[Top 20] D&D Best Items, Weapons, and Armor for Warlock

When dealing with more than they bargained for, warlocks are protected by tomes of forbidden knowledge, eldritch gems with impossible angles, and dreadful talismans.

Warlocks solve enigmatic puzzles by making deals with otherworldly beings of unimaginable power, frequently trudging through jungles full of monsters and ruins ruled by the shadows.

Warlocks, one of the most well-known classes in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, can locate a wide variety of charming objects to aid them in upholding their half of the agreement lest they fall short of their patrons' expectations.

As we tear through the multiverse's fabric in pursuit of the best gear for your 5th edition warlocks, put down your squids, don your finest cashmere robes, and get ready for your signature appearance of superiority!

Make sure your campaign permits wondrous items before pawning your soul to your dungeon master because they are optional in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

20. Talking Doll

Not every warlock uses the "scary" cliché, but if your warlock enjoys frightening both allies and enemies, the talking doll is the only option.

Each sentence you teach the doll can be up to six words long, and you can specify a need that must be met within five feet of the doll for it to speak each phrase.

You can put this to use by giving it to someone along with recorded meeting directions and pre-programmed responses to inquiries like "When?" and "Where?" As an alternative, frighten your adversaries or (lovingly) amuse your allies! If you can manage to do so with the same sentence, maybe your DM will inspire you.

Why the Talking Doll is Great:

  • If you think alarm clocks need to be creepier, then you found yourself the replacement.
  • Creative players might set it up beforehand to leave important messages for allies left behind, to warn others from a threat or just to play a prank.
  • We’ve all seen the trope of turning up an alarm and distracting enemies with it, the doll can work just like that.

Talking doll details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:talking-doll

19. Amethyst Lodestone

The amethyst lodestone is a fist-sized rock that has been imbued with an amethyst dragon's power to control gravity.

Your DM may consider it to be the hardest item on this list to locate. The lodestone gives you an advantage on Strength saving throws while you are carrying it.

There are 6 charges in the lodestone. You can use your bonus action to fly for 10 minutes at a pace equal to your walking speed while hovering for one charge. Although the fly spell increases your flying speed, it also consumes one of your limited spell slots and calls for concentration.

Why the Amethyst Lodestone is Great:

  • It’s a fairly versatile item that can be used in as many situations.
  • Given its size, you could easily hide it within a pocket.
  • Advantage in strength saving throws can encourage you to go head to head against bigger threats.

Amethyst Lodestone details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:amethyst-lodestone

18.  Wand of Fireballs / Wand of Lightning Bolts

The wand of fireballs and the wand of lightning bolts are classics for a reason. They deliver on their promises.

Each wand has seven charges and can use one charge to cast its named spell, such as a lightning bolt or fireball, at the third level. Even if you keep the wand's final charge and never use it, this wand might be worth an additional six spells for your warlock each day until its last charge is used, at which point it runs the risk of disintegrating into ash.

These wands let you expend extra charges while casting if you'd rather upcast a spell than cast it repeatedly. So go ahead and roll 14d6 damage to begin the first round of combat.

Why the Wand of Fireballs/Lightning Bolts are great:

  • Warlocks get very little in the way of spell slots, so extra spell casts in the form of the 5th edition’s most emblematic evocation is always a plus.
  • Wands are small enough that you can smuggle them anywhere you could hide a pencil, and if your warlock lacks decency, you can always have it hidden.

Wand of Fireballs details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Wand%20of%20Fireballs#content

17. Bell Branch

A druid or a warlock must attune the bell branch. With the golden bells and all, it might not be the best vehicle for stealth missions, but what it lacks in finesse, it makes up for in defense.

There are three charges on the branch, which you can use as your spellcasting focus. You can spend one of these charges as a bonus action to search a 60-foot radius for aberrations, celestials, constructs, elementals, fey, fiends, or the living dead.

Constructs are advantageously included since spells like detect evil and detect good would otherwise miss them. They might also be hiding in plain sight while remaining immobile and appearing to be a statue.

Why the bell branch is great:

  • If your party lacks a paladin, you can emulate their outsider radar with this item, particularly useful for characters who deal with extraplanar entities as their core concept.
  • The ability to cast Protection from Evil & Good is vital since it helps save up your minute spell slots.

Bell Branch details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:bell-branch

16. Ring of Shooting stars

The ring of shooting stars is a stunning silver band with blue and purple stones embedded in it. It contains many tricks that the warlock, and occasionally anybody else, would not otherwise know.

This ring grants you the ability to cast dancing lights and light at will while in low light or complete darkness without using any of its six charges. You can also use the ring to cast faerie fire for one charge, a spell that warlocks typically cannot use unless they work for an Archfey patron.

But the ring's more emotive talents, Ball Lightning and Shooting Stars are what have made it so well-known. You can produce lightning spheres that harm nearby opponents or unleash fire damage on all nearby creatures thanks to these potent magical spells.

Why the Ring of Shooting stars is great:

  • Warlocks, with their limited spell slots, Warlocks benefit significantly from a magic item that can cast such useful spells.
  • Faerie fire alone makes this item worth it since it’s a spell that works wonders from 1st level to the highest tiers of play.
  • Gas reserves and other places prone to combustion can make lightning up a torch unviable, with this item, casting light will always be an option.

Ring of Shooting Stars: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Ring%20of%20Shooting%20Stars#content

15. Voyager Staff

While there are many excellent options for staff and wands available, the voyager staff has a spell repertoire that is well-rounded and effective for fighting, utility, and exploration.

You can transfer the party to your goal or use passwall to guide the party through a dungeon. You can navigate the battlefield by misty stepping and by blinking in and out of the magic range of your adversaries. And if nothing works? You can always wish your problems away, though.

Why the Voyager staff is great:

  • The voyager staff provides spells that you might have not been able to cast.
  • Exploration is one of the core pillars of Dungeons & Dragons, and sometimes, the party is just not prepared for it. With this staff let all of your worries be gone.

Voyager staff details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:voyager-staff

14. Dagger of Venom

Having a solid melee weapon is a good idea even though the warlock's main cantrip, the ever-useful Eldritch Blast, is their bread and butter.

It can exude a thick black poison once per day that delivers an additional 2d10 poison damage and poison foes if they fail a Constitution save.

The dagger has a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. The Dagger of Venom is a good option for any warlock who finds themselves with their back to a wall and an enraged opponent closing in on them, even though it may not be the most potent weapon.

Why the Dagger of Venom is Great:

  • All warlock subclasses can wield it.
  • 2d10 extra damage is enough to make up for a low-damage modifier, turning a lackluster combatant into a real threat on the battlefield.

Dagger of Venom details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Dagger%20of%20Venom#content

13.  Cloak of Invisibility.

For good cause, the Cloak of Invisibility is one of D&D's legendary magic items. Every day, the wearer of this magical cloak has access to a total of two hours of total invisibility. Unlike spells that make a character invisible, this effect is not reversed by hitting an opponent or making them make a saving attempt.

A warlock now has a wide range of options and can focus its spells on several things besides invisibility. An excellent tool for warlocks who need to flee quickly is the Cloak of Invisibility.

Why the Cloak of Invisibility is Great:

  • You can get in and out of danger, and become the party’s inflitrator.
  • It emulates the effects of Greater Invisibility, a 4th level spell, for two hours a day, this means you’ll have access to unrestricted invisibility.

Cloak of Invisibility details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:cloak-of-invisibility

12. Broom of Flying

The Broom of Flying is a classic that enables characters to soar through the air, making it an excellent item for those seeking to play up the more witch-like features of warlocks.

The broom may also be launched autonomously and summoned back from up to a mile distance, which could serve as a decoy for foes pursuing the party.

Why the Broom of Flying is Great:

  • You get a massive increase in your mobility.
  • You will no longer need to spend feats or spell slots to gain verticality.
  • Unlike winged boots, it does not require attunement.

Broom of Flying details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Broom%20of%20Flying#content

11. Eyes of Charming

In D&D, social abilities like persuasion and deception are based on charisma. Due to the fact that they frequently have the biggest benefits to Charisma-based skills, warlocks are frequently one of the classes that players turn to in social encounters.

The warlock can perform the Charm Person spell three times per day with Eyes of Charming without wasting a spell slot.

Why the Eyes of Charming are Great:

  • You can save up on spell slots that you might have otherwise spent.
  • You can enhance your role as the party’s face when push comes to shove.

Eyes of Charming details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Eyes%20of%20Charming

10. Blackrazor.

Tearing out of the pages of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, this legendary greatsword hungers for souls to devour.

With a blade fashioned like the night sky dotted with stars, Blackrazor would make any Pact of the Blade warlock willingly gamble their soul for a chance to cleave their foes with such an exquisite weapon.

With a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls, this sentient blade not only brings a lordly attitude but also the ability to tear the souls from their foes to gran its user temporary Hit Points but beware, striking an undead creature with this beast carries its consequences…

Why Blackrazor is Great.

  • When Blackrazor devours a soul, you gain temporary Hit Points equal to the creature’s Hit Point maximum, granting you advantage on attack rolls, saves, and even ability checks!
  • After reducing a creature to 0 Hit Points, the blade devours its soul, making it so it can only be restored to life by the greatest of spells. Never worry about your foes coming back from the dead!
  • A +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls is nothing to scoff at. With this magnificently deadly weapon, you can slay hordes of foes with ease.

Blackrazor Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:blackrazor

9. Elven Chain.

Wrought from loops of the purest metals, this graceful chain shirt weighs no more than a pillow of feathers, a feat only the finest elven blacksmiths could accomplish.

This +1 chain shirt made of interlocking metal rings is so comfortable and fine that you are considered proficient with it even if you lack proficiency with medium armor, something most warlocks do not have.

Why Elven Chain is Great.

  • Unlike most wondrous items, an elven chain does not take one of your attunement slots. This means that you can increase your Armor Class without missing out on the other items on this list!
  • Warlocks lack medium armor proficiency. Wearing an elven chain lets you increase your AC nicely without needing to expend an Invocation for it.

Elven Chain Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:elven-chain

8. Rod of the Pact Keeper.

Charged with eldritch power, this warlock exclusive rod makes any bargain with your patron worth it.

This coal-black, smooth rod is engraved with eldritch runes of power and reacts only when a warlock such as you hold it.

Not only does it grant a bonus to your spell attack rolls and the saving throw DCs of your warlock spells based on their rarity, but it also lets you draw upon your pact’s power to regain one warlock spell slot!

Why the Rod of the Pact Keeper is Great.

  • Spellcasting is the main draw of the Warlock class, so making sure that they land to torture your foes is a sweet deal that its +1 to +3 bonus surely accomplishes.
  • Warlocks spend most of their career with but 2 spell slots available between rests. This magnificent item lets you recover one as an action to keep your arcane firepower rolling.

Rod of the Pact Keeper Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:rod-of-the-pact-keeper

7. Acheron Blade.

Wrought from a mysterious arcane alloy, these enchanted blades make your foes’ cower in fear of their deadly embrace.

Perfect for a Pact of the Blade warlock, these +1 magical swords make you immune to effects that turn undead, but not only that, they also grant their wielders temporary Hit Points as well as making a creature you hit more susceptible to your spells!

Why the Acheron Blade is Great.

  • As an action, you can give yourself 1d4 + 4 temporary Hit Points. Combined with Armor of Agathys, this weapon can keep you up longer than your enemies.
  • Once per day when you hit a creature, you can grant them disadvantage on the next saving throw it makes. This means that you can make sure it suffers any arcane malady you wish to visit upon it!

Acheron Blade Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:acheron-blade

6. Robe of the Archmagi.

Tailored of the most exquisite clothes, these sumptuous robes adorned with silvery runes come in a variety of colors: White for good, gray for neutral, and black for evil.

Pivotal for any self-respecting warlock’s wardrobe, the Robe of the Archmagi offers protection that rivals the sturdiest armors while also bolstering your significant spellcasting prowess!

Why the Robe of the Archmagi is Great.

  • Granting as much base AC as a set of Half-plate, the robe of the Archmagi has no limit to the Dexterity bonus it can add, as well as weighting next to nothing and serving as the epitome of pajamas!
  • While wearing this robe, your fashion choice gives you advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
  • Want to know what unlimited power feels like? The +2 bonus to spell attack rolls and your spell saving throws DC the robes grant will do just that.

Robe of the Archmagi Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:robe-of-the-archmagi

5. Ring of Spell Storing.

Aside from complementing your outfit nicely, this golden ring can store up to 5 levels worth of Spells at a time, ready to unleash them at its user’s command.

Subtle and easily worn, the Ring of Spell storing can hold spells vast by creatures touching it, using the level, save DC and attack bonus of the original caster.

Why the Ring of Spell Storing is Great.

  • Since warlocks recover spell slots with short rests, you could easily load up this bad boy several times before adventuring to increase your number of spells cast!
  • All it requires is for a creature to touch the ring while it casts a spell. This means you could store healing and support spells from a friendly spellcaster to be used when most needed.

Ring of Spell Storing Details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Ring%20of%20Spell%20Storing#content

4. Staff of Power.

A powerful artifact. The staff of power has several potent abilities that include casting powerful magical spells, delivering powerful blows, and bolstering its user’s magical capabilities.

This beautiful staff of darkened wood hums with unbridled arcane might right between your fingers, ready to level battlefields at your disposition.

Why the Staff of Power is Great.

  • Simply using this staff grants you a +2 bonus to your AC, spell attack rolls, and saving throws, a weapon so great it even defends you!
  • This +2 quarterstaff packs a mean punch. By expending 1 charge of many, you can deal an extra 1d6 force damage to the target.
  • As an action, you can tap into the staff’s mystical powers to cast a spell from its succulent selection, all without depleting your spell slots!

Staff of Power Details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Staff%20of%20Power#content

3. Deathwalker’s Ward.

Salvaged from a long forsaken tomb, this beautiful leather armor is covered by intricate scrollwork and the smell of magic.

Donning the feathered mantle of the Deathwalker’s Ward brings the flavor of the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting to your table with plenty of benefits.

To start with, this set of +1 Studded Leather armor grants you advantage on death saving throws, but these boons become so much more as you unlock their secrets!

Why the Deathwalker’s Ward is Great.

  • Advantage on Death saving throws is no joke. Since all you need is a roll of 10 or higher, this boon makes sure that your warlock does not need to leave the mortal coil so easily.
  • As you adventure, you can awaken the armor’s hidden powers: Not only does its armor bonus increase, you also unlock hidden benefits!
  • By the time your armor and you have developed a thick bond, you’ll gain the ability to imbue your armor with resistance to elemental damage and even flight!

Deathwalker’s Ward Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:deathwalkers-ward

2. Dark Shard Amulet.

A beautiful piece of jewelry introduced by Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

This single shard of planar gem has been fashioned into an amulet that can be used only by one recognized as a warlock. It serves as a spellcasting focus for its wielder as well as letting them use their gambling addiction in combat.

Why the Dark Shard Amulet is Great.

  • As an amulet, you can have your hands occupied by a weapon and more as you invoke your eldritch powers.
  • You can try to cast a warlock cantrip that you don’t know by succeeding at a DC 10 intelligence (Arcana) check once per day. Having an extra cantrip is always great!

Dark Shard Amulet Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:dark-shard-amulet

1.  Illusionists Bracers.

Found in the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, these bands of arcane power create illusions of cantrips so real they hurt!

These powerful bracers let use your bonus action after you cast a cantrip to cast it a second time. For warlocks, who are known for their Eldritch Blast punishment, these bad boys are a godsend.

Why the Illusionists Bracers are Great.

  •  For warlocks who rely on Eldritch Blast as their main source of damage, these bracers are a must-have. Wearing them doubles your damage potential every. Single. Round.
  • Since it requires a bonus action, you can forget those turns where you just had nothing to do with it! Blast your foes away with your action economy.

Illusionists Bracers Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:illusionists-bracers

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