[Top 10] D&D Best Ranger Armor And Weapons

Perhaps the most famous Ranger in popular culture is Aragorn, the Ranger-turned-King in the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. LOTR fans who also engage in Role-Playing-Games (RPGs) may want to channel their inner Aragorn and play a Ranger in their next campaign. Since Rangers may have two weapons at once and fewer restrictions than spellcasters, there are a lot of items that they can use. Read on to find out which ones are among the best to acquire for the next adventure!

10. Belt of Giant Strength

In the world of D&D, there are six types of Giants: Cloud, Fire, Frost, Hill, Stone, and Storm. Along with the giants are magical belts that will empower the Ranger! These belts can be considered as both armor and weaponry, so I added it to this article. Also interesting is that the rarity of each belt is different, ranging from Rare to Legendary! Finding one of these belts would be advantageous for the Ranger (or any PC who needs a boost in Strength). Read on to find out why this garment would be excellent for Rangers to have!

Why Belt of Giant Strength is great

  • Each type of Giant has a varied Class Strength score, ranging from 21-29. The wearer of the belt will automatically have that Strength Class Score: Hill Giant (21), Frost/Stone Giant (23), Fire Giant (25), Cloud Giant (27), Storm Giant (29). 
  • Having an enhanced Strength score will help the Ranger with rolls and damage! 

How to get Belt of Giant Strength:

  • The rarity of the belts varies depending on the type of belt. Belts from Hill Giants are considered Rare;  Belts from Fire, Frost, and Stone Giants are considered Very Rare; Belts from Cloud and Storm Giants are considered Legendary. 
  • The value of the Belts varies; I have researched and found that they are worth from 50,000-300,000 gp. Of course, the DM would have the final say. (The DM is a god!) 

Belt of Giant Strength details: 

  • This belt will require an attunement by a spellcaster. 
  • Apparently, there are only six belts in the D&D universe. 
  • Attuning a magical item requires an hour of short rest. 

9. Bracers of Archery

Longbows and short bows are typically the Ranger’s weapons of choice, so having these nifty Bracers of Archery would increase bonuses and damages to an enemy. The bracers are lightweight, only weighing a pound. Read on to find out more about the Bracers of Archery and why they are one of the best items a Ranger can have! 

Why Bracers of Archery is great

  • The wearer of the bracers will enjoy proficiency in both longbow and shortbow. 
  • Also, the Ranger will have a +2-bonus damage when wearing the bracers. 
  • If the Ranger is Elven, this item can be attached to the Elven Chain.

How to get Bracers of Archery:

  • For a magical item, the Bracers of Archery are cost-effective at 2,000 gp for a set. (I have seen prices anywhere from 400 gp to 2,000 gp. It is up to the DM’s discretion.) 
  • Since they are considered Uncommon, they may be available at a magic shop to purchase. Or they may be found in a locked treasure chest. (Finders Keepers!) 

Bracers of Archery details: 

  • This uncommon and wondrous item will need an attunement, which is basically a short rest. After a short rest, the Ranger will have an advantage on attacks. 
  • The magical aura with the Bracers of Archery is considered an enchantment and has Fey connections. 

8. Chain Sickle

Although not a magical item, the Chain Sickle is a useful weapon for Rangers to have on-hand. According to research, the Chain Sickle is also referred to as a Kusarigama. The weapon is basically a sickle that is attached to a weight and connected by a chain. This is a favorite weapon of Monks, but Rangers engaged in close combat may benefit from using this weapon.  Read on to discover why the Chain Sickle is one of the best weapons for Rangers to have!

Why Chain Sickle is great

  • A good weapon for low level players because of the accessibility and cost. 
  • If your DM is flexible, users of this weapon may be able to engage in the Entangle action, which may help with disabling an enemy and causing more damage. 
  • Provides 1d6 (plus any modifiers) bludgeoning or slashing damage; it can also be used as a two-handed weapon. 

How to get Chain Sickle:

  • A Chain Sickle costs about 40 gp, so it is inexpensive. 
  • A Chain Sickle would be easy to find; some characters may even make them. 

Chain Sickle details: 

  • At four pounds, the Chain Sickle is lightweight. 
  • Unlike most of the items on this list, the Chain Sickle does not require an attunement. 

7. Cloak of the Bat

The Cloak of the Bat sounds like something a vampire would take advantage of, but the garment is also appropriate and helpful for Rangers. This cloak will be useful for Rangers who must engage in up-close and personal combat! Read on to find out why the Cloak of the Bat is among the best for Rangers!

Why Cloak of the Bat is great

  • The wearer of the cloak will enjoy an advantage on Dexterity and Stealth checks. Since Strength is usually a Ranger’s strongest suit, having a Dexterity boost can be helpful!
  • In the darkness or where an area is dim, the Ranger can grasp both sides of the cloak and fly 40 feet. In addition, while flying, Rangers can use an action and polymorph into a bat, while saving Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.  

How to get Cloak of the Bat:

  • Cloak of the Bat is a rare item, so it will not be found in local magical shops. Most likely, it will be in a private collection. 
  • The value of the cloak is 26,000 gp. 

Cloak of the Bat details:

  • As a magical item, it will require an attunement. 
  • The cloak is lightweight as it only weighs one pound.

6. Dragon Scale Mail

Dragon Scale Mail is a coveted type of armor for Rangers and other classes who can wear heavier armor. Since there are a couple of ways that Dragon Scale Mail is collected, the DM could provide an interesting backstory about the origin. Read on to find out more about why Dragon Scale Mail is great for Rangers to acquire!

Why Dragon Scale Mail is great

  • The armor provides the wearer a +1 boost to AC. 
  • Also, Rangers will have an advantage on different types of dragon attacks: frightful presence, breath weapons, and resistance to the dragon that provided the scales. (As an example, a Ranger wearing Dragon Scale Armor from a blue dragon will have resistance against a blue dragon.) 
  • The armor also serves as a dragon detector of sorts. Rangers can take an action to know where the closest dragon is within 30 miles. (It has to be the same dragon type as the armor.) 

How to get Dragon Scale Mail:

  • There are two ways to obtain Dragon Scale Armor. The first is when a Dragon takes discarded scales and donates them to a Non-Player Character (NPC) or a PC. The second way is when hunters recover the hide of a slain dragon and break the scales up into armor. 
  • Dragon scales are valuable, so the cost varies between 2,000 gp-100,000 gp depending on the type of dragon and how old the dragon was.

Dragon Scale Mail details: 

  • The armor will need an attunement after using, as it will not be able to be used again until the next morning after an encounter. 
  • The type of resistance a Ranger has when donning the Dragon Scale Mail depends on the dragon: Black and Copper Dragons: Acid, Blue Dragon: Lightning, Brass, Gold, and Red Dragons: Fire, Bronze Dragon: Lightning, Green Dragon: Poison, Silver and White Dragons: Cold. 

5. Ephixis, Bow of Nylea

This magical item is literally a gift from a goddess! The quiver has exactly four arrows, which represent the four seasons. The weapon and the goddess would make an interesting story for a campaign. Read on to find out more about this divine weapon and why Rangers would benefit from this loaner!

Why Ephixis, Bow of Nylea is great

  • Scores a critical hit on roll of 19 or 20 on a 1d20. 
  • The wielder has a +3 bonus on both Attack and Damage rolls. 
  • There is no disadvantage to attack from a long range. 
  • The four arrows each have individual unique qualities. 

How to get Ephixis, Bow of Nylea:

  • According to research, this bow is on loan from the deity. Unless she is defeated, I do not believe one can access it on the Material Plane. 

Ephixis, Bow of Nylea details: 

  • Requires an attunement.
  • The DC save against each arrow is 18. 
  • After the arrows are used, they disappear and will return the next day at dusk. 
  • Not that anyone would want to, but the bow can be destroyed by first destroying the arrows. 

4. Oathbow

The Oathbow could be renamed the “Bow of Sworn Enemies.” This quirky and effective magic weapon chooses one target to become a sworn enemy. (Users of the Oathbow may only have one sworn enemy at a time.) According to D&D Beyond, When you place an arrow on this bow, it whispers in Elvish, "Swift defeat to my enemies." When you use this weapon to make a ranged attack, you can, as a command phrase, say, "Swift death to you who have wronged me." The sworn enemy is an enemy until they are killed or after seven days at dawn. Since Rangers use long-range weapons like bows in combat, this would be an excellent one to have for combat! Read on to find out more about the Oathbow!

Why Oathbow is great

  • It is not fun to be an Oathbow’s sworn enemy, as the attacker has advantage on the roll and will not suffer a disadvantage due to distance. 
  • If the sworn enemy is killed, the wielder of the Oathbow may have another one after the next morning.
  • The target of the Oathbow does not benefit from partial cover and if struck, will take an additional 3d6 piercing damage on top of 1d8 damage. 

How to get Oathbow:

  • This is a very rare weapon and Elvish in origin, so it may be found in the woodlands or in an Elvish kingdom. 
  • The Oathbow is worth anywhere between 5,000-50,000 gp. 

Oathbow details: 

  • This very rare item will require an attunement. 
  • The Oathbow is a heavy, two-handed weapon. 
  • When a detect magic spell is used, the origin of the magic is revealed as an Enchantment: a teasing verdant tryst of Fey hues. 

3. Scarab of Protection

This magical medallion is beetle-like with gold and other metallic colors. Although considered as a wondrous item, the Scarab of Protection can be magical armor of sorts, as the owner of this piece of jewelry will enjoy protection from enemies, especially from undead. Read on to find out how the Scarab of Protection is one of the best for Rangers to use in combat!

Why Scarab of Protection is great

  • Advantage on saving throws versus spells.
  • This scarab is awesome to have for encounters with undead. If the wearer fails a necromancy spell or suffers an effect from an undead creature, they can use one charge to negate and turn a failed roll into a save.

How to get Scarab of Protection:

  • The item is Legendary, so there are not many around, and it will not be found in a shop. 
  • The Scarab of Protection is worth 38,000 gp. 

Scarab of Protection details:

  • The scarab has 12 charges. When all the charges are used, the scarab disintegrates. 
  • Like many magical items, the Scarab of Protection requires an attunement by a spellcaster. 

2. Scimitar of Speed

This magical weapon would be a great choice for Rangers who thrive in close combat encounters and are fortunate enough to have high scores in both Dexterity and Strength. Rangers can attack with this weapon as a bonus action on each of their turns. Read on to find out more about this finesse weapon and why Rangers should own one!

Why Scimitar of Speed is great

  • Wielders of this weapon enjoy a +2 bonus to both Attack and Damage. 
  • The scimitar is lightweight (3 pounds) so it will be easy to wield and carry. 

How to get Scimitar of Speed:

  • The Scimitar of Speech is very rare, so it will be a challenge to find. (Hopefully your DM will be kind and have one conveniently laying around in a dungeon somewhere!) 
  • For a very rare magic weapon, the Scimitar of Speech only costs 6,000 gp. 

Scimitar of Speed details:

  • This weapon will require an attunement. 
  • The Scimitar of Speed will inflict 1d6 of slashing damage. 

1.Vorpal Longsword

A terrific weapon to add to any Ranger’s arsenal is the Vorpal Longsword. This is a melee weapon that can negate resistance to slashing damage and inflict some serious damage to enemies. Read on to find out more about the Vorpal Longsword and why all Rangers should have at least one!

Why Vorpal Longsword is great

  • Wielders of this weapon gain a +3 bonus to both Attack and Damage Rolls. 
  • Delivers 1d8 damage plus ignores resistance to slashing damage. 
  • If a PC rolls a 20 while using this weapon, the opponent is either a) beheaded or b) takes 6d8 slashing damage. 

How to get Vorpal Longsword:

  • Vorpal weapons are Legendary, so they will not be easily found. They are most likely in a private collection or currently being used. 
  • The value of this weapon is at least 50,000 gp.

Vorpal Longsword details: 

  • Weighs only 3 pounds, so it does not weigh down the PC. 
  • Requires an attunement by a spellcaster. 
  • Opponents who have immunity to slashing damage, do not have a head, have legendary actions, or are too big to be beheaded are not affected by the slashing action and take extra damage instead.


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