[Top 7] FF14 Best Beginner Class for New Players

Final fantasy 14, best beginner class

Deciding on your character can be hard in any game, even more so in one as expansive as Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy 14.

With numerous starting classes and even more subclasses, or jobs. It can be overwhelming trying to pick just one. But fear not, Today we'll be going over the 7 best classes for players to start their journey through the world of Eorzea.

But first, How classes work in Final Fantasy 14.

Classes in Final Fantasy 14 are fairly simple. There are several starting classes which players use for the beginning of the game that can be modified into another class at level 30 based on the job they choose.

 Now onto the list.



The conjurer falls into the role of the traditional dedicated healer, with a kit that revolves around supporting your fellow party members with a few damage dealing abilities mixed in.

Choose the conjurer if:

  • You’re looking for a dedicated support class. Conjurer is the perfect starting point for players looking to focus on supporting their teammates.
  • Looking for an easy class to pick up. Conjurer is a relatively simple class with low risk due to being a ranged class. Making a good introduction to the support role.
  • Want to play a support class that can deal out damage. At level 30 conjurers have the opportunity to become a white mage, which has a good split between healing and damage that makes solo encounters a breeze.

2. Marauder


The marauder is one of two starting tank classes.unlike the gladiator who offers the player a split between defense and offense the marauder focuses more on damage. It also offers players multiple self-sustainability options, making it good for players who aren’t super comfortable in the tank role. The marauder can become the warrior at level 30.

Pick this class if:

  • You want to deal more damage while tanking. Marauders focus less on raw damage mitigation In favor of recovering health by dealing damage. Making them perfect for players who want to tank while dishing out damage.
  • Are looking for a play style focused on keeping enemies’ attention on you.  Marauder has several abilities that pull enemy attention to them.
  • You want a more self reliant playstyle. The Marauder has some serious self-healing potential, allowing them to take on hordes of enemies alone with little trouble.

3. Arcanist


The arcanist offers a good bit of variety in the early game, mixing damage with elements of a support class through their ability to summon entities to fight for them and provide healing to themselves and other players.  It is also a straightforward class making it a good starting point for new players.

Reasons to choose the Arcanist:

  • It has a mix of damage and support abilities. Giving players flexibility in their playstyle.
  • The Arcanist allows players the choice between being a dedicated damage dealer, or a support class after level 30 when they gain access to the summoner and scholar jobs.
  • The arcanist can level both the scholar and summoner jobs at the same time. Allowing players to easily swap roles between support and damage classes without the hassle of having to start over when swapping roles. .

4. Lancer


The lancer is another melee class, specializing in doing damage with piercing and jumping attacks.  And introduce players to the Global cooldown mechanic once evolving into the dragon at level thirty.

Choose this class if:

  • You’re looking for a class with good damage and access to raid buffs. Lancer is a class designed to be dealing out a constant stream of damage.
  • You’re looking for a class that is both mobile and is relatively safe when attacking. The lancer’s range and mobility allow players to avoid a good deal of damage with good positioning..
  • You want a solid introduction to position-based attacks, whose properties change based on player position. 

5. Gladiator


The gladiator is a tank class, specializing in soaking up damages while dishing out some back. Making it perfect for players looking to play a traditional tank role. Gladiator can become the paladin at level 30.

Pick this class if:

  • You want a tank class with strong survivability and utility. With plenty of health and damage mitigation the gladiator has plenty of survivability.
  • You are new to tanking in FF14. The gladiator's position as a traditional tank and relitive simplicity make it a good starting point for players to learn the tank role.
  •  You’re Looking for a more active playstyle than simply keeping enemies’ attention on you. The gladiators' mix of traditional tank abilities and damage-based ones, give players more variety in how they play the class.

6. Archer


The archer is the dedicated ranged starting class, focusing on fighting at a distance and avoiding damage by never even being in range in the first place.  It can become a bard at level 30.

Pick this class if:

  • You’re looking for an accessible class with relatively low risk. The archer being a ranged class makes it relatively low risk during combat encounters.
  • You want a damaging class with an active playstyle. Unlike their magic based ranged counterpart’s archers don’t have to worry about things like positioning. Giving players the freedom to be more active during fights.
  • Are looking to mix in support abilities into your playstyle, as the archer can become a bard at level 30. Opening access to party buffs and other support abilities.

7. Pugilist


The pugilist is a straight up in your face brawler type class. Specializing in melee combat and skills to maneuver around enemies for bonus damage. It can transition into a monk at level 30.

Pick the Pugilist if:

  • You’re looking to play a close-range damage dealer. Wielding claws and knuckle dusters the pugilist is the class for players who want to be in enemies faces.
  • Want to learn the DPS role, as the pugilist gains access to their core move set earlier than other classes. Meaning players can learn the ins and outs of the roles mechanics sooner than with other classes.
  • Are looking for a class with good move diversity as stances effect combos with this class. This also makes the pugilist a good starting point for players looking to learn the Damage role.


Most importantly, experiment with different classes!That concludes the list. While these are our recommendations for new players, you never know how fun you'll find a class until you try them out. So experiment with the different classes and find the one that fits you best.

Or if your looking to do more reading before jumping in to the game, information of all classes in Final fantasy 14 can be found here: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/a_realm_reborn/game/#!/classes

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