[Top 5] D&D: Most Fun Class

D&D: Most Fun Class
Is your favorite class a debbie-downer or a party animal?

At the end of the day, Dungeons and Dragons isn't about creating the most powerful character possible – it's about having fun! 

While there's a lot of talk in D&D communities over which classes are the most and least powerful and how to effectively optimize your character, it doesn't seem like many stop to think about which are actually the most enjoyable to play.

So which classes are the most fun, and why?

5. Wild Magic Sorcerer

This is the only option on this list that is subclass specific. The Wild Magic Sorcerer is pretty controversial. Some hate it and some love it, with not very many in between. 

With the right DM and the right campaign, this choice can bring a lot of enjoyable chaos to your table. As long as that’s what you're looking for, wild magic sorcerers can be a lot of fun. 

Some don't appreciate the disruptive nature of the wild magic sorcerer's abilities, so make sure to check in with everyone at your table before choosing this class. 

Why Wild Magic Sorcerer’s Are Fun

  • Wild Magic Surge is the best part of this chaotic class. As frequently as the DM desires, your spellcasting can unleash random surges of magic with unpredictable results. The Wild Magic Surge table has effects ranging from turning your skin blue, giving you temporary teleportation abilities, or turning you into a potted plant. There are also negative effects, like conjuring a fireball centered on your location. It’s all luck of the draw, but there are more benign or beneficial effects than harmful ones. This feature often leads to some of the most memorable moments in a campaign, for better or worse. 
  • There’s the Tides of Chaos feature, which gives you the option to gain advantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. You also get the Bend Luck, Controlled Chaos, and Spell Bombardment features. 
  • Because your spellcasting is Charisma-based, sorcerer's shine in social interactions. They can be proficient in any of the social skills, and metamagic creates options for the use of spells in social situations that are entirely unique to the class. 

4. Barbarian

Because of their large amount of hit points and the damage-reducing features of Rage, the barbarian is an ideal class for those who are looking to rush into combat, kick some ass, and walk out mostly unharmed. 

It’s a great class for beginners, as it’s easy and uncomplicated. Barbarians don’t have to worry about any complicated spellcasting mechanics or hard choices about what spells to learn. 

Why Barbarians are Fun

  • The Barbarian’s hit die is a d12, the highest in the game. This high HP makes you nearly indestructible when combined with certain subclass features. If you choose the Path of the Zealot you get Warrior of the Gods and Rage Beyond Death, making your barbarian incredibly hard to kill. 
  • The Rage ability gives you advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws, resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and a bonus to your damage rolls. 
  • It can be fun to roleplay as a barbarian, whether you play into the dumb and strong stereotype or against it. If you like the idea of acting on impulse, behaving recklessly, or instigating action then the barbarian is a good option.

3. Rogue

The rogue is an easy-to-manage class that's good for beginners. You don’t have to worry about bookkeeping or number crunching, and they have some fun combat features and social abilities. 

Some of the most iconic characters in popular media fit into the rogue archetype. Arya Stark, Han Solo, and Kelsier are just a few that come to mind. The rakish rogue with a heart of gold is a well-loved character trope across all genres.

Why Rogues are Fun

  • Sneak Attack is a rogue-exclusive feature, giving you a bonus to your damage when certain conditions are met.  
  • You get Cunning Action and Evasion, giving you greater mobility on the battlefield. It feels cool to dart in and out of combat, inflicting damage and then dodging out of the way of attacks or area effects.
  • Arcane Trickster gives your rogue access to magic, widening what you can do in any given scenario. The Arcane Tricksters mage hand works very differently than other classes, since you can make it invisible, use it to take or plant an object on another person, and disarm traps or pick locks at range. There’s potential here for a lot of fun, whether it's pickpocketing, framing someone, or playing harmless pranks. 
  • What’s not fun about roleplaying as a pirate? The Swashbuckler lets you channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow and gives you some useful features like Panache and Master Duelist. 

2. Druid

The druid is an incredibly flexible class that can function in almost any role. This versatility of build and the drastically different subclasses means you can play multiple druids in a row and have them be completely different from each other. 

The druid-exclusive feature Wildshape is the biggest draw to this class, letting you transform into animals and beasts. 

Why Druids are Fun

  • First and foremost, Wildshape is a ridiculously fun ability. Changing into a dragon or a t-rex are some of the more outlandish options, but you’re only limited by your imagination and what your DM will allow. 
  • You also get other animal-related abilities and spells like Speak With Animals, turning every random squirrel or bear into a potentially hilarious social interaction. This can be extra fun if your group has some sort of pet or animal companion you can chat with regularly. 
  • The way druid spellcasting works means you can swap out your spells from the entire druid spell list every long rest, letting you experiment endlessly. You’re never limited in your choices and it to avoid getting bored with the same spells. 
  • There’s also a ton of awesome spells on the druid spell list, with some particularly fun exclusive options like Giant Insect, Reincarnate, and Wind Walk. 

1. Bard

The bard is one of the most balanced, versatile, and fun classes you can play in Dungeons and Dragons. There’s something particularly fun about your teammates entering combat with their weapons and spellbooks, while you simply strum a tune to kill your enemies. 

If you’re drawn to roleplay, you really can’t beat the bard. They’re often the face of the party with their high charisma modifier and you get some fun combat options in addition to your skill at social interactions.

You can go with an arrogant rockstar, an easygoing artist, or a charming troublemaker. Like the druid, you can play multiple bards that are all dramatically different from each other. 

Why Bards are Fun

  • Jack of All Trades gives you maximum flexibility, letting you fill any role the party needs while still being a full caster. 
  • Inspiration is a fun ability, especially if you roleplay what exactly that looks like for your character. Maybe they sing a tune, wink, or give a high five – there are a lot of fun options. 
  • The Bard has some powerful and flavorful spells like Dissonant Whispers, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Unseen Servant, Phantasmal Force, and Hypnotic Pattern. 
  • Vicious Mockery is especially fun to roleplay, as it means you can literally insult someone so brutality that you kill them.

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