[Top 10] Best Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts

1. Critical Role


Critical Role commenced its inaugural campaign in 2015, paving the way for an enthralling journey that spanned not just one but three compelling campaigns by 2021. Under the expert guidance of Dungeon Master extraordinaire Matthew Mercer, the team's narrative mastery and camaraderie have propelled them to unprecedented heights within the Dungeons & Dragons community.

Throughout each campaign, Critical Role has skillfully woven intricate narratives, introduced memorable characters, and left an indelible mark on the world of tabletop role-playing games. Matthew Mercer's adept storytelling and the palpable chemistry among the cast members have significantly contributed to the podcast's unparalleled popularity.

Expanding beyond the realms of audio entertainment, Critical Role has transcended into additional mediums, including its own animated series on Amazon. This extension highlights the Critical Role universe's profound impact and widespread appeal, solidifying its status as the ultimate destination for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts.


2. Not Another D&D Podcast


Delve into the comedic brilliance of "Not Another D&D Podcast," where the talents of Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner converge. This podcast is currently navigating its third campaign since 2022, presenting a harmonious blend of humor and storytelling.


3.The Adventure Zone


The Adventure Zone, an enchanting podcast featuring the collaborative efforts of the McElroy brothers and their father, first emerged within the My Brother, My Brother, And Me podcast. Gradually evolving into its own distinct venture in 2014, 

The Adventure Zone has carved its niche in the podcasting landscape. The most recent campaign, under the guidance of family patriarch Clint McElroy, embarked on its journey in November 2023, infusing a renewed sense of charm and excitement into the podcast's already captivating legacy.


4.  Dungeoncast 


In the captivating realm of Dungeoncast, co-hosts William and Brian embark on a riveting exploration of all facets of Dungeons & Dragons. From delving into the rich tapestry of lore to dissecting intricate game mechanics, unraveling the art of character creation, and fostering creative concepts, Dungeoncast is a treasure trove for avid D&D enthusiasts.

This dynamic duo not only dives deep into the intricacies of the game but also caters to newcomers with a thoughtful and concise 5-minute explainer episode. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer seeking to expand your knowledge or a novice looking to dip your toes into the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeoncast offers a delightful journey through the diverse facets of this beloved tabletop role-playing game. Join William and Brian as they navigate the realms of imagination, providing valuable insights and entertainment for Dungeons & Dragons aficionados of all levels. 


5. Dragon Talk


"Dragon Talk" stands as the official podcast of Dungeons & Dragons, gracefully hosted by the dynamic duo, Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito. Within the realms of this podcast, the hosts engage in insightful interviews with members of the Dungeons & Dragons community, unraveling their captivating journeys into the world's premier role-playing game. 

Steeped in exclusivity, the podcast treats its audience to firsthand interviews and sneak peeks, showcasing a stellar lineup of celebrities and luminaries from the realms of gaming and pop culture. Each week, listeners are invited to embark on an enthralling journey into the expansive domain of Dungeons & Dragons. 

From tabletop RPG intricacies to the latest developments in D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television, "Dragon Talk" offers an all-encompassing exploration of this legendary fantasy brand.


6. BomBARDed - A Musical Dungeons & Dragons Adventure


"BomBARDed" is a captivating actual-play podcast where the whimsical adventures of three bards at Strumlott's School for Bards come to life. Presented by the Indie Rock band Lindby—Kyle Claset, Nick Spurrier, Ali Grant, and Nick Goodrich—this unique show seamlessly integrates their musical prowess into the gameplay.

As Chaos Sauce, the trio of bards—Raz'ul son of Daz'ul, Randy Greentrees, and Yashe'rak "Yashee" Bordun—embark on enchanting escapades in the magical land of Beetzart. The real-life musicians play their instruments during bard spells, and each episode concludes with a spontaneous, chord-driven group song that harmonizes with the narrative.

Tune in every other Tuesday for a harmonious blend of music, storytelling, and tabletop gaming exuding bardic inspiration. "BomBARDed" is a spellbinding journey, showcasing the convergence of creativity, humor, and camaraderie—a must-listen for Dungeons & Dragons aficionados and music enthusiasts alike.


7. Three Black Halflings


"Three Black Halflings," an engaging podcast featuring the charismatic trio of Jasper William Cartwright, Olivia Kennedy (Liv), and Jeremy Cobb. 

As nerdy friends with strong opinions and even stronger Charisma scores, they delve into the exciting realms of D&D and pop culture. Each episode delivers DM tips, thought-provoking conversations, and a diverse range of guests, promising good times and a unique perspective on diversity in these incredible worlds. 

Don't miss the new episodes every Monday for a delightful blend of entertainment and insightful discussions!


8. Venture Maidens


"Venture Maidens" is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that immerses listeners in the captivating adventures of an all-female and non-binary cast of lifelong friends and gamers. Launched in 2016, the podcast features four friends and special guests embarking on a D&D 5e campaign set in the home-brewed world of 'The Planes'. With a blend of humor and drama, Venture Maidens endeavors to recreate the authentic experience of playing D&D with close friends.

At its core is a homebrew 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign, presented as a bi-weekly live stream and podcast. However, Venture Maidens transcends its origins, evolving into a vibrant gaming community that celebrates friendship and creativity. The stories shared on and off the table are characterized by fun, fearlessness, and unapologetic humanity, making "Venture Maidens" a must-listen for those seeking both engaging storytelling and a welcoming gaming community.


9. Dungeons & Daddies


"Dungeons and Daddies," an award-winning Dungeons & Dragons podcast that debuted in January 2019. This series immerses listeners in a tale inspired by the classic tabletop role-playing game, as four suburban dads from our world unexpectedly find themselves in a realm of high fantasy and magic. Season 1 follows their quest to rescue their lost sons, while Season 2 takes a compelling turn, focusing on their grandkids tasked with remedying the unintentional disruptions caused by their grandparents.

Experience the thrilling rollercoaster of this narrative, complete with dice-rolling excitement, as "Dungeons and Daddies" skillfully blends humor and adventure. Join the adventure for an engaging and entertaining exploration of a fantastical world shaped by suburban dads and their extraordinary quests.


10. Dimension 20


Under the uproarious guidance of the hilarious Brennan Lee Mulligan, Dimension 20 has been a staple in the world of tabletop role-playing podcasts since its inception in 2018. This rollicking show not only showcases Mulligan's comedic prowess but has also featured esteemed guests, including renowned podcasters like Matthew Mercer and the McElroy brothers, in thrilling adventures.

With Mulligan at the helm, Dimension 20 has cultivated a reputation for delivering side-splitting humor and immersive storytelling. The inclusion of illustrious guests further adds a dynamic layer to the podcast, creating memorable and entertaining adventures that resonate with fans across the tabletop gaming community. Since its debut, Dimension 20 continues to be a go-to source for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers seeking a blend of laughter and captivating narratives in the realm of tabletop role-playing.

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