15 Best Empyrion Galactic Survival Mods That Are Awesome

best empyrion galactic survival mods
Seems every planet has a different color sunset.

After playing a game for a while, players can notice areas in the game that could be made better with different additions or improvements.

Those with the passion and the know-how create “mods” for their favorite games. Mods, or modifications, are bits of programming that change part of the game.

They can be used to add content or to fix issues that have arisen in the game. These mods offer various add-ons and enhancements to the game that can make it amazing for just about anyone!

Below is a list of the top 15 best Empyrion-Galactic Survival Mods that are awesome. (Note: Mods often must be updated when the base game is updated, so they are subject to change. See each mod page for more info.)

15. Empyrion Teleporter


Elevators are so last century.

This mod does what it says on the tin. It allows a player to teleport from one predetermined location to another. 

  • It provides an easy route back to base camp if things get too dicey.
  • It gives the ability to teleport to a ship that may have been lost along a journey.
  • Admins can determine where teleporting is and isn’t allowed to keep things fair.

Get this mod here.


14. Empyrion ShipBuying


Let's hope this is easier than it looks.

Got a lot of credits and nothing to spend them on? Need to add some quick fighters to your arsenal before a raid? Perhaps the ability to buy and trade ships would help.

  • Players can predetermine where transactions will be placed and have their own marketplace.
  • Sell ships you no longer use or need for quick cash.
  • Buy from a catalog of premade vehicles.

Get this mod here.


13. Empyrion Passenger


Flying off a ship when you're offline has to be one of the most annoying things ever.

When you’re a passenger on another player’s ship, if you log out and they move their ship, you stay right where you are. Suddenly you’re alone in space in an unfamiliar universe with no way to escape. Not anymore!

  • Passengers can be set to particular ships so they will log in wherever the ship stopped.
  • Need to log out for a week? No problem, you’ll stay where the ship stays.
  • No more missing out on long missions because you won’t have enough time to play to make it all the way back to base. Just plop down in a seat and exit the game.

Get this mod here.


12. Empyrion Inventory Sort


Do you think that's a bit overkill on the bandages?

Everyone loves a good sorting option, but this mod adds a little extra.

  • Allows auto sorting of your backpack.
  • Players can manually set which order they want their items to appear in the backpack.
  • It also allows players to manually set their 0-9 hotbar when sorting.

Get this mod here.


11. Empyrion XChange


It's like an intergalactic pawn shop.

Got too much of one thing and desperately need another? Empyrion XChange provides a 1:1 item exchange. 

  • Exchange your junk for valuable items.
  • Save time by not having to farm for all your resources.
  • Trade hundreds of an item at a time.

Get this mod here.


10. Empyrion Scripting


View my ship's stats without having to navigate menus? Yes, please.

LCD screens on a ship seem kind of pointless until you have this mod. Easily view many different statistics and status of your ship or base. 

  • View fuel levels of oxygen tanks, fuel tanks, and warp drive.
  • See the percentage of your base’s protective shield.
  • Keep track of which parts of your ship are active and inactive, such as thrusters and lighting.

Get this mod here.


9. Virtual Backpack

By Xango2000

Who doesn't constantly need more inventory space?

One of the most annoying things about multiplayer is when a server is wiped. You lose all progress and inventory. With Virtual Backpack, you can at least keep your stuff.

  • 56 additional slots of inventory.
  • Inventory is stored in a folder on the server itself.
  • The folder is linked to the user’s SteamID so items are persistent across servers.

Get this mod here.


8. Empyrion Backpack Extender


Not just more space, but more backpacks!

Speaking of inventory space, there is never enough. Try the Backpack Extender.

  • Adds space to your personal backpack.
  • It also has a backpack for your faction to access. 
  • If you’re feeling generous, there’s even a server-wide inventory. 

Get this mod here.


7. Star Salvage

By KnowItAllDM

Let's try an entirely different scenario.

If you’ve ever wanted a game mode cross between survival and creative, check out this mod.

  • Start on a planet that is basically a junkyard for other factions.
  • Fewer ore nodes so scrapping is the best way to acquire resources.
  • “Ghost Ships” from the Alien faction with Ultra Rare loot crates inside can be discovered.

Get this mod here.


6. Capital Weapons Work in Planet

By dremen

Does what it says on the tin, and then some.

Don’t let the name fool you. This mod is packing more than it seems.

  • Capital Vessel (very large ship) weapons now can be fired on planets rather than only in space.
  • Inventory stack sizes are increased.
  • Addition of “epic” armor that provides four slots for armor boost packs.

Get this mod here.


5. Titan's Ship Tester

By Titankeepr

Test drive your new ship for combat endurance before you buy!

If you’d like to check the durability of a self-built or pre-built ship before actually taking it into battle, this mod is perfect for you.

  • Test any vessel for combat strength and defense.
  • You are provided with materials to create your ship.
  • Six levels of difficulty to choose from.

Get this mod here.


4. SoulCore Survival

By StingRay

Where my hardcore people at?

Warning: for veterans only! 

  • Focus on surviving against the harsh terrain by only being able to start on a planet without breathable air.
  • Very few resources are available.
  • Setting the highest difficulty ensures a true hardcore experience.

Get this mod here.


3. ClanWars

By Kharzette

Time to go head to head.

Time to test your forces in the real world. Well, as real as a space war can get anyway.

  • Timed team versus team competition.
  • Compete for resources to outmatch your enemy’s technology.
  • Players who leave the game can rejoin their team anytime.

Get this mod here.


2. 51 Pegasi

By Nitefallz

Just. More. Stuff.

More content. It’s that simple. 

  • 24+ more planets to explore.
  • Each planet can have multiple moons with higher difficulties than normal.
  • New Metal Barren planets are available and waiting to be discovered.

Get this mod here.


1. Conflict Arms

By hone

Faction vs. faction goodness all around!

Just like the normal factions in the vanilla version of the game, you can join the battle to take over planets as you see fit.

  • Start as a soldier in New Age Legion or Pearwise Industries.
  • Whichever faction finds bases first can claim them.
  • No AI or POIs so players can focus on faction versus faction.

Get this mod here.

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