[Top 15] Best D&D Games For PC

Sarevok Anchev, a powerful villan from Baulder's Gate

D&D has become one of the best TTRPG games in the last few years. However, it does take a few things you may not have. Including groups of friends, enough free time from everyone, and someone who knows all the rules. Well, what if I told you there is an alternative for the people who don't have those things? Below we have listed some of the BEST D&D games for PC, so all you need is to plug in and play. 


15. Dungeons & Dragons Online® ~ 2006 (PC)


Three different types of adventures all fighting a beholder. The nasty creature. 

Want to play D&D but don't have a large group of friends or a working schedule? Well, the Wizards of the Coast have an answer for you. Dungeons & Dragons Online has everything from the original game now in PC form

A grindy MMORPG that can get difficult. Old mechanics are a little hard to learn but usable. The melee combat itself can get a bit floaty but still playable. The character is great with many options. However, the biggest downside to the features is when the creators make new expansions it makes all the old gear people spent money on completely irrelevant, just to sell new packs. 

Dungeons & Dragons Online is the closest to the old-school, rulebooks of D&D. It is a good game you can have fun with. However, with the horrible customer service for any bugs or non-VIP players and wizards of the cost officially trying to change their OGL license, it isn't a game that I would love to endorse. If you like this game or similar try any of the 14 others listed down below! 

Choose This Game If You Like…


- Unique Heroes 

- Long Games


14. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition 

2018 (PC) / 2020 (PS4, Xbox one)


Five adventurers fighting a large hydra creature together. 

The first isometric adventuring group CRPG in the Pathfinder universe. The stolen lands now in shambles have destroyed kingdoms so you have to make your own from the ground up. If you know Pathfinder you will like this kind of game. 

However, saying that, you also really need to know pathfinder to play this game at all. This makes sense as it is a pathfinder game but that doesn't make it available for new players to join. This is a turn-based open-world game. However, the problem with that is the difficulty is all over the place, which makes the freedom feel more like a burden sometimes. And sadly though the kingdom management is a cool feature it was executed quite terribly. 

All and all this is a good start to a pathfinder CRPG game, the graphics are nice and it feels like classic high fantasy. However, with several features being off it can come out laughing. Play the second version of the game and come back to this one and it should be more enjoyable. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Pathfinder

- Cool Magical Effects

- Turn-based Combat

- Classic High Fantasy


13. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire 

2018 (PC) / 2020 (PS4, Xbox one)


A group of friends and adventurers watching a bard and some magic users, who do a show.  

Explore land and sea in pillars of eternity 2. Battle on both and pursue a god trying to destroy reincarnation. With an amazing world of Polynesian natives and Caribbean pirates, this game brings a new aspect to CRPGs

This game does have the GREAT feature of being able to choose between real-time play or turn-based which is great for people who like one style over the other. However, there are a lot of flaws as well. First off the transfer to the PS4 is quite buggy and not as good. But even on PC, the pacing of the game is lacking as though a god is destroying reincarnation the game brings no urgency to the story. This along with limited class features, stupidly high HP bosses, and the horrible ship battle mechanic this game does come a bit lacking. 

If you have time to learn mechanics and love extremely detailed games this game could work for you. However, it does come off as a bit tedious. And everyone agrees the ship battles are just horrible. Learn how to play the game and you could have a good time, it just may not be the best game ever. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Detailed and Gorgeous Graphics

- Replayability 

- Open world

- Interesting Goal

- Multiclassing


12. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

2014 (PC, Android) / 2019 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)


A fight between six adventurers against a bunch of Skeletons and an intense magic user. 

Icewind Dale is, of course, a tactical RPG based around D&D. Gather your group of adventurers and explore the frozen caves of their world. Fight creatures, plunder dungeons, and more. 

The game features some really good high-quality partial voice acting. However, sadly even though it seems to be the game's focus the combat is kind of lacking. With many built-in scripts meant to help automate your party's combat but end up kind of sticking instead and making it hard to be flexible.  And one of the main points is being able to use spells and abilities, which makes you climb through a bunch of menus to get to, find and use. But if you like combat and can deal with it, definitely go for it. 

This is one of the games that focus majorly on combat. Making the story weak. Which makes it even more upsetting that the combat has some issues. However it also does have a good balance between character enemies and progression, so you don't feel constantly outmatched. It also does a few interesting side quests which do help it a bit.

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Lots of spells

- Ability to be good.. or evil

- Cool Achievements


11. Tavern Master ~ 2021 (PC)


A custom-made tavern is full of patrons who are being helped and even a band. 

Ever wanted to run and build your very own D&D tavern? That's exactly what this game does for you. Build your bar from the ground up and watch as the people flood in. 

Run a cute medieval tavern! Hire performers and collect in the reward. Starting with only a small room and a few things within. Once you get some money you are then given a large number of options to decorate with and make the place your own. But make sure you keep up with it or the tavern might just burn down. 

This game is super cute and easy to play. The kind of game you can step away from and not have to worry about a character dying or losing a level. However, it still gives plenty of room for creativity and fun. And while it starts easy it can grow challenging as you reach your goals. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Building Design 

- Cute and Vibrant Style

- Fun and Easy Gameplay 


10. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

2018 (Mobile, PS4, Xbox one) / 2020 (PC, Switch)


A large group of adventurers fighting Tiamat who is currently burning them with fire. Ouch! 

Want a fun and simple game to play in the background? Or want to fight epic battle games with horrifying beasts and dragons? Well lucky for you this game has both. 

This game comes with many cool features including the ability to unlock some of your favorite characters. Characters from things like Acquisitions Incorporated and Black Dice Society. Adventure through amazing planes of existence from D&D like the nine hells or Baldur's Gate. They even have special events in the game where you can earn items, face challenges and so much more. Build a strategy based on your party and clicks and rise from the ashes. 

This is a very simple combat game, with fun enemies and cool characters. Clicker games and idle games have always been a favorite of mine so mixing them with D&D content takes the cake. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Cool Battles

- Epic Monsters 

- Idle Clicker Games


9. TaleSpire ~ 2021 (PC)


A sewer battle between a tentacle creature and six adventurers. Dice are currently being rolled all around them. 

A game similar to Tabletop Simulator but made for D&D. Talespire is a Tabletop RPG program that helps you bring your games to life. From large creatures to custom minis this game will make your game look amazing, and still give the board game feel. 

One great feature of this game is its ability to show combat correctly just like an at-home game. This game is also compatible with Hero Forge and so you can bring your custom character pieces to life. Finally, use your character instead of a picture, or let your mini collect dust on a shelf. And with so many options to pick from to make you battle scenes, you basically can't go wrong with this one. 

This game is absolutely beautiful. Being able to set up a whole battle scene exactly how you want it for an online d&d group is hard. This is a step up from Tabletop Simulator for D&D. As a DM I can tell you this is something you will NEED to have. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Beautiful Scenery 

- Online D&D Groups 

- Epic Battle Scenes 

- Custom Character Models 


8. Divinity: Original Sin 2 

2017 (Windows) / 2018 (PS4, Xbox One) / 2019 (Mac, Switch) / 2021 (Ipad)


A group of adventurers visits a holy altar to gain an important book. 

From the creators of Baldur's Gate 3. Divinity 2 is a tactical RPG game with interesting NPCs and very pretty graphics. With unlimited freedom to explore the world, you get a cool interactive experience. 

Coming with the feature to even play multiplayer, online, or split screen this game has a lot of great features. The combat system is amazing and lets you use everything including your environment to fight. However, the game's combat can get VERY hard and make you feel a bit powerless at times.  Having a limited number of action/source points to acquire skills and spells you have is a bit of a turndown. However, it is still super advanced and helps make the tactical side of the game shine. 

While this game looks great and is fun it does have some issues that can make it annoying for some. While playing with NPCs is a rich, lively experience playing with created characters has a boring bland story. Some choices have the same outcome no matter which choice which makes it kind of seem like a false sense of choice. And character spells and powers can be quite unbalanced. Though the music, storylines, and new interesting combat makes the game still fun to play and see if you can beat the odds. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Dynamic Characters

- Addictive Games

- Rich Story

- Great Voice Acting


7. Tyranny ~ 2016 (PC) 


An old fossil of a large beast near a campsite of our adventurers. 

Rich and original world-building this game brings great writing and decisions that matter. A good old-school feeling RPG game. With so much content you will be playing for days. 

Though this game does have several cool features like cool item crafting. However, as a real-time and pause system this one can be a bit lacking. Coming across as pretty clunky and a bit boring, combat is seen as one of the weakest points of this game.  Locking a character into actions until they disengage or die is not great and having the mage be so OP doesn't help either. However, it is still workable and the other aspect of the game can make up for it. 

Don't look at the reviews on this game as most are just angry at google for suggesting this game instead of a definition. The truth is this game is pretty good and doesn't deserve those bad reviews. An amazing story and world offset the less-than-great combat and can be a really fun game to pick and play. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Great Writing

- Choices That Matter and Come Back

- Old School RPGs

- Lots of Abilities 


6. Solasta: Crown of the Magister 

2021 (PC) / 2022 (Xbox One)


A tavern fight against a powerful magic user and six adventurers. A fire attack coming from the magic user 

Comparable to the Baldur's Gate series comes Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Many people go back and forth about which of the games is better but both are great games in different ways. 

Another turn-based tactical RPG based on the SRD 5.1 Ruleset. With a user interface made easy to understand and use even for first-time players. Good smooth battle with a nice challenge. And unlike some of the other games you can control the full party, and not the preset NPCs, ones you make to be exactly as you want. 

A fun game with great combat. A bit more battle focused than the others on this list which is not one of my favorite things. However, others love that sort of game. It still has super nice graphics and I love that you get to make your whole party and not just gather presets. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- A lot of Battle 

- Large Class Choice

- Tabletop D&D


5. Baldur's Gate 3 ~ 2023 (PC)


A half-elf by the name of Tav in the character creation space chooses his class as a sorcerer of a draconic bloodline. 

The final installment in the Baldur's Gate series (at least for now) is finally here. Though this one is quite different from its predecessor. With a beautiful look and a lot of new features, come see what this game has in store. 

This game has a regular tactical combat system. Though it does have several cool features including tons of spell options that are different for each magic user. Now they finally feel different from one another in more ways than backstory. You also can do standard actions would find in a D&D game like Jumping, Dashing, Hiding, Shoving, disengaging, and several more. However one of the most fun features is you can throw anything or anyone your character is strong enough to pick up, so you can use your friends as your own personal weapons 

Still being early access it is understandable that this game does have a few bugs. However, even though the game isn't done yet it is still a lot more in-depth than most finished games. The game is quite different from the rest in the series as it focuses more on the story than the last 2. However, that doesn't mean it is a great game itself. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Early Access Games

- Tactical Combat Systems 

- D&D 5e

- Amazing Character Creation


4. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

2021 (PC) / 2022 (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) 


Adventurers surround a large boss as a few lizardfolk and satyr attack the party from behind. 

Pathfinder is a system known but rarely used. However, it shouldn't be. Such a level-up from the kingmaker. You'll get so many hours in and still want to replay. 

Pathfinder and this game adaptation both come with a huge amount of class and race choices. Which makes an awesome character creation. And after the characters are made they have a progression system that is polished and easy to make good well rounded characters. Another turn-based combat system though this one is almost chess-like. Letting you strategize your builds before combat to make your team as strong as the creature needs. 

Pathfinder is one of my favorite D&D-based systems and this game does it justice. Bringing in the same large amount of character creation choices and similar combat style as if you were playing it at home. It's a fun, interesting game that makes you feel one with the world. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Huge amount of classes

- Pathfinder mechanics

- Replayability 

- Good Level Progression

- Several Different Endings


3. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

2012 (PC, IOS) / 2014 (Android) / 2019 (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)


A fight within a goblin's cave. with 2 magic users casting and a fighter attacking the villain. 

Baldur's gate is truly a classic that reshaped the RPG online games. Fun characters, and a good story. It makes sense why so many people spend hours playing this game. 

The combat mechanics are about hitting and missing. Including spells like turning undead, special ways to attack and defend, and many other things. You have to learn to use quick save and the pause mechanic well to command your party and make sure to not get crowded. Like the other Baldur's gate games, it uses low AC and THACO to have an easy mechanic to destroy your enemies. 

Baldur's gate is one of the holy trinity of classic RPG games that everyone knows and loves. A bit old and not as good as the polished sequel but a game you still cannot miss. The world is large and cool, and music is epic and has a lot of replay value. Those things all make a great gaming experience. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Classic Games

- Fun and Memorable Characters 

- Epic Music

- Open Worlds


2. Wildermyth ~ 2021 (PC)


A wizard, archer, barbarian, and monk fighting lizardfolk to get through some ice blockages. 

Wildermyth is a cute but very fun D&D-based game that is made for anyone. A game for people who want fun and challenge, not just one or the other. Try it out for yourself to see why it is ranked 10/10.

Coming with distinct characters you can use and level in multiple different ways, this game gives a challenge to some classic D&D. Being a tactical combat game you all start on a classic square grid and have to strategize the best way to win. Make sure to remember your parties' specific perks and specialties to get through the battle together. 

A cute game with good representation. Easy mechanics which still make you think and feel like you put the work in to best the creatures. An adorable style that helps me remember the fun of playing D&D. And many different options and things to do, make this game one I can't wait to play every time. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Cute Graphics 

- Not Too Serious

- Easy Mechanics to Learn

- Queer representation 


1. Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition

2013 (PC) / 2014 (Ipad, Mobile) / 2019 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)


The release image of Baldur's Gate 2. Two magic users and 2 fighters attacking a snarling beholder. 

Baldur's gate 2 is an amazing RPG classic. Now made even better with this enhanced edition. Explore through the multiple beautiful settings and fight your way to the top! 

Baldur's gate 2 has real-time combat with a pause system that follows D&D 2nd edition rules and is quite easy to understand. You make your AC as low as you can and fight with magic items to help do more damage. The game also gives you tons of spells and spell slots, which help you take care of any more difficult creatures. With all these amazing classic back and nee NPCs, expansion and challenges this game just takes a classic to the next level. 

If you liked Baldur's gate 1, you HAVE to play this one. The same classic feel but honestly just better. Still old fashion but in a way that is easy and plays well. Along with the gorgeous look of the game and great music, voice acting and more this is a game you really shouldn't miss out on. 

Choose This Game If You Like…

- Gorgeous Settings

- Great Combat Challenges 

- Great Music and Voice Acting

- Deep Story

- Lots of Content


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