The 10 Best D&D Accessories For Dungeon Masters

1. DM Screen

Price: $15-600

A Dungeon Master Screen is a vital tool, providing concealment for your rolls, quick-reference tables, and a discreet space for deadly monster minis. Whether it's a preprinted cardboard screen, a carved wooden one with built-in features, or a DIY version using books and paper clips, it adds convenience to your Dungeon Master toolkit.


2. Dry erase board

Price: $15

A practical tool for tracking initiative orders and hit points, the dry-erase board efficiently saves paper and time. Avoid the hassle of rewriting player and monster names repeatedly.


3. Initiative tracker

Price: $20-50

A dedicated Initiative Tracker on the table is a boon for both DMs and players. Managing turn orders in a hectic encounter becomes more manageable with a clear and easy-to-read tracker, ensuring the game runs smoothly.


4. Quick reference sheet

Price: Free

As a Dungeon Master, you don't need to be a walking rulebook. Quick reference sheets save you from rulebook searches, especially when determining specific details like condition or potion effects. They're beneficial for new players who are eager to adventure rather than delve into the player's handbook.


5. Condition/status trackers

Price: $20-30

Clear representation on the table is crucial. Status markers help avoid overlooking conditions or penalties during intense combat, maintaining a smooth game flow.


6. Dice tray

Price: $5-50

Keep dice organized and prevent them from scattering with a dice tray. Say goodbye to crawling under the table in search of lost dice mid-game.


7. Notebook

Price: $5-40

An essential tool for keeping campaign plans, scribbling quick notes, or drawing maps. A reliable DM notebook, whether with gridded pages or blank sheets, is indispensable for managing the chaos of the game.


8. Spell Templates

Price: $12

Save time and minimize arguments with spell templates. Simplify area of effect spells and eliminate guesswork, sparing you from resorting to protractors and angle debates.


9. Miniatures

Price: $5-500

Bring your world to life with miniatures, adding depth to your tabletop. From monsters to buildings, physically placing characters and monsters enhances combat flow and enriches the gameplay.


10. Dice

Price: $20

You can never have too many dice. Always be prepared with backup dice for yourself or forgetful players. Whether it's for damage rolls or falling off cliffs, having a pound of dice on hand is a worthwhile investment for any Dungeon Master running multiple games.

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