[Top 20] D&D Best Fighter Items, Armor and Weapons

The Fighter class is the most basic class of the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming. Why is it basic? Because it relies heavily on weapons and fighting styles, not casting tens of different types of spells. Also, if you want, you can multiclass the Fighter to anything to get stronger and it can be combined with many other classes. It has D10 hit points for level and allows heavy armor and many weapon training.
Fighter is simple and tons of fun to play. You can choose any kind of alignment, any kind of personality. You can be a Noble Knight in shining armor, you can be a simple adventurer or you can be a guard. It gives a lot of options, lots of weapon choices and the best part is the versatility.
The most important item for a Fighter is to have many different types of weapons since they can use them. Swords, axes, bows, and throwing items. Especially Alchemist’s Fire or Acid types because they will need them to kill the damn troll in the dungeon! 
Some of the items listed below are Homebrew items.


20. Grappling Hook and Rope

While it is a very simple tool that is a hook and rope, an adventurer needs to have one.

Fighters rely on physical strength or dexterity so a grappling hook and a rope will allow them to climb places easily. It doesn’t make much sound as well. They can also use this item to pull up people who are terrible at climbing.

It is basic, cheap, and does get the job done.

How else a low-level fighters going to be able to climb the wall of a castle? You can also use it to start fires. It is also a great tool to pull enemy ships close to board!


19. Holy Water

Holy Water is commonly used by paladins and clerics to have ceremonies to cleanse the evil or undead forces. But since regular Fighters are not able to do holy damage to the Demons or Undead, they need extra help. Holy Water is essential.

Holy Water has offensive and Defensive abilities, for example, Evil Incorporeal creatures such as Ghost or Ghast can not touch someone soaked in Holy Water. Therefore protecting them from harm.

Holy Water is not very cheap but if you have a Cleric or Paladin in the team, you can fill up your pockets with it and throw it as a hand grenade.

Holy Water unfortunately does little damage and most likely will only annoy the person if they are just a regular person. And don’t try to drink it even if you are very thirsty, the Holy Water itself has Gold or Silver in it, making it inedible.


18. Torch


The torches are great! Very easy to create as it is just a stick with an oiled-up cloth. They burn and illuminate the area around them.

If you are a fighter who has no dark vision or low-light vision, you may want to carry a torch to see your path in the dark.

Torches have many uses, you can use them as a club that does fire damage, burn something, or protect yourself against the wolves. Wolves hate fire.

If you want to play the game in vanilla mode and get a human fighter you will need your torch with you when you wander into the Underdark or crypts.


17. Gauntlets of Ogre Power

Gauntlets of Ogre Power is a very important item if you are playing a close-range fighter. Why? Because your strength is one of the key abilities for you. Also, this item sets your strength up to 19 when a regular commoner only has 10 strength.

Upgraded versions of Gauntlets of Ogre Power such as having a locked gauntlet allow you to be resistant even immune to disarm. Ones with spikes will give you piercing damage.
Someone who tries to knock you off will have a hard time doing that or if you need to wrestle your way out? You want the Gauntlets of Ogre Power with you.

One of the simplest and easiest magical items to be getting in a low-level campaign. It is not that rare to find so it isn’t very expensive. Speak to your Dungeon Master to upgrade it properly. 


16. Belt of Enlarge Person

The Belt of Enlarge Person allows you to magically transform your body into a category higher than your actual size. If you are a Halfling, you become as big as a human. If you are a human, you become as large as an Ogre.

While usage of this item is very limited per day, it is a huge game-changer in builds. For example, if you are going for the Greatsword build, a Belt of Enlarge Person allows you to get 3d6 damage.

It is quick to activate and deadly in close combat. But remember, the bigger you are the harder you fall. If the enemy manages to slip you down, you might have a problem getting up. And due to you becoming larger size makes you easier to hit. So you will be sacrificing your protection for more damage and reach.


15. Shirt of Endure Elements


The Shirt of Endure Elements is a cheap magical item that is easy to wear and use. It is usually crafted from silk or nice fabric and its key ability is to protect a person from natural cold or heat. Warning, this item will NOT protect you from extreme heat, fireballs, or magical blizzards.

The Shirt of Endure Elements will keep your character warm when they climb the top of a mountain to gather some iron up there or go to a desert. You won’t sweat like you are in a sauna when you are in a desert. It is optimally one of the best magical items you can get for cheap.

If I were a player, I would try to get this item as quickly as possible as some Dungeon Masters love to make things quite hellish when they bring the party into heavy rain, desert, or mountains. Protect yourself from the natural disasters.


14. Alchemist’s Fire

Alchemist’s Fire is a small object when thrown ignites and bursts the area in flames. It is a very common item and easy to find. It has many uses, start a fire, distract enemies, and basically cause chaos and destruction.

One flask may not do a lot of damage to surroundings but if you manage to ignite a whole crate of Alchemist’s Fires, you can cause a lot of damage to certain places. Due to it being very flammable and hard to extinguish, it is the favorite weapon of pyromaniac fighters.

Alchemist’s Fire is easy to obtain and easy to use, just be careful and don’t drop it on the ground, you can catch fire too! Fire doesn’t discriminate.


13. Acid Flask

Acid Flask is similar to Alchemist’s Fire. But it is full of acid. It can be used for various things. You can use it to melt away locks, destroy objects, or throw them to the enemy, damaging them.

Fighters usually get close to combat so they can use any kind of advantage for themselves. An Acid Flask can damage an enemy's armor, weapon, or body. Mimics HATE acid so they can be easily identified with an acid vial.

Acid Flask is easy to use, cheap, effective, and deadly to trolls. Overall a Fighter at any level can have it and use it.


12. Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed is a magical item that allows the base speed of the character to increase and have extra attacks. It allows the character to have a haste spell activated for a limited time.

Characters such as Fighters or Paladins that wear heavy armor get their speed lowered because it is harder to move in heavy armor, therefore the Boots of Speed is an excellent item to counter it. Plus, you get an extra attack when using it.

The Boots of Speed are not that cheap but at low-mid levels, you will want that for the advantages. 


11. Magical Arrows

Fighters that go for the ranged combat styles will love the Magical Arrows as there are many various types of arrows. They can do many different elemental attacks or have distractive abilities.

Most Fighter archetypes can’t use magic but with this, you can bypass the enemies' defenses and cause many devastating effects. Just be sure not to fire the Flame Arrow at the Red Dragon.

There are many different types of arrows which can be easily checked and used. While some of them might be seen as expensive, they are worth the shot. The problem with them is, that if you miss, you lose the arrow’s magical abilities.


10. Animated Shield

 It is a metal or wooden shield that is infused with magic to hover around the person when speaking a magical word, freeing the hand that needs to hold a shield. It is not always pretty but it does the job well.

The Animated Shield is a very important magical item for a fighter that goes through many fighting styles. If you are going for the two-hand fighting style, you can use this shield to gain a shield bonus for yourself. Also, if you are fighting to protect your allies, you can use it to give a disadvantage to your opponents.

While the Animated Shield is expensive and a very rare item, it is absolutely useful for any close-combat type characters. And it doesn’t require attunement. It will just hover around you for 10 turns and as long as you are conscious or dismiss it, it will stay to hover around you.


9. Ring of Free Action

The Ring of Free Action is a magical ring that allows the wearer to be able to walk on difficult terrain, unable to be paralyzed or restrained by magic. You can still be grappled or bound by a rope or chain.

When you are wearing heavy armor, your movement speed is already lowered, think that you also move in a difficult train… You are very slow almost as if moving like a turtle. With this ring, you can walk on as difficult terrain as regular terrain.

The Ring of Free Action is a Rare item that grants a good bonus but the downside of it is that it requires an attunement slot. You can’t be magically slowed, bound, or paralyzed.


8. Flame Tongue

Flame Tongue is a magical sword type that can be imbued to any kind of sword. It brightly burns the blade of the sword and does extra damage to the enemies while illuminating the surroundings.

Flame Tongue is one of the best weapon types out there, It has no timer so as long as you hold the blade, it will keep burning. You can use it as a torch to burn things around and deal extra 2d6 damage to the enemies.

Flame Tongue is best for Fighters who are struggling to do good damage. If you are wielding a Flame Tongue Greatsword that is 2d6+2d6 damage plus your Strength modifier. That is a lot of damage for just one attack. And as we know, fighters do many attacks so you can quickly destroy an enemy with this blade.


7. Dancing Sword

Dancing Sword is a very useful magical item which is when activated it starts to float and attack enemies without holding the blade. They are usually beautiful swords to distract the enemy as well.

Dancing Sword is a very good magical item that leaves hands free to attack. That means when you have more attacks and if you can have a Dancing Greatsword with Flame Tongue, you get 4d6 extra damage.

Overall, Dancing Sword is any Fighter’s friend. As it can attack itself, you can keep the enemy away from you while you fire arrows or cover your back with an extra attack. Works great in tight and narrow areas where you will be forced to fight alone.


6. Adamantine Armor

Adamantine is the strongest metal in Dungeons and Dragons worlds. It might be named Starmetal but they are both basically the same. It is durable, hard to work on, and very powerful.

Adamantine Armors are the highest-ranked armors for a person. They are expensive and usually hard to obtain due to regular blacksmiths can’t make armor from them.

Adamantine is tough and cancels out critical hits that are done to you but it doesn’t block normal damage. We all know how dangerous a critical hit can be. It is deadly. So it can save your life.


5. Amulet of Health

Amulet of Health is a basic magical item that increases your Constitution score to 19 even if it is very low like 6-7. It is usually blessed by the Gods of Life or Love.

Amulet of Health’s main ability is increasing by your Constitution score, the character gains hitpoints per level. So, if you wear one and attune it to yourself, you gain many hit points.

I would highly recommend it for fighters who want to fight in close range as you will need the extra hit points to crush your enemies.


4. Javelin of Lightning

It is a Javelin that looks like its head is lightning and when the character speaks a certain command word, it becomes a lightning bolt and this bolt goes 120 feet.

Javelin of Lightning is a very useful item when fighting a large number of enemies, You can create a gap in the lines of your enemies.

This item would be the worst enemy of Roman Legionnaires who lined up to defend each other as this would pierce many of them as they are close to each other. So in tight areas where the enemy will have a tough time dodging, this is a great weapon.


3. Cloak of Protection

The Cloak of Protection is a thick cloak that protects the wearer from various effects, and rain plus increases armor class.

This cloak is the best defense for it can be worn over the armor, giving extra protection and also giving a saving throw bonus.

It is cheap, doesn’t force you to wear another armor, and it gets the job done. It is simple and highly recommended for everyone.


2. Holy Avenger

Holy Avenger is one of the best weapons in the game. And in some cases, it has its own mind. It is a weapon of pure good and it hates fiends and undead.

So, do you want to be a Divine Champion or get multiclass in Paladin? The Holy Avenger will take you on that path. People will follow you if you hold the Holy Avenger.

The Holy Avenger is a sacred weapon and if desecrated by the forces of evil, it becomes an unstable and insane weapon of pure destruction.


1. Vorpal Sword

While it looks like a normal Sword, the Vorpal Sword is the deadliest weapon out there.

Vorpal Sword is the ultimate weapon in Dungeons and Dragons. It is the only weapon that can slay unkillable things like the Hydra by cutting off its heads.

What makes the Vorpal Sword so deadly? When rolling for attack, if you manage to roll 20, the Vorpal Sword’s special effect activates and it severs the head of the target. So it can be used to kill even the Gods. It is an unnatural weapon and very dangerous. If you have a Vorpal Sword, even the Gods might be wary of you. And having many attacks as a fighter does allow you to have more chances to roll a Natural 20. Good luck!


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