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The battle has just begun or perhaps it’s ongoing, either way, you’re low and Ki and low Ki in a battle are equivocal to death. What do you do in such a compromising situation? Well, you charge your Ki of course!

Charge abilities in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are exactly what they sound like. These are the only equippable skills that don’t require any Ki to activate, but then again if they did that would be pretty crappy.

Unlike in the anime it doesn’t take dozens of intense,screaming-filled episodes to charge your Ki but there are certainly charge abilities that fill Ki faster than others. 

Now before you log onto the game and scroll through your inventory to find out which charge skill is the best take a moment to survey the beautiful list I’ve compiled here.

Without further ado, here are the Best Charge Abilities in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. 


#5. Final Charge (OK)

See Final Charge in action

After pushing the power of Super Saiyan Blue even further, Vegeta unlocks a brand new charge skill to go with his new level of power.

Vegeta begins charging his Ki slowly initially before the charging rate explodes and Ki begins to fill very rapidly. Sadly this charge skill is Vegeta exclusive.

Final Charge review:

  • Very fast Ki charge
    • Final Charge has one of the fastest charge skills in the entire game to the point even the entries above this are surpassed in speed if only by a small margin.
  • Pairs well with transformation
    • Because of the Ki drain imposed by SSGSSE, a Ki charge, this effectively helps to drastically mitigate this side effect.
  • Limited users
    • Despite how good this skill is, Vegeta is the only one capable of using it which is a bit of a bummer.

Final Charge details:

  • Used by SSGSSE Vegeta
  • Ki charge rate increases after two seconds of use


#4. Maximum Charge (OK)

See Maximum Charge in action

Maximum charge, the last of the three charging skills you can acquire just through basic training. It’s solid, decently fast and more than enough to earn its spot on this list.

Maximum Charge can be obtained by completing the God Class advancement test with Elder Kai and once equipped will charge your Ki much faster than either of the previous two charging skills but a bit slower than the more advanced skills. 

Unlike the other entries, Maximum charge doesn’t have any initial slowness when charging which is good for getting out of a pinch.

Save for two of course. 

Maximum Charge review:

  • Speedy charging
    • This skill charges Ki much quicker than the ones before it and almost as quickly as the advanced charges. 
  • No slow down
    • This charging skill doesn’t take any time to rev up which is more than helpful in a pinch.
  • Middle child
    • When it comes to charging speed Maximum charge is effectively in the middle, it’s speedy but still can’t surpass the advanced skills.

Maximum Charge details:

  • Used by CaCs
  • Energy color varies with transformation


#3. Ultimate Charge (Good)

See Ultimate Charge in action

As the name implies, Ultimate Charge is the final step in the progression of the “normal” charge skills the player will acquire across their journey. It’s slow at first but wicked fast once it gets started.

Ultimate Charge is acquired from Parallel Quest 134 and is only used by a handful of characters. Like Final Charge, this skill initially fills Ki very slowly but after a couple of seconds of use, the rate skyrockets.

This move is essentially just Final Charge but any CaC can use it which in my opinion makes it better. 

Ultimate Charge review:

  • Rapid charging
    • Despite the initial slowness the skill charges Ki quicker than almost any other energy skill.
  • Varied usage
    • This skill can be used by any CaC in the game at any time assuming it’s unlocked.
  • Initial slowness
    • If you need Ki in a pinch this charge skill might not be the best option which we’ll get into with the next entry.

Ultimate Charge details:

  • Used by Gohan Beast, Toppo God of Destruction, almost all in-game mentors with a few exceptions, and CaC’s
  • Same charging animation as Surging Spirit


#2. Surging Spirit (Good)

See Surging Spirit in action

Granted by the divine technique  Ultra Instinct, Surging Spirit is a useful tech to an already broken transformation and this one unique quality elevates it to being one of the best in the entire game.

This skill can be acquired by either using Ultra Instinct/Ultra Instinct Sign Goku or by defeating full-power Jiren and unlocking the Ultra Instinct skill for your CaC. 

Surging Spirit is unique in that it doesn’t take up a skill slot but instead is activated by holding the block and heavy attack commands simultaneously. This makes it so the player doesn’t have to give up a skill slot for charging Ki, a very powerful trait. 

Even better, Surging Spirit doesn’t have to slow down, charges Ki faster than Maximum Charge and nearly as quickly as Ultimate Charge. In essence, you’re getting a better Maximum Charge without sacrificing a skill slot.

The only issue with Surging Spirit is that you have to be in Ultra Instinct to use it which makes this skill transformation dependent. 

Surging Spirit review:

  • Rapid charging
    • This move charges Ki very quickly and can get you out of a pinch if it comes down to the wire.
  • Insane feature
    • Having a charge skill this good without sacrificing a skill slot is nasty work but I’m all for it.
  • Transformation dependent
    • You HAVE to be in some form of Ultra Instinct to use this move which is probably good for balancing. 

Surging Spirit details:

  • Used by Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Instinct Sign Goku, and CaC’s
  • Used by holding the block and heavy attack commands simultaneously


#1. Darkness Mixer (Best)

See Darkness Mixer in action

Darkness Mixer as the name might imply is a skill mainly employed by villainous characters but is EASILY the best charging skill in the game when we stop and think about it.

Supervillain characters can use Darkness Mixer which charges Ki faster than Maximum charge on top of recovering stamina, blocking Ki shots, and dealing damage to nearby enemies. This also prevents melee attacks from hitting and makes it so the user can only be damaged using Super Skills.

I shouldn’t even have to explain why this move is insane. The fact that it also charges stamina is bonkers to me.

The only reason this move isn’t a plague on the player base is because CaCs can’t equip it which is most certainly for the best. 

Darkness Mixer review:

  • Restores Ki and Stamina
    • Getting Ki and stamina back with a single move is insanity.
  • Blocks attacks and deals damage
    • This move makes it so you deal damage and can’t be damaged while also restoring Ki and stamina, that is wild, especially considering this is a move that doesn’t even cost anything to use.
  • Susceptible to Super Skills
    • Good on the devs for making this move vulnerable to Super Skills. If it wasn’t it’d be blatantly broken.

Darkness Mixer details:

  • Used by Supervillain characters and Demon God Demigra
  • Faster than Maximum Charge but slower than ultimate


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