then add Temporal Manipulation and MY GAWD....

Why is Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation a good Blaster build?

  • Disintegrate – If you skip this power, for any reason, go to your room, stand in the corner and don't come out until you agree to respec it back in. Seriously, what's wrong with you?You cause high DoT and -regen, and if one of your single target attacks hit, while the effects are still on, a minor DoT can spread to up to 3 targets. Seriously, get back in the corner.
  • OH BRING IT ON!!!! - With the amount of -res and -regen you can stack on targets, listen to me, YOU ARE A THREAT. I'm not saying run off and challenge every AV and GM you see, alone. I am saying you melt bosses something ridiculously, and in teams you are the big guns (pun intended) on all the larger "problems". Paint your targets, then wash them away.
  • Oh yeah, you also have TEMPORAL MANIPULATION – Where, sweet baby Jesus, do I even begin? Self damage, to hit and recharge boost, self regen and end recovery boost, minor increased resistance, and oh, more recharge and resistance.

Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation full details


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