D&D: Best Eldritch Knight Spells For Every Level

An Eldritch Knight riding a pegasus to victory.

Dungeons and Dragons is a game where players take on the role of adventurers who fight monsters, complete quests and defeat evil-doers. Over the years, the number of classes, subclasses, and domains has expanded, meaning you’re not just limited to simple fighters or magic users anymore. So if you’re seeking to build a hybrid of these two domains, you should consider building an Eldritch Knight. A martial protector and a magical damage dealer, the Eldritch Knight, is a great character class to consider. If you want the sturdiness of a martial class while getting to wizard it up, the Eldritch Knight can’t be beaten. 

As defined by the DND 5th Edition wiki, the Eldritch Knight uses “the martial mastery common to all fighters with a careful study of magic.” While this is the first time the Eldritch Knight reflects these traits, it’s similar to the Swordmage arcane defender class in 4E. 

The Eldritch Knight is a subclass of Fighter that only has access to the Wizard’s Abjuration and Evocation spell list. Abjuration is the magic school that deals with protective spells and spells that nerf the enemy’s magical abilities. Evocation, on the other hand, deals in manipulating energy or tapping unseen power sources (such as the divine, eldritch or elemental) to achieve a specific end. For the case of an Eldritch Knight, that end usually deals a lot of damage while or after punching an enemy in the face. 

Additional limitations facing the Eldritch Knight is that these fighter-wizards can only get access to up to fourth-level spell slots. A level 20 Eldritch Knight only has access to the following spell slot levels: four level 1, three level 2, three level three, and one level 4. So if you were optimistically looking to casting Wish when you’re hitting level 20, it’s best to reality-check what your Eldritch Knight can or can’t do now. 

If all of the above sounds like it still suits your fancy, as you build or plan out your Eldritch Knight, check out the best spells you can pick up at each level in this great guide. Read on, adventurer! 

Best Level 1 Eldritch Knight Spells

Best Level 1 Eldritch Knight Spell: Absorb Elements

D&D: Best Eldritch Knight Spells For Every Level Absorb ElementsAn Eldritch Knight absorbing the elements about him to make a powerful spell. 

Absorb Elements is one of the spells from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything that for sure falls within the Evocation school of magic – as you’re literally evoking the elements to absorb elemental typing to deal big damage to foes that try to sneak in the punch. While this spell only extends to yourself and lasts a round, you can use it as a reaction to the damage dealt.

As an Eldritch Knight’s specialty is absorbing elemental and otherworldly power sources to tap into them for more damage opportunities, Absorb Elements nicely falls within that roleplaying purview. 

Why Absorb Elements Is Great 

  • Gain Resistance to Triggering Damage Type (Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Thunder)
  • Hit for 1d6 Additional Damage of Absorbed Type Next Melee Attack
  • Upcast Spell for Additional 1d6 Damage Per Level

Shield Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:absorb-elements

Second Best Level 1 Eldritch Knight Spell: Shield

As one of the most versatile spells in D&D 5E, Shield is a powerful defensive buff, providing a powerful means of protecting your Eldritch Knight. In combat, your Knight character could use this tool to ward off attacks or even to ensure they do not die from a fight.

Shield falls within the Abjuration school and notably protects the user from getting Magic Missile-d. And while your Eldritch Knight may not be as fragile as any wizards in the party, it’ll be an unpleasant surprise to the enemy when the guy that had been punching them for the past turn pulls out a magical shield when it comes time for them to attack you.

Why Shield Is Great 

  • +5 to AC for an Entire Round
  • Cast as a Reaction 
  • Doesn’t Require Concentration

Shield Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:shield

Third Best Level 1 Eldritch Knight Spell: Protection from Evil and Good

Another abjuration classic, this Eldritch Knight spell acts as a buff for either self or party to protect them against any wildly evil force that may encounter them. This includes the undead, fields, fey, elementals, celestials, and other aberrations. 

While it does require concentration, it lasts about 10 in-game minutes. Converted to real-life player time, 10 minutes is approximately 100 rounds. With that consideration in mind, if your Eldritch Knight can keep clearing Concentration checks, they might be able to keep the party defended for an entire battle from any of these evil freaks. 

Why Protection from Evil and Good Is Great 

  • Protect Party or Self From Specific Creature Types
  • Gives Disadvantage to Specific Creatures
  • Prevent or Give Advantage on Charm, Frighten, and Possessed Conditions 

Protection from Evil and Good Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:protection-from-evil-and-good

Best Level 2 Eldritch Knight Spells

Best Level 2 Eldritch Knight Spell: Misty Step

D&D: Best Eldritch Knight Spells For Every Level Misty StepAn Eldritch Knight casting Misty Step to avoid his foes. 

Within a sight range of 30 feet, Misty Step allows you to disappear into thin air briefly and reappear elsewhere. During the casting of this spell, choose a nearby spot. There is no opportunity to attack provoked when you move there immediately. Within a sight range of 30 feet, Misty Step allows you to disappear into thin air briefly and reappearing elsewhere. 

Misty Step is a godsend for Eldritch Knights who prioritize good positioning during battle. Considering also that it does not initiate an opportunity attack, it’s great from departing a less than ideal situation, gain the upper hand, and come in for a powerful melee attack. 

Why Misty Step Is Great

  • Use to Infiltrate or Flee
  • Cast as a Bonus Action, Instantly
  • Great for Escaping a Grapple

Misty Step Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:misty-step

Second Best Level 2 Eldritch Knight Spell: Shatter

Before you or your party fall apart in the midst of battle, might I suggest you cast Shatter (see what I did there). This 2nd-level evocation hails from the Player’s Handbook and gives the ability to give creatures exceptionally painful tinnitus as a result of a loud ringing noise within 60 feet of you. 

This has some interesting situational potential depending on location. If you were in a bell tower or a glass structure, this could yield some interesting roleplay situations while also providing big, instantaneous damage in a 10-foot radius. 

Why Shatter Is Great 

  • Not Concentration Based 
  • 3d8 Damage on Failed Con Saves; Half Damage on Successes
  • Items Take Damage
  • Inorganic Creatures at Disadvantage

Shatter Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:shatter

Third Best Level 2 Eldritch Knight Spell: Warding Wind

This second-level Evocation spell from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything allows your Eldritch Knight to summon powerful gusts of air as a defensive mechanism. While this doesn’t deal damage, Warding Wind can stop those pesky archers from wailing on you behind the scenes. But, fair warning, despite this being a defensive spell, it does affect the other party members and can hurt their odds of getting hits by conferring disadvantage to them.

Additionally, an often untalked-about perk is the ability to remove gases from a fighting location. So if your BBEG has unleashed a vial of poisonous gas, one concentration for 10 minutes can ensure none of your party receives damage from the fumes. 

Why Warding Wind Is Great 

  • Crowd Control in a 20-Foot Radius
  • Creates Difficult Terrain For Creatures Besides Yourself 
  • Confers Disadvantages to Ranged Weapons
  • Extinguishes Torches
  • Deafens Creatures
  • Removes Vapors

Warding Wind Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:warding-wind

Best Level 3 Eldritch Knight Spells

Best Level 3 Eldritch Knight Spell: Counterspell 

D&D: Best Eldritch Knight Spells For Every Level Counterspell

This Eldritch Knight says "no" to your B.S.

An Eldritch Knight must learn Counterspell at level 3 to become proficient in one of the most powerful abjuration spells there is. There is no substitute for this spell when it comes to combating high-level casters since they tend to cast spells at high levels so it is particularly useful against them. When a spell attack is in progress, you can block it before it hits you.

The way the rules are worded imply that instantaneous and lower level spells, like the Magic Missiles of the world, wouldn’t be able to be Counterspelled. Additionally, someone can Counterspell your Counterspell, effectively Uno Reverse Carding you into potential oblivion. But as it’s part of your role to protect the party against BS, this is a must-have pickup. 

Why Counterspell Is Great 

  • No Limit of Counterspells in A Round
  • DCs are Easy to Clear With Good Spellcasting Mod
  • Range of 60 Feet Allows for Long Range Mitigation

Second Best Level 3 Eldritch Knight Spell: Fireball

An Eldritch Knight's Fireball is one of the best 3rd-level evocation spells that deals a great deal of damage. Despite its simplicity, this spell isn't ineffective. There is no concentration needed for this spell to be cast, and the cast time is instantaneous. Hence, you won't be interrupted while using spells in combat situations.

As a result, you can even use it to illuminate enemies you cannot see; simply point into the dark, and the spell will explode, illuminating the area and blowing up your enemies simultaneously. The kicker here is you might catch the room on fire if you do that, so be prepared with your ye olde fire extinguisher.  

Why Fireball Is Great 

  • Targets Take 8d6 Fire Damage on Failed Save
  • Still Takes Damage on Successful Save
  • Classic, Flammable AOE Damage

Fireball Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:fireball

Third Best Level 3 Eldritch Knight Spell: Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic ranks third among level 3 Eldritch Knight spells. This abjuration spell effectively removes all 3rd-level and lower spells on the target. There are many ways to use this spell at higher levels, such as choosing a creature, object, magic effect, or magic effect within range and stopping all spells occurring on the target.

So what’s the difference between Dispel Magic and Counterspell? A spell that has been cast before it is targeted is Dispel Magic, whereas a spell that is currently being cast is interrupted by Counterspell. Both have their uses, and while it never hurts, having more protective magic in the party.

Why Dispel Magic Is Great 

  • Use it for Puzzle Solving and Magical Trap Disarming
  • Has Utility In and Out of Combat
  • Removes Magic-Related Status Ailments

Best Level 4 Eldritch Knight Spells

Best Level 4 Eldritch Knight Spell: Wall of Fire 

D&D: Best Eldritch Knight Spells For Every Level Wall of FireCasting Wall of Fire is easy as a well-trained Eldritch Knight.

Wall of Fire is one of the Eldritch Knight’s best defensive and offensive spells. From the evocation school of magic, this truly channels the elements to create a huge 60 feet long, 20 feet high or ringed cylindrical fire tornado. While this requires concentration to last the potential minute-long duration (potentially as long as the battle you’re in), considering you’re 120 feet away from a potential target – without a line of sight requirements. 

Getting a battlefield control spell off is important for a fighter of any variety trying to protect their party from damage. It can also wall off portions of the battlefield to help you all divide and conquer or in a narrow hallway with the enemy sandwiched in the middle. 

Why Wall of Fire Is Great 

  • AOE 5d8 Fire Damage on Failed Dex Save
  • Deal 5d8 Burst Fire Damage 
  • Cast Range up to 120 Ft for Remote Damage Dealing

Wall of Fire Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:wall-of-fire

Second Best Level 4 Eldritch Knight Spell: Fire Shield 

Fire Shield, an evocation from the Players Handbook, offers great versatility and utility to an Eldritch Knight. It allows you to surround yourself with a protective barrier of fiery energy that  provides some protection against both cold and fire damage while being relatively easy to cast. 

It allows players to create a thin protective firewall around them. 

Aside from offering temperature resistance, your Fire Shield provides some great benefits. It erupts with flames whenever a creature strikes you with a melee attack within 5 feet of you, dealing damage to the attacker. 

Why Fire Shield Is Great

  • Multiple Damage Type Options from One Spell
  • Provides Bright and Dim Light in a 20-Foot Radius 
  • Offensive and Defensive Spell
  • 10-Minute Duration Without Concentration 
  • Warm Shields Deal 2d8 Fire Damage
  • Cold Shields Deal 2d8 Cold Damage 

Fire Shield Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:fire-shield

Third Best Level 4 Eldritch Knight Spell: Storm Sphere

Storm Sphere, a level 4 evocation from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, is a great Eldritch Knight spell for a few reasons. First off, it requires no material components. Second, it allows you to make attacks against multiple enemies simultaneously. Third, it gives you control over where the sphere goes. Finally, you can use it to provide yourself with an advantage on attack rolls.

Despite Storm Sphere being powerful, it isn’t without its drawbacks. It does require concentration, even if the casting range is 150 feet. Also, Storm Sphere creates difficult terrain for all creatures trying to pass through it. 

As the sphere is kind of like a storm snowglobe (a storm globe, perhaps?), it paints a pretty interesting mental picture from a roleplaying standpoint.

Why Storm Sphere Is Great

  • Creatures in Range Must Pass Str Throw or Take 2d6 Bludgeoning Damage
  • Bonus Attack to Make Lightning Strike for 4d6 Damage
  • Confer Disadvantage of Hearing Perception Checks

Storm Sphere Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:storm-sphere

A whole lot more adventure awaits!

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