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How to Play D&D Remotely

Were you finally going to take the plunge into tabletop gaming when COVID19 prevented the globe from gathering together recreationally? The good news is that you are not alone and there are plenty of ways to play with a group without ever leaving your house or inviting guests inside! Always remember, the game is yours to modify, never be afraid to change things up to accommodate for something you might be missing from the list below. 

What you’ll need as a player:

  • PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone - depending on your role or your technical needs, you will only need a device that you can communicate through as a player, however, if you are using an online tabletop platform you will want something larger than a tablet screen for combat
  • Online Dice - You can use the following programs to simulate dice rolling online for your whole party to see or there are mobile apps on Android and iOS that can simulate dice, but others will not be able to see these rolls
    • Google Hangouts - use the code /roll {number of dice} d {number of sides} (.i.e., /roll 6d6) to roll six d6 die
    • DNDBeyond.com - has just pushed their virtual dice out to the public which interacts with your character sheet and integrates with Roll20 via a plug-in
    • Roll20.net - Roll20 has its own dice rolling that players can use randomly or set up to interact with their character sheets
    • Physical Dice -  Rolling real dice has its perks so don’t be afraid to ask your DM if you can roll your dice the old fashioned way! You can find physical dice for purchase online from a plethora of places.
  • Webcam, Speakers, and Microphone -  For an immersive experience, make sure your audio and visual equipment is tested prior to playing. Pay close attention to any echoes, feedback, and background noise and work to keep them at manageable levels. A webcam that has a directional microphone is a crowd favorite among remote players because they intuitively cancel out background noise--and you can find these for under $100 dollars online or at a local store. Another option is to blend your sound into one device, such as a good pair of headphones with a microphone (talking to you PC gamers) which will keep audio issues at a minimum.

What you’ll need as a Dungeon Master:

  • Module Content - Many of the D&D online platforms offer a paid access to the published Wizards compendium, including pre-written module storyboards, map packs, monsters, and new play-tested material, but remember, you do not need to pay for these and can write your own module from scratch if you are feeling creative!
  • Maps - there are many online services that offer free map making so if you are customizing your campaign, this is a good way to build up the experience for your players and also a good way to recreate maps for paid modules if you do not have the access to the compendium online

How to Find D&D Online Groups

The sites below all offer some type of networking service to help you connect with like-minded players who love D&D as much as you do. Some are less costly than others, so be sure to do your research and find what best suits your budget and your willingness to commit. Anyone can play this game, and that is what makes it so great, so get out there and find a party to help you pass the time!

Start with the list below to find a game and system that works for your budget and your schedule!

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