[Top 10] Best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons 2019 (And How To Get Them)

Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons
Guardians wielding the exotics Sunshot and Sweet Business

The most sought after weapons in Destiny 2 are the exotic ones. Guardians will spend hours upon hours hunting for even the chance to pick up one of these powerful weapons. Most are good, some are even better, and a few are the best. In this article I will be listing what I believe to be the best exotic weapons of Destiny 2 as of now.

1. One Thousand Voices

One of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, exotic weapons in Destiny 2. One Thousand Voices, or 1K, is the exotic weapon reward for completing The Last Wish raid. This Ahamkara themed fusion rifle sends out a devastating beam of energy that I’m sure everybody is familiar with at this point.

The perk Ahamkara’s Eye makes this fusion rifle seem more like a trace rifle as it fires one continuous beam of energy. Liquid Coils allows for a slower build up of the charge that also increases damage. Unseen Repercussions gives this weapon a delayed explosion to whatever it hits, so every hit is followed up by a secondary explosion.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome:

  • Extremely high damage
  • High impact
  • High range
  • Steady recoil

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/2069224589-one-thousand-voices

How To Get One Thousand Voices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCNSgW2tlVY

2. Tarrabah

One of the newest additions to the list of exotic weapons available in Destiny 2. Awarded by Emperor Calus to Guardians brave enough to complete the newest raid, Crown of Sorrow. This submachine gun has been compared to The Recluse in its unique perk and what it is able to do.

Tarrabah has a unique perk call Ravenous Beast. This means that whenever the player takes or receives damage the gun’s ability will charge. Charging the gun to full and holding the reload button will supercharge the weapon, dealing a increased amount of damage. The perk Bottomless Appetite will increase the duration of this bonus damage as the damage is being dealt, making this ideal for boss fights.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome:

  • Increased range
  • Ravenous Beast perk
  • Bottomless Appetite perk
  • Energy weapon

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/3110698812-tarrabah

How To Get Tarrabah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_6VIlZjcE8

3. Truth

Truth is a returning exotic rocket launcher from the days of Destiny 1. The latest addition to Destiny 2’s exotic weapon list, this weapon was made available on June 11, 2019. This powerful rocket launcher was a favorite to many Guardians in D1, and it’s easy to see way.

Truth has the exotic perk, Prototype Trueseeker, that allows the rockets fired to have the tracking property when fired while aiming down the sights. Truth also has the perk, Grenades and Horseshoes, which causes the rockets fired to explode on proximity to a target. If high velocity tracking rockets that explode when they get close to a target wasn’t enough, Truth has a magazine size of three.

Why This Weapon Is Awesome:

  • Mag size of three
  • High velocity
  • High damage
  • Tracking rockets
  • Proximity detonation

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/1201830623-truth

How To Get Truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a29BNPUrTL0&t=548s

4. The Last Word

The Last Word is a returning exotic hand cannon from D1. This weapon was wielded by the renegade Hunter, Shin Malphur. It was the gun that killed Dredgen Yor, the evil Titan and the first weapon to become a Golden Gun.

The Last Word has several perks that allow for long range, accurate, and extremely fast hip fire. Fan Fire allows for quick and continuous hip fire as well as increased accuracy and damage on a successful hit. Accurized Rounds allows The Last Word to fire at a longer range than most hand cannons, and Hip-Fire Grip increases accuracy when fired from the hip.

Why This Weapon Is Awesome:

  • Longer range
  • Fast firing
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fast reload

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/1364093401-the-last-word

How To Get The Last Word: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifnZvnezI_M

5. Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected is from D1 where it was called, Outbreak Prime. It has had a few changes since the first game and has a lot of lore behind it. A weapon that was locked away in a cryptarch vault, only to be stolen by the Fallen and retrieved by Guardians working alongside a friendly Fallen captain.

Outbreak Perfected is mostly known for the perks, The Corruption Spreads and Parasitism. The Corruption Spreads causes precision kills and rapid hits to generate a swarm of SIVA nanites. Parasitism causes the nanites to attach to nearby enemies and cause further hits with Outbreak Perfected to deal more damage. So a team of Guardians attacking a single target with Outbreak Perfected will be dealing some massive damage.

Why This Weapon is Awesome: 

  • SIVA nanites
  • High stability
  • Fast reload
  • Long range

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/400096939-outbreak-perfected

How To Get Outbreak Perfected: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXHkeyBcmdw

6. Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades was the weapon of Cayde-6. The Hunter Vanguard was killed with his own weapon by Uldren Sov during a prison break. It was reclaimed by Guardians when they hunted Ulrden down in The Dreaming City. 

Ace of Spades has the ability to cause solar explosions on a precision kill as well as increase reload speed. Not only this, but it also has Memento Mori which loads extra damage dealing bullets into the magazine after getting a kill. Memento Mori also always Guardians to see the radar while aiming.

Why This Weapon Is Awesome:

  • High impact
  • Long range
  • Increased stability
  • 13 rounds 
  • High handling

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/347366834-ace-of-spades

How To Get Ace Of Spades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtwsfYArVtk

7. The Wardcliff Coil

The Wardcliff Coil was first spotted during D1. It never made it into the game itself, but it was spotted by fans as an image. This microphone shaped rocket launcher fires multiple rockets in a salvo over a large area.

The Wardcliff Coil has a very unique firing mechanic. The multiple holes on the launcher fire multiple rockets at high speed. Utilized correctly, a Guardian can take out multiple enemies in a single trigger pull. The Composite Stock allows for greater stability while firing and the Mechanized Autoloader allows for picked up heavy ammo to be directly fed into the magazine.

Why This Weapon Is Awesome:

  • Multiple rockets
  • Fast handling
  • Decent stability
  • High velocity

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/1508896098-the-wardcliff-coil

How To Get The Wardcliff Coil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZaEylz8PEk

8. Jotunn

Jotunn is one of the Black Armory exotic weapons. This aesthetically unique fusion rifle is made by the Rasmussen branch of the Black Armory. This fusion rifle wraps around a Guardian’s arm like the Tractor Cannon, but it fires a single solar orb at enemies instead of a void blast.

Charge Shot is Jotunn’s exotic perk and it allows the fusion rifle to charge up a single tracking shot that explodes and burns an enemy. Shield Disorient causes enemies that have solar shields and enemies near them to become disoriented by the blast.

Why This Weapon Is Awesome:

  • Explosive shot
  • Tracking
  • Disorients enemies
  • High impact
  • Large blast radius

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/417164956-jotunn

How To Get Jotunn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLht3CS9XnA

9. Crimson

If Crimson seems familiar to anyone who has played D1, then you are not alone. Crimson is an exotic hand cannon that has a striking resemblance to Destiny’s Red Death exotic pulse rifle. Adorned with spikes and a splatter of blood, both guns have been condemned by the Vanguard and should be destroyed on sight.

Crimson has the perk Banned Weapon that gives the hand cannon a three round burst. Heavy Grip gives Crimson an insane amount of recoil control and Cruel Remedy heals the Guardian wielding Crimson, and precision kills reload a portion of the magazine.

Why This Weapon Is Awesome:

  • Low recoil
  • Heal on kill
  • Three round burst
  • High impact
  • Increased range

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/3437746471-crimson

How To Get Crimson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK83an92Z58

10. Le Monarque

Another Black Armory exotic weapon, this time manufactured by the Meryin branch of the Black Armory. This bow has a great reputation in the Crucible because of the special perks that it has. The perks it contains allows for the quick poisoning of a target, and the poisoning of multiple targets on a precision hit.

Le Monarque has Poison Arrows. When the bow is drawn to full strength, and fired shortly afterward, the arrows become poisonous. If the poison arrow is a precision hit, then the poison will become a cloud that poisons others. Snapshot Sights also allows for a quick draw time that makes quick shots easier.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome:

  • Quick aim
  • Poison arrows
  • Large quiver size
  • Increased accuracy
  • High impact

Weapon Details: https://db.destinytracker.com/d2/en/items/3588934839-le-monarque

How To Get Le Monarque: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlSeBe8cZ0o

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