DnD Best Dice Sets (Top 5)

Dungeons and Dragons best dice
Dice: The ultimate flex of DnD players

What dice are right for you?

Dice are one of the subtler ways a Dungeons and Dragon player can express themselves.

While the true creativity will always come through characters and roleplay, the choice of what dice a player uses can  be a time-consuming decision. Do you want a obvious show of flair for your bard, or a very simple set for a down to earth character?

This list will showcase five sets of dice from varying price points in the hopes it can lead you to your next (or very first!) dice purchase.

5. Chessex Dice’s Borealis:  Teal with Gold Numbers


Chances are, if you’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while, you’ve used a pair of Chessex dice. Either your own or your friends, they are the poster boy of dice in gaming stores. And there’s a decent reason for that. Chessex dice are reliable enough for their price range, a whole set will put you back anywhere between 7 to 15 dollars, and while they are a bit on the simpler side, Chessex has its fair share of gems.

Don’t let the lower price and easy accessibility deter you though, Chessex has its fair share of beautiful sets, such as this Borealis Set. Benefits of these dice include:

  • Most accessible, nearly all game stores have them
  • Cheap and reliable
  • While not show stoppers, still pretty

Find Chessex Dice at Amazon, or at their own website: Chessex

Price: 8.49 USD


4. Dice Envy’s Summer Fey Dice Set

Dice Envy

Still floating in the realms of affordability, Dice Envy’s Summer Fey Dice Set clocks in at around 12 dollars. And with that, you get one of three whimsically bright sets. With bright pastel colors, embezzled with sparkles and gold writing. Perfect for someone playing a character with strong ties to the Fey Wilds.

They share many traits with Chessex’s dice, so should you not want to go with them for whatever reason, these work as a good alternative.

  • Affordable
  • Sparkling and gemstone like
  • Just different enough from typical translucent sets to stand out

Find them at Diceenvy’s website: Dicenvy

Price: 11.95 USD


3. Die Hard Dice’s Spellbinder- Phoenix


Metal dice have a lot different traits that make them desired for some players. While some argue they have better accuracy, the main draw for them is how much heavier they feel in the hand and when rolled. It adds a gravity to it all.

For me though, the main feature is how they look. A metal luster and reflective tint is something that plastic struggles to imitate. This set embodies all the features that make metal die so striking. With fiery red and gold numbers and plating, they dice live up to the mythical fire bird for which they were named.

  • Stunningly beautiful coloration
  • Metal gives them a different feel than other die
  • Numbers are in a different font than typical dice, giving them their own flair

Find these dice at Dieharddice's Website: Dieharddice

Price: 54.95 USD


2. Norse Foundries Banshees Wail

Norse Foundry

Another set of metal dice, Norse Foundries dice already set themselves apart with their shape. A bit sharper than Die Hard Dices were, they strike a much harder silhouette than most sets of dice. The metal lines are also slimmer than most metal sets.

Aside from the bright coloration this set offers, Norse foundries also has both unique fonts for its numbers and special engravings on their sets.

  • Unique silhouette and dice shape
  • Special engravings to allow your dice to stand out
  • Slightly bigger than typical dice sets, but not giant
  • At 35 dollars, they aren’t cheap but not a bad deal for metal dice

Find these and more like them at Norse Foundry's Website: Norse Foundry 

Price: 35.00 USD


1. Awesome Dice’s Tiger’s Eye Stone Dice Set

Awsome Dice

When I was younger, I was obsessed with the idea of things that maybe shouldn’t be made from gemstones being made with gemstones. A sapphire flute being the pinnacle of my dumb shiny ideas. However, with this dice set that old dream can become a reality. Awesome Dice has several gemstones sets, but their Tigers Eye is easily the most striking.

  • Made from real Tigers Eye gemstones
  • Utterly unique, due to its material’s nature, no two dice will look the same
  • A beautiful marbled gold color and luster

At around 50 dollars for a whole set of these beauties, they’d be perfect for either your favorite character, or as a gift to a friend.

Find them at Awsome Dice's Website: AwsomeDice

Price: 48.95 USD


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