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Teamwork makes the dream work.

Many of Dungeons and Dragons most iconic characters have been dual wielders. Will you add yourself to that roster?

From the most nimble of characters, darting from the shadows to the beastly warrior foregoing defense for an extra attack, dual-wielding is one of the staples of fantasy.

In Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition it’s referred to as Two-Weapon Fighting and is a very flavorful option for the aspiring adventurer.

Let’s take a look at the top ten weapons you can choose from to help aid you in your journey.

Optimization Tips

Before we get too deep into things, I want to briefly touch on a few things to keep in mind while building your two-weapon combatant. Having a weapon in your other hand allows you the opportunity to attack one more time as a bonus action. It’s very important to keep in mind that you are only awarded one bonus action per round. 

It’s between the Barbarian and the Rogue with subclass Swashbuckler, from the book  Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, which can benefit the most from a dual-wielding build. Talk to your DM if they currently don’t allow the feats optional rule as the Dual Wielder feat is a must-have for any two-weapon fighting build. This adds a passive +1 bonus to your Armor Class (how strong your armor is so something can hit you) when you are holding two weapons as well as the ability to draw both without taking an action. Additionally, there are many weapons on this list that you cannot wield without this feat.

I’m going to be using terms directly from the Player’s Handbook, or PHB, on pages 146 and 147 or you can find them at this link: https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/basic-rules/equipment#WeaponProperties. The value of each of these properties depends on what you are looking for in your character. For example, a rogue can only use their sneak attack feature if they are using a finesse or a ranged weapon. So naturally, a rogue will likely be looking for a weapon with either of these properties.

10. Dagger

  • 1D4 piercing damage
  • Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60 ft.)

The only simple weapon on this list, the dagger is any rogues go-to weapon. The finesse on the dagger is perfect for your sneak attack damage while you reserve the option to throw the dagger at another foe nearby with your off-hand. It’s worth mentioning that adding finesse to the club can allow a player to stylize them as nunchucks for something a little different.

9. Scimitar

  • 1D6 slashing damage
  • Finesse, light

The signature of a curve blade and deadly in the hands of one proficient with it, two scimitars can be a deadly combination. These were favored among Middle-Eastern horse combatants as they allowed for easy slashing of enemies while riding passed.

8. Trident (optional w/Net)

  • 1D6 piercing damage
  • Thrown (range 20/60 ft.), versatile (1D8)
  • Net | special, thrown (range 20/60 ft.)

I love the flavor and utility of mixing these two weapons together. Restraining foes with the net while able to throw the trident as needed can add some versatility to your combat kit. The net has proven to be especially effective at keeping tabaxi occupied.

7. War pick

  • 1D8 piercing damage

For those moments when your enemy looks like a walking aluminum can, here are your can openers. Perhaps a generous DM would also allow a player to convert the piercing to bludgeoning damage when using the opposite end.

6. Flail

  • 1D8 bludgeoning damage

Mechanically, these are a perfectly viable choice for use as dual wield weapons, especially against skeletal foes. However, conceptually, I see these as a hazard to any party and wouldn’t want to be near the blunt blender.

5. Morning Star

  • 1D8 piercing damage

While at first glance, these just seem like a mace, the big difference here is the spikes. Made to weaken and puncture armor, a morning star can be a very effective weapon at punishing those it connects with.

4. Battle Axe

  • 1D8 slashing damage
  • Versatile (1D10)

Not to be confused with a lumber axe, these are specially designed for combat. Small enough to be used with one hand but large enough you could use two. This is my personal favorite combination with human barbarians thematically.

3. Warhammer

  • 1D8 bludgeoning damage
  • Versatile (1D10)

For those of us that want to make an impact on your foes, you will find the Warhammer ready to answer your call. Again, one you can use with one or two hands, this weapon pairs well with our bearded brethren, the dwarves.

2. Longsword

  • 1D8 slashing damage
  • Versatile (1D10)

The longsword is a favorite and staple of many, especially elves which get proficiency with this weapon by default. Find yourself with just one of them? Get more damage by grabbing it with both hands and felling your foes with a bit more of a bite.

1. Rapier

  • 1D8 piercing damage
  • Finesse

Standing at the top of the pack, the rapier. A favored weapon of swashbucklers and a finesse weapon to boot for that sneak attack damage. This is the perfect tool for quick, precise attacks.

Honorable Mention | Hand Crossbow

  • 1D6 piercing damage
  • Ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading

Without a little help, the hand crossbow is not a possible option as you need to have one hand free to reload the weapon. However, working with your DM on a self-reloading enchantment on the weapons mixed with the Crossbow Expert feat, you can have the Diablo III demon hunter as your character.

How do you feel about dual-wielding in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition? Do you feel it’s balanced or a viable option? Do you have a favorite weapon I didn’t mention? Let me know!

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