[Top 15] CoD Warzone Best Settings For FPS

The FPS should be higher than the latency

Warzone is one of those games that ask for a balanced and strong gaming setup, and getting high FPS in the game sounds expensive in itself. Now whether you are running an older GPU, or you have just bought a new RTX 3000 series card, you need to have the system running at its maximum potential.

To maximize the performance of your system, and to get the best framerates in the game, you need to perform some tweaks to the system settings, your GPU settings, and the in-game settings. Now, do note that this will not blow the FPS off the charts, but will give you that few extra frames and a much smoother gaming experience.

Note: The main goal of this guide is to give you the most FPS while maintaining a standard level of visibility. Getting maximum frames is counter-productive if the game looks blurry.


1.  Display Mode: Fullscreen

The windowed mode in the game is an option only useful if you want to switch between tabs. This does sound great, but you might experience low framerates.

This is because while in windowed mode, your GPU will render everything on the desktop. You don’t want your GPU’s resources to be split between multiple programs, especially when you are trying to get the best possible FPS in the game.

Set this one to Fullscreen mode.

2.  Resolution: (1080p or Lower)

Some of the older graphics cards may struggle to run the game smoothly at the standard 1080p resolution. If you have such a GPU, and you’re not really getting good FPS, you can reduce the resolution step by step. Find the resolution that you are most comfortable with (gameplay and FPS).

However, if you have a high-end GPU that has 4k gaming support, you might want to reduce the resolution in the game to 1080p or maybe 2k. This is because although the higher resolutions are better visually, they require a lot more power from the GPU and the system, and reducing the resolution will surely give you a high FPS boost.

3.  Render Resolution: 100

Now this one is a bit tricky. Setting this to 100 will give you the clarity and visibility that you need direly, however it won’t give you the best possible FPS.

It is highly recommended that you keep this setting to a maximum of 100, but if you don’t see any improvement in the FPS after completing this guide, consider reducing this just a little bit. You will see a significant FPS boost.

4.  Screen Refresh Rate: Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate

This is a highly important setting as having high FPS does not matter if the screen refresh is set to 60hz. Be sure to check if your monitor supports higher refresh rates, and if it does, set this to the maximum possible setting available to you in the in-game settings.

Note: If your monitor supports higher refresh rates yet the game only allows you to set lower refresh rates, you might want to update your graphics card drivers.

5.  Texture Resolution: Low

The texture resolution requires a lot of V-Ram and GPU resources. If you have a higher-end GPU, you can leave this setting to high. When set to high, this will give you good clarity in the game at the cost of a few FPS.

Setting this to Low is recommended as it will give you an extra few FPS (depending on the GPU). These few frames will be negligible, but if your GPU is struggling to maintain a stable and respectable framerate, you might want to sacrifice clarity for frames.

6.  Particle Quality: Low

The difference between high and low particle quality in Warzone is not really noticeable visually. Some people believe that keeping this at High will give an FPS boost. While this may be true for some, no one can deny that while in a gunfight, you will experience sudden frame-drops as well.

The stability of the game is as important as having a high FPS. So, set this to Low.

7.  Anti-Aliasing + Filmic Strength: Disabled + 1.00

Anti-aliasing basically sharpens the edges of all the objects (Near and far) such that they don’t appear blocky or disoriented. Although this is visually appealing and in theory may improve your game, it comes at a price of a significant FPS drop.

To have that FPS boost, set this one to Disabled. Be sure to also set the filmic strength to 1.00 when you do this. You can set this to SMAA 1X to make the game look a little better, but if you see noticeable frame drops, set this one back to disabled.

8.  Field of View: 90 or lower

Now the FOV of the game is really important as you don’t want to miss out on crucial information. But in a desperate situation where you just can not manage to get a decent frame rate, you can decrease the FOV of the game.

Granted that this setting will be tough to play with at first and the game might even look a little odd but it will give a bunch of extra frames per second.

Set this to 90 or lower, only if the game is still unplayable after all the other settings in this guide.

9.  Ambient Occlusion: Disabled

This setting refers to the behavior of light on different objects. The visual difference is obvious to the naked eye, but it’s not that big of a deal.

For what it does visually, it takes up a huge chunk of the GPU’s resources. We don’t want that to happen as we are trying to get the maximum frames per second. Set this to disabled.

10.  Cache Spot Shadows & Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled

To cut it short, these settings will load some of the textures, etc. in your system’s V-ram. This helps takes some of the intensive load on the graphics card and will give you a few extra frames. Set both of these settings to enabled.

11.  Tessellation: Disabled

Not going into much technical detail, tessellation is basically a method of making everything look smoother when looked at from an angle. In Warzone, this setting does not really affect the visual aspect of the game much and takes away some FPS.

I highly recommend setting this to disabled. To get some extra frames.

12.  Nvidia DLSS: (Ultra Performance or Performance)

If you happen to own an RTX card, this setting will be available to you. What this essentially does is run the game at a lower resolution, while making it look like you are playing at a higher resolution.

The game might indeed look slightly worse than the normal settings, but the FPS gain is too big to let go. Set this to Ultra Performance or Performance to get the most out of it.

13.  Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: Enabled + Boost

This setting is available to you if you are running an Nvidia graphics card. Setting this to Enabled + Boost will give you a significant FPS increase and will also reduce the input lag in the game.

The main reason this setting was designed was to reduce the input lag in the game. Additionally, it gives the players some extra FPS as well. There is no point in disabling this setting. Set this to Enabled + Boost.

14.  Shadow Map Resolution: Low

Higher shadow map resolution translates to better visibility in darker areas. But this setting will also shave off a big heap of FPS in the process. Keep this setting at low if you want good FPS, and normal if you want a bit of both.

Remember that in terms of FPS, the lower you go with this setting, the better it is.

15.  On-demand Texture Streaming: Disabled

This particular setting makes the game download some of the textures while you are playing the game. This gives no benefit to the player whatsoever and does introduce input lag and slightly lower FPS.

To get the best FPS in the game, you should have this setting disabled at all times.


Additional Stuff:

If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can do the following procedures to ensure that you get the maximum from your system.

GPU drivers:

With every patch, Activision optimizes the game for the newest GPU drivers. If you haven’t updated your drivers for a while and see a drop in the performance, you should go to the GPU’s company website, and update the drivers immediately.

There are tools available to update the drivers, you can also choose these to make the process even easier.

Restart Shaders Installation:

Just to be sure, you can restart the shaders installation from the graphics menu. This will re-download and re-install all the important shaders for the game. This will not take a long while to complete, so wait for it, and do not cancel it at any stage.

This may fix some remaining issues that are left with the game.


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