[Top 11] D&D Best Druid Multiclass That Are Fun To Play

Best D&D Druid Multiclass That Are Fun To Play
DnD has many different Druid multiclasses to play.

As you get into D&D, you might start to get into the multiclassing aspect of it all. Here, we look at the ranking of Druid multiclass so you can choose which one you want to the best of your ability. 


11. Druid/Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is powerful on their own, but do they truly boost a Druid?

Initially, you would think that the Sorcerer and Druid combo would be a good idea. Both are powerful magic users and are rewarding to players who are in it for the long run. However, it isn’t smart to combine these two together. When you give levels of a Sorcerer to a Druid, you are taking away spell slots that are vital to Sorcerers and their strength. 

When playing this multiclass, if you decide to play it, it’s a good idea to give more levels to the Sorcerer than the Druid, that way they can have more spell slots. Not only that, there are many spells you can use and that gives a lot of extra fun to the multiclass. This multiclass needs time and love in order to work. 

Why Druid/Sorcerer Is Great

  • Both powerful magic users due to stats 
  • Both channel magic so they’re easy to play
  • It can be a fun challenge because of incompatibility

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You are in it for the long run
  • You like to play magic user characters
  • You want a challenge 


10. Druid/Warlock

The Warlock is versatile, but does that help a Druid?

Despite being two magic based classes, the Druid and the Warlock don’t have too much in common. The Druid relies on the land, while the Warlock relies on their power from a dark source. While seeming really different, the combination of the two can be quite powerful, as long as you keep in mind your Dexterity being low. 

When playing this class, it’s important to focus on where you’re investing your proficiencies. Warlocks and Druids don’t often overlap in what they’re good at, so it’s smart to plan ahead in order to make up for this factor of playing this multiclass. 

Why Druid/Warlock Is Great

  • Spells can make up for lacking stats
  • Versatility because of spell amounts 
  • Strength in multiple abilities because of Warlock

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You’re a veteran player
  • You want a challenge 
  • You understand proficiencies and abilities


9. Druid/Paladin

Paladins are strong by themselves, but do they boost a Druid with martial abilities?

While Druids rely on instincts and survival, Paladins rely on their beliefs and their moral compasses to get them through. When combining these two correctly, it can be a pretty powerful smackdown. The use of Divine Smite in Wild Shape can be a brutal combination, and is the main reason why this multiclass can be good. 

The Paladin and Druid combination relies heavily on Wild Shape. It’s important to utilize your Paladin abilities while in Wild Shape and to apply them well. That’s also why it’s important to be a Circle of the Moon Druid, so your Wild Shape becomes a bonus action. Outside of Wild Shape, the best a Druid can do when multiclassing with a Paladin is to be support, which isn’t the most ideal for most Druid players. 

Why Druid/Paladin Is Great

  • Heavily Druid focused because of what you take from the Paladin
  • Utilizes both classes main abilities like Wild Shape and Divine Smite 
  • Benefits Paladin Divine Smite because of Druid Wild Shape

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You prioritize Wild Shape
  • You play Circle of the Moon Druids 
  • You prioritize the Druid part of the multiclass


8. Druid/Bard

Bards are fun to play, but do they mix well with Druids?

Both the Druid and the Bard are good individually, but when put together, they can have a downfall. Sometimes it's best to just stick to your class rather than trying something new, but if you don’t mind supporting, then the Druid and Bard multiclass is a good option. 

Due to them both being good healers and spellcasters, they can go well together as a background character in fights. Like others on this list, Wild Shape won’t be needed much and the Druid side will want to focus their spells on things that benefit the party rather than focus on fighting. Focusing on the Bard’s Charisma stat can also be a take away from the Druid as well.

Why Druid/Bard Is Great

  • Both good healers due to spell options
  • Great support due to spell options 
  • Beneficial to the team as a whole 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like to be a healer for your party
  • You like to be a support for your party
  • You don’t mind the backseat in combat


7. Druid/Fighter

Do Fighters give Druids the martial skills they need for battle?

The Druid and the Fighter are both admirable battlefield warriors. The Druid, while traditionally a spellcaster more than melee fighter, can pack a punch with a Fighter multiclass. When combined, they can be pretty good tanks. 

It’s important to prioritize combat and Wild Shape with these two. You won’t need to worry yourself with spell slots and such when you are more melee combat based like a Fighter is. The Circle of the Moon is once again a great choice for all its Wild Shape benefits. 

Why Druid/Fighter Is Great 

  • Combat based because of weapon diversity 
  • Good tanks because of increased health
  • Good melee attacks because of weapons

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like melee combat
  • You like to tank for your party
  • You enjoy combat based characters 


6. Druid/Rogue

Rogues can help a Druid out, but they aren't the best combat option.

The Druid lurks through the forests in whichever form they please, the Rogue lurks in the shadows never to be seen. Rogues have a lot of skill proficiencies, and Druids have a lot of use for that. The Druid and Rogue combination is beneficial to the Druid half quite a bit. 

Rogues can help Druids with ability checks and provide ample support to a Druid’s Wild Shape or spell casting depending on the proficiencies. These skill proficiencies are entirely what make or break this multiclass, and if not played right, it can be disastrous, so make sure you know what you’re doing. 

Why Druid/Rogue Is Great 

  • Bonus proficiencies because of Rogue
  • Useful Wild Shape due to combination
  • Good for any Druid subclass 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You understand proficiencies and where to put your higher numbers
  • You like to use Wild Shape for skill checks
  • You like Druid subclass variety 


5. Druid/Ranger

Rangers give Druids more of a martial fighting boost.

The Druid and Ranger combination can sell what multiclassing is all about. There is a really good balance of half and half when going with this multiclass. It can be a powerful duo when it comes to wanting a spellcaster and a weapon wielder.

With this multiclass, it’s important to put levels into both sides. You’ll want the spell slots from the Druid side in order to lean into the spellcaster aspect, and you’ll want the Ranger’s abilities in order to have a good weapon wielder. You can also play this as any type of Druid subclass.

Why Druid/Ranger Is Great 

  • Versatile because of combination
  • Good half and half balance
  • Good for any Druid subclass because of versatility

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You like to play versatile characters
  • You want a weapon wielding Druid
  • You like Druid subclass variety  


4. Druid/Wizard

Wizards help Druids with their spellcasting.

Druids and Wizards can utilize each other’s abilities really well. In this multiclass, variety is everything. Wizards have a wide variety of spells available, and Druids can benefit from this enormously. 

For this multiclass, you’ll focus on spells more than anything. Luckily, Wizards have plenty and Druids have the spell slots to use them. It’s important to prioritize Intelligence in this combination due to needing to use Wizard spells.

Why Druid/Wizard Is Great 

  • Very compatible because of Charisma focus
  • Both great spell users with variety
  • Plenty to go around with amount of spells 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like spellcasters 
  • You like Wizard spells 
  • You like Circle of Wildfire Druids for fire spells 


3. Druid/Monk

Monks give Druids Unarmored Defense.

Initially, you wouldn’t think of this combination. Most Monk abilities don’t seem useful to a Druid, so why is it so high on the list? There’s a few key features that a Monk gives that make this multiclass work.

You don’t need to dip heavily into the Monk side of multiclass in order to get the benefits of it. Firstly, you get a higher AC from the Monk side, which can be super beneficial to many Druid subclasses. You also get Unarmored Defense by just dabbling in the Monk side, which is what makes this entirely worth it. 

Why Druid/Monk Is Great 

  • Good for people who are Druid focused 
  • Higher AC for combat focused players 
  • Unarmored Defense from Monk

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You prefer the Druid side 
  • You want to increase tank ability 
  • You like combat above conversation in-game


2. Druid/Cleric 

The Cleric helps the Druid become the ultimate healer.

Now that we’re almost to number one, the multiclasses just keep getting better. If you’re into healers, this is where you want to place your bets. Individually, Druids and Clerics are great healers on their own, but together they can be much stronger. 

The Druid and Cleric combination is a very strong healer multiclass, as they both rely on Wisdom for their main stats and spells. This ends up making you a pretty powerful Wisdom spellcaster. If you want to be an even stronger healer, you can go the Circle of Stars route for your Druid’s subclass. 

Why Druid/Cleric Is Great 

  • Great for healing because of spell variety
  • Great for spellcasting because of spell variety
  • Strong in many Druid subclasses 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like to heal for your party
  • You like spellcasting 
  • You enjoy Wisdom based multiclasses


1. Druid/Barbarian

 The Barbarian and the Druid become the ultimate fighting machine. 

While the Cleric is going to give you focus on your spellcasting, the Druid and Barbarian combination allows you to focus on your Wild Shape. This combination is extremely strong, and great for anyone who’s looking to take a Circle of the Moon Druid into combat, or any Druid subclass for that matter. 

With all the benefits from the Barbarian Rage, you can utilize this in your Wild Shape. This is what makes this multiclass all worth it. The strength provided to your Wild Shape allows Druids to use more Wild Shape in battle, where a lot of Druid players tend to avoid doing so, and you also get Unarmored Defense. 

Why Druid/Barbarian Is Great 

  • Utilizes Wild Shape because of Barbarian Rage
  • Strengthens Druid because of Barbarian stats
  • Unarmored Defense from Barbarian

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like Wild Shape in combat
  • You like Barbarian Rage benefits 
  • You like Circle of the Moon Druids

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