[Top 10] Civ 5 Best Science CiVs We Love!

Civ 5 best science CiVs
Win the game through scientific knowledge, not by words or sword.

1. Babylon

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BABYLON:https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Babylonian_(Civ5) 

The Babylon nation is one of the strongest nations in Civilization 5 roaster. The Babylonians are a scientific civilization, meaning they are geared towards outpacing other civilizations in technological advancements. Having the advantage of getting free scientists when discovering writing, Babylon is sure to have one of the best scientific paths in Civilization 5.


  • has great national bonuses
  • receives free scientists
  • receives faster great persons

2. Korea

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT KOREA: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Korean_(Civ5) 

Civilization 5 offers a lot of nations to be played with, but if you want to taste one of the strongest nations, Korea would be an ideal choice. 

    Korea is a scientific-oriented nation, the unique ability grants a +2 Science bonus to all specialists and Great People improvements, as well as a Science bonus equivalent to a research agreement once a building that provides direct Science output is built in the Capital. Moreover, thanks to adding scientific bonuses from great wonders built in the capital, Korea is the surest nation to get the scientific victory.


  • receives tech boosts
  • receives science points from great people
  • faster science buildings and wonders

3. Poland

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT POLAND: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Polish_(Civ5) 

Poland in Civilization 5 is a nation that is pretty much all-rounded, you want military you get military, you want culture you get culture, you want scientific progress you GET THAT TOO!!! 

    Poland is a great nation for a scientific victory thanks to the unique leader trait also from the special buildings like the stables or special units like the Hussar which allows you for a fast expansion which facilitates the improvement of scientific doctrine.


  • Poland  receives a free social policy
  • The Polish unique building, the Ducal Stable, provides +1 Production and +1 Gold to each pasture worked by the city.
  • Casimir III unique trait to help you beeline through the Rationalism Social Policy Tree.

4. China

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CHINA: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Chinese_(Civ5)       

China is a two-way nation: you can be a warmonger with no scruples or a nation of freedom and knowledge.

    If we go for the scientific victory, China is great, their special building the Paper Maker provides additional gold, which is a great incentive to build it in every city you found. This starts your technological advancement, and although it doesn't offer you direct scientific advantages, you could choose to enhance it via the standard ways. Writing is also an important tool for scientific improvements which is why you should rush to build the Great Library for further improvements of science points. 


  • unique units can help at eliminating competition
  • China has unique buildings that help improve the development of science
  • building paper makers in cities can help you get faster science points

5. Assyria

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ASSYRIA: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Assyrian_(Civ5) 

    Take the lead with the Assyria nation in every aspect of the game, but if you want to lead your nation to a scientific victory, this nation is for you. Take the tactical advantage with the Siege Towers, conquer cities as fast as you can to gain an upper hand in scientific development. By building early trade units, selling embassies, or clearing barbarian encampments, you can gain enough gold to upgrade them once you research construction and mathematics. 


  • has unique leader trait that allows them to obtain free tech points from other civs
  • the siege towers allow for an early expansion which can lead to greater scientific progress
  • the royal library grants free science points and also free writes slots

6. The Mayans

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE MAYANS: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Mayan_(Civ5) 

The Mayans are one of the strongest yet underestimated nations in Civilization 5. Having the ability to make great persons very fast and the ability to build special buildings like the Pyramids which allows cultural and scientific advantages. The Maya is one of the civs for which religion is a must. The Mayan unique building, the Pyramid, replaces the Shrine and not only provides Science but also doubles the amount of faith.

This unique combination makes religion, which can and should be ignored by some civs without consequence, quite beneficial for the Mayans.


  • because of unique leader traits, they can have a free great scientist 
  • the pyramid grants free science points
  • to achieve a fast scientific victory build from the early phase of the game pyramids 

7. Rome

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ROME: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Roman_(Civ5) 

The Roman Empire is a great nation for beginners, they don't have a clear advantage making them well-rounded. So in order for you to be strong with this nation, you will need to build an empire around production and buildings. 

The only certain thing with them is that your Capital should have strong production and be the first place you construct each new building, you'll gain a nice production bonus and manage to finish buildings much more quickly than normal in your other cities. This stacks early game with the Republic policy, and other help from Liberty makes it the preferred tree.


  • special leader trait allows for faster production
  • strong unique units allow for a fast expansion 
  • easy scientific victory because of the fast industrialization and scientific buildings

8. The Aztecs

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE AZTECS:https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Aztec_(Civ5) 

The Aztecs may look rough and seem like a bunch of illiterate people, but only on destruction and suffering, but it is not like that. Even if the Aztecs are not a science-focused nation, their starting bias allows them to develop nicely around science. Their starting bias helps prevent them from falling hopelessly far behind in technological advancement. Their tendency to spawn near jungles allows them to benefit greatly from Universities, which provide +2 Science for every jungle tile a city works. Jungles already provide enough Food to promote fast Population growth, and Libraries and Public Schools provide bonus Science based on a city's Population, so an Aztec city with Floating Gardens and a full complement of Science-producing buildings can become a real scientific powerhouse. 


  • they gain cultural points each time they kill a unit
  • the floating gardens provide more food for cities which leads to a greater production rate
  • faster scientific victory because of the early expansion

9.  Australia

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT AUSTRALIA:https://civilization-v-customisation.fandom.com/wiki/Australia_(Henry_Parkes) 

Even if Australia is not in the base game, Australia is a strong nation that can take any nation from the base game to one-on-one competition. Their Prime Ministers and their unique ability provide a great advantage in culture as well as perks to land grabbing. Like the rest of the colonial civilizations, Australia starts off as weaker in the early-to-mid game before really coming to shine in the late game. When playing, one should try their best to keep out of conflict and focus on trade and infrastructure throughout most of the game. With your trade routes, you should be able to have a good amount of culture as well as enough money to fund a larger workforce. 


  • provides a large bonus of tourists
  • provides great works of writing thanks to the prime minister
  • unique fast expansion strategy thanks to the diggers

10. Dutch

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DUTCH: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Dutch_(Civ5) 

    The Dutch are a nation that is introduced in the GODS AND KINGS DLC. They are a strong trading nation that can also expand military and scientifically. One of the special traits of this nation is to retain half the happiness from luxurious resources when they are traded, meaning that they can easily stay happy no matter the situation. As a seafaring civilization, they have a great unique naval unit, the Sea Beggar. With two free Coastal Raider promotions and the ability to heal outside of friendly waters, it is substantially more powerful than the normal Privateer it replaces. 

Overall, because of those qualities that make the Dutch a seafaring trading powerhouse, they can easily get scientific advantages, making a scientific victory an easy target.


  • receives happiness from luxurious resources which are traded
  • can become a trading civilization that provides scientific points
  • the polders provide cities with extra food which grants extra production

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