[Top 15] Cryptids That Are Creepy Yet Interesting

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They're out there. Watching.

What was that noise? Was that.. a growl?

Picture this: A sudden and violent splash in the lake that you are camping at in the middle of the night. It's 3AM and all is still. It could be the drunk rednecks camping a few spots down from you, sure, but.. that just doesn't seem right. They have been quiet for hours now.

It could be a wild animal making its rounds or maybe even a fish jumping out of the murky water, but that was a pretty dang big slash. You hear a call, not human exactly, but guttural. Primitive. The kind of thing you don't want to hear on the other side of a thin fabric tent while you're 20 miles from the nearest town.

Are you in the presence of something different? Not a human, and certainly not an animal that is in a textbook. Something.. Primeval? A Cryptid? Cryptids are a general classification for creatures, large and small, that are not officially recognized by scientists. Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. El Chupacabra. You know the ones. Seemingly mystical and most often reserved for existence only in the imaginations, but who really knows?

Here is a look at 15 Cryptids that are creepy, yet interesting.

Number 15 - The Bunyip

It's a creepy looking thing, no?
The Bunyip is a large cryptid found in Australia. Stories told by Aborigines, which are the native people of Australia, depict this menacing creature to be a hybrid amalgamation of part bear and part large cat. It is said to be a staggering 5 to 15 feet long and around 8 feet tall. Most natives believe the creature to be carnivorous after many reports of mutilated livestock near areas with many sightings. This means don't let your dog walk off on his own near the hot zone, Fido may just be lunch for the lurking beast! Most Aboriginal tribes believe that the Bunyip stalks prey near water sources and tends to seek shelter in elevated tree-lines or hillsides. Keep an eye out if you go fishing.

Interesting Facts About The Bunyip

  • The Bunyip is so popular in Australia that there is a river named after the creature based on multiple nearby sightings. People are cautioned against fishing or swimming in the water.
  • Bunyips are so feared that the word can even refer to other predators or be used as a verb. For example “if you go out after dark, you're gonna' get Bunyipped!”


Number 14 - The Loch Ness Monster

An aquatic dinosaur? She looks so chill though.

Nessie, more often called “The Loch Ness Monster,” is the first glimpse into the wide world of cryptids for many people. Nessie is a rare example of a cryptid that is thought to be mostly peaceful, as no reports of the creature attacking those who fish or swim in its waters have ever surfaced. It's the de facto example of a mythical creature used in movies and books. According to reports, it first spotted way back in the 1870's in the Scottish Loch Ness, a deep, murky lake. It is said to be a very large aquatic dwelling creature with an extremely long neck capable of reaching out of the surface of the loch. Most folks associate the look of Nessie to that of a Brontosaurus dinosaur. It was photographed multiple times in the early 20th century and remains a topic of debate among monster hunters worldwide.

Interesting Facts About The Loch Ness Monster

  • Many Scottish locals lovingly refer to the monster as “Nessie.”
  • Nessie has been the inspiration for countless books, movies and TV shows.

Number 13 - The Kon Tiki Creatures

The Kon Tiki was a raft sailing a voyage across the Trans-Pacific. While over the vast, deep waters of the Pacific ocean, the captain of the vessel, Thor Heyerdahl, spotted a series of phosphorescent, or glowing, creatures deep in the ocean below him. There are many known creatures that have this ability to glow, but none have ever matched the description Thor provided of a similar shape to a stingray, but see through in the middle with long, spindly tails. The possibilities of this creature are terrifying. Deep ocean dwelling glow in the dark creatures with intentions unknown. Are they even of this world? The ocean is a giant and mostly unknown place.
Interesting Facts About The Kon Tiki Creatures

  • Many sailors have reported similar sightings across nearby parts of the ocean, leading some to think that there may be hundreds, or even thousands of these aquatic horrors living below the surface.
  • Scientists suggest that we have only explored roughly 5% of the ocean on Earth. That leaves a lot of room for some spooky things to exist.

Number 12 - (Release) The Kraken

Okay, okay, we all know this one. “RELEASE THE KRAKEN,” has been in more than one shoddy pirate B-movie, but for a good reason. Sailors for hundreds of years reported seeing giant squids, sometimes the size of a house, or even larger, taking down ships and men alike. The horrors foretold the nearly instant sinking of a ship and massive Lovecraftian creatures led many sailors and pirates to outright avoid known hotspots on their travels. If a kraken was spotted then the surrounding 20 or 50 miles were avoided for years at a time. These giant ocean dwellers are thought to be a primeval species of squid-like creature that has lingered on through mass extinction after mass extinction, carrying on their lives in the depths below.

Interesting Facts About The Kraken

  • Some people even believe that squids are extraterrestrial beings who crash landed in Earth's deep waters and began to adapt to the immense pressures of the depths.
  • Krakens are one cryptid that many people believe to actually be legitimate, citing the potential for larger or smaller versions of a creature to be plausible.


Number 11 - The Mokele-mbembe

I would avoid that tail if I were you.

This is a hard one to pronounce, but it's history near the Congo River of Africa is nothing too hard to understand. The Congo is the deepest recorded river in the world which makes it a plausible location for a prehistoric, dinosaur like creature to survive and hunt. Locals have reported seeing this beast several times over the last few hundred years. It is generally not recommended for those unfamiliar with the area to enter the river waters, though locals normally don't fret. As terrifying as this creature may reportedly look, most people from the area do not fear the Mokele-mbembe and do their best to allow it space to live independently. Just remember your life jacket if you go searching for this one. It is said to be up to 35 feet long with a similar appearance to a Brontosaurus.

Interesting Facts About The Mokele-mbembe

  • Many people believe that the Loch Ness Monster is actually a relative to the Mokele-mbembe, due in part to its similar reported appearance.
  • Reports of the Mokele-mbembe have slowed over the last 50 years, leading some to believe that it may have passed on or relocated far away due to prying eyes.


Number 10 - The Sasquatch

I wonder where he gets his shoes?

You know him, you love him. The big hairy guy who hates people invading his personal space. He has allegedly terrorized people living in the Pacific Northwest of the US for decades. No, not your uncle Steve, though you may suggest some therapy for him. I'm talking Bigfoot here, the classic cryptid. The one that got most of us interested from the time we were kids. There have been more expeditions to find a Sasquatch than any other unknown creature in recorded history.

Interesting Facts About The Sasquatch

  • There is a boatload of evidence for Bigfoot's existence, from plaster molds of his feet to hair samples collected from trees and ruined campgrounds.
  • Many researchers believe he is a primate that didn't fully evolve into a human.


Number 9 - The Fouke Monster

Is this bigfoots long lost cousin?

The Fouke Monster is a creepy bastard named after the small Arkansas town that it has been repeatedly spotted near. It is said to be 7 feet tall, forest dwelling and covered in dark hair from head to toe. Many believe that its similar appearance to Bigfoot may mean that the two are related or are part of similar species. Sightings usually report that this creature can move with incredible speed while maintaining near silence. That's a scary combination. It is not known to antagonize those camping in the area, but those exploring the woodlands of Fouke are cautioned to keep their eyes open and look for anything suspicious.

Interesting Facts About The Fouke Monster

  • This cryptid has been spotted so frequently that the surrounding areas of Fouke, Arkansas, hold a yearly festival to discuss and celebrate the creature.
  • The most recent reported sighting of the Fouke Monster was as recently as 2014!


Number 8 - The Mapinguari

He will chase you. Vey slowly.

This one is exceptionally creepy looking, yet still fascinating to think about. The Mapinguari is allegedly located in Brazil, and has been a part of their folklore for generations. The creature is said to be around eight feet tall, covered in brown hair, and has only one eye. This cyclops has a large mouth where its stomach should be, featuring a vicious set of ragged teeth. The mouth leading into the stomach is the most efficient route. According to legend the Mapinguari is an ancient shaman who discovered the key to immortality and lost his mind in the ensuing years, wandering the lands looking for a place to rest eternally.

Interesting Facts About The Mapinguari

  • Travelers are discouraged from entering the dense rainforest where the cryptid     has been sighted numerous times.
  • Some eyewitness reports indicate that the creature resembles a large sloth, walking on two legs.     


Number 7 - The Chupacabra

That's a spooky looking dog thing.

The Chupacabra is a staple in the cryptid world. This canine/vampire hybrid is reported in the wide open desert portions of Northern Mexico and the Southern United States, though namely right on the border between the two. Mexican legend says that the creature feasts on goats, chickens, dogs and cats by draining their blood, much like a vampire. The name “chupacabra” roughly translates into English as “goatsucker.” Now you have a new word to call your ex!

Interesting Facts About The Chupacabra

  • Most folks in Mexico believe that the Chupacabra is a rare type of dog hybrid mixed with a demon or vampire.
  • This is one of the more popular cryptids with a good amount of evidence towards its existence.     

Number 6 - The Ozark Black Howler

Is it a bear? A man? A pig?

The Ozark mountain range is big. Like, really big. Dozens of hikers and campers go missing in this mountain range every single year. Most are found. Some are not. Are these missing travelers a simple case of poor luck, or something more? The Ozark Black Howler is said to be a hybrid of black bear and some sort of large predatory cat. It has been called the Devil Cat, The Nightshade Bear as well as the Hoo-Hoo due to the call that it lets out. Many people hiking these remote lands have reported a sense of unease and seeing red, glowing eyes watching them while they are in their campground.

Interesting Facts About The Ozark Black Howler

  • Many cryptozoologists believe that the Black Howler is a hoax after much evidence was proved to be faked. Locals disagree wholeheartedly and invite the researchers to explore the woodlands themselves.
  • The oldest report of the Ozark Howler was in the early 1800's and the first person to allegedly see the beast was none other than Daniel Boone!


Number 5 - The Mngwa

That's a nice freakin' kitty right there.

Tanzania is a land rich in culture, wildlife and apparently large predatory cats even bigger and more vicious than a Lion. In Swahili the word Mngwa literally translates to “strange one,” an apt description you can apply to your friends and family! The Mngwa has been spotted several times over the last 200+ years, but was first reported in the 1870's by villagers who saw it carry away a child. Due to the evasive nature of cats, especially apex predator varieties like Leopards, Tigers and Lions, not much more is known about the Mngwa. It is entirely possible that there are dozens or more of them hiding out in the thick woodland of Tanzania, breeding and hunting at their leisure.

Interesting Facts About The Mngwa

  • The reported color pattern of the Mngwa is generally a dark gray charcoal like color that can refract light. This gives the beast an otherworldly appearance to those unlucky enough to lay eyes on it.
  • Most villagers in the areas where the Mngwa is reported are cautious of being out late at night or leaving freshly killed animals out for too long, it is thought that these cats have unimaginable senses of smell.

Number 4 - The Yeti

He just wants to snuggle.

Otherwise known as the abominable snowman, long time rival of Yukon Cornelius. The Yeti is a downright terrifying beast. Said to stand at over 8 feet tall, be absolutely covered in muscles and more toned than a bodybuilder, and fast enough to catch a moving snowmobile. That's a damn scary combination of features. The Yeti lives in snow covered lands. Some have been spotted in northern Canada and Alaska, though they are thought to dwell primarily in Antarctica.

Interesting Facts About The Yeti

  • Yetis are thought to be one of the most ferocious and capable predators on Earth. With their outrageous physical conditions and cunning, they are not to be approached if spotted. Better yet, just stay away from Antarctica as a whole.     
  • Their fur is similar to a Polar Bear and is actually thought to be clear and not white, thus absorbing heat while repelling the sun's UV light.

Number 3 - The Jersey Devil

It smells like a Subway bathroom.

New Jersey is supposedly home to one of the most interesting cryptids in the United States, and I'm not talking about it's two-legged residents. It is said to be part bat with wings, part vampire, with a horse shaped head that walks on two legs. It has been reported in New England since the early 1900's, primarily being seen at night. One of the most famous sightings was when the creature attacked a trolley car full of travelers, all of them corroborating the same description as described above. I couldn't imagine taking the bus home and a flying bat-horse-vampire attacking me.

Interesting Facts About The Jersey Devil

  • The Jersey Devil is so popular in the Northeast US that there is a professional hockey team called “The New Jersey Devils.”
  • An episode of the “X-Files” covered the cryptid in the early 90's, leading to an influx of reported sightings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.     

Number 2 - The Mothman

Are we sure it's not a giant Owl?

Mothman had a short run of sightings, lasting only a year or so in the mid 1960's. These sightings were enough to rock the world of people in a small West Virginia town called Clendenin. More than 100 people at an outdoor festival reported seeing the Mothman flying low over the treeline and circling the gathering for a few minutes before disappearing. So long as the festival in question wasn't Woodstock, that gives a pretty significant pool of witnesses to confirm the story.

Interesting Facts About The Mothman

  • Not long after the first sighting of Mothman, the Silver Bridge in the surrounding area collapsed, killing dozens of people. Many people allegedly saw the Mothman circling the bridge prior to the collapse.         
  • This led some to believe that the creature had malicious intent, purposely damaging the bridge. Others believed that it was circling in an attempt to war those below of the imminent collapse of the bridge.

Number 1 - Werewolves

Howl at the moon.

Lycanthropes, wolf man, werewolves.. It all means the same thing. A man turned into a beast. Ravenous and ready to eviscerate its unsuspecting prey. Werewolves are one of the oldest reported cryptids, with some records predating the 1600's. A full moon supposedly activates the lycanthrope disease and shifts a normal human into an unstoppable killing machine. Those bitten by a werewolf that survives the attack are thought to then transform into a werewolf themselves. A communicable beast disease is a creepy thought. Werewolves, while in their full power, are said to stand between 7 and 8 foot tall, with gnarled teeth and a thick layer of fur over their body. They are bloodthirsty and the full moon supposedly activates a feeding area in the brain that is nearly insatiable.

Interesting Facts About Werewolves

  • Werewolves are popular in books, movies and video games likely due to being ingrained in the minds of humans worldwide for hundreds of years.
  • It is thought that blessed silver is the only material capable of damaging a werewolf, leading to the concept of silver bullets being used by werewolf hunters.

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