[Top 3] FF14 Most Fun DPS

FF14 Most Fun DPS
Come hither and see what you really want to be.

With all things considered, what is the most fun DPS to play in Final Fantasy 14 today?

Final Fantasy 14 has a whole range of DPS styles to play. What makes them really fun? The rotations? The class quests? The ideas that the character has stemmed from? How they are viewed overall?

My question when I first started: What is a DPS anyway? 

The reply my husband gave with a facepalm of epic proportions and a brief twinge of regret: DPS literally means Damage Per Second. They are the players who deal as much damage as possible to help the tank take the enemy down.

Here we are going to consider every aspect of a DPS to tell you which is the most fun DPS to play.

The first thing to note is that I started out as a Bard and thoroughly enjoyed every single part of it. However, after discussing this widely with other players I am made to believe my fun is biased as other players do not understand the benefit of having a bard on their team. This can detract from your fun, so it is not making the list. 

For the same reason, Dragoon is not number 1. It has the best output for DPS but it is seen as a floor tank because played incorrectly they spend a lot of time dead.

3 Lancer / Dragoon

Look powerful, despite being squishy, in a full set of sharp dragoon armor.

The dragoon, the hero of Heavensward is arguably the best DPS in the game. You can enjoy the thrill of leaping around the arena and getting in close to stab your enemies with a stick.

Class Type: Melee

How to Unlock: Pick up Lancer in Gridania. Take Lancer up to Level 30 and complete the level 30 class quest. Pick up Eye of Dragoon in Gridania to become a Dragoon.

Signature Skill: Jumping

Lancer can feel a bit boring at the beginning as you comfortably learn abilities step by step but these steps set you up nicely for Dragoon.

Dragoon is a lancer taken to a whole new level.

With the cooldown timers and the number of abilities a Dragoon always feels busy but in a very positive way. While a dragoon does have positional abilities that you need to pay attention to, they are very forgiving. You will not lose as much damage for not being in the correct position as you would if you wear a Pugilist / Monk.

Using the tether ability is a great way to boost your commendations. 

The tether ability allows you to increase the damage output of one other member of your team. You need to stay in range for it to work. Aim for your Tank. They will be grateful for the damage boost and you will be seen as a valuable member of the team.

Dragoon is also a great way to introduce loads of ‘kebab’ jokes into a dungeon as you skewer your enemies. Who wouldn’t want that?

Why is Dragoon so much fun? 

  • You get to jump around the arena.
  • You can use your abilities to help others on your team.
  • Powerful but squishy, you must dodge the AoEs.
  • Cool looking spiky armor.
  • Positional techniques keep you on the move.
  • Fast cooldowns make for fast-paced combat.
  • Estinien. You now have more in common with the hero of Heavensward.
  • The Tether ability will get you noticed in a dungeon and may even score you some commendations.
  • You can make an Ifrit Kebab.

2 Thaumaturge / Black Mage

Become someones nightmare with the witchcraftt looks of the black mage. Don't forget to include a creepy smile.

A Final Fantasy Classic. Heat up your enemies with Fire, freeze them with ice, then finish them off with a bolt of lightning! Black Mage is loved for its high DPS explosive attacks.

Class Type: Spell

How To Unlock: Unlock Thaumaturge in Ul’dah. Play Thaumaturge until level 30. Do the Level 30 class quest then do the quest Taking The Black in Uldah to become a Black Mage.

Signature Skill: Explosions

The simplistic rotation (Fire, then Ice to regenerate XP, Thunder for DOT) is made more complicated by the fact that you cannot move when you are popping of these spells. You must time your attacks around those of your enemies as you have a lower Hp than your compatriots.

While the rotation of a black mage can be rather simple, you do have room to spice it up. Use Ley lines and Aetherial manipulation to your advantage, do not forget about your quick casts and this will increase your mobility.

Why is Black Mage so much fun?

  • Massive DPS output.
  • Big Booming Explosions.
  • No buffs, you can concentrate wholly on what you are doing.
  • A storyline that keeps you interested.
  • People are going to KNOW a Black Mage is on the field.
  • Massive Fiery Explosions.
  • Straight Forward Rotations allow you more time to keep an eye on the battlefield.
  • You have to dodge AoEs and try not to move while casting.
  • Works well if you have a bad ping with your provider.
  • Did we mention the explosions?

1 Pugilist / Monk

Take out a God with your fists as you dance around your enemies.

Nothing is better than punching a supposed God in the face. You can take out enemy after enemy by using your fists. Can you feel the Power?!

Class Type: Melee.

How to Unlock: Start Pugilist in Ul’dah. Play pugilist until level 30 and complete the level 30 class quest. Once completed, take the quest Brother from another mother in Ul’dah to become a Monk.

Signature Skill: Punch.

With a smooth and fast rotation, the fun in monk comes from standing at the right place to take down your enemies. Jump behind to land a kick, go to the side to punch the kidneys, dance around your enemies. Watch them spin in circles as they try to keep up with your fast little fists. Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

While it is difficult to learn, to begin with, this just makes them fun and satisfying punches in this class feel that much greater when you have it down.

Why is Monk so much fun?

  • Once you have mastered your monk rotation you will feel like a damage-dealing God!
  • Monks Limit Break is simply awesome. Ever wanted to Dragon Ball Z punch? Now is your chance.
  • This hectic class will never leave you bored as you think on your feet.
  • Double fists make a really cool weapon when you realize who you are taking down with them fists.
  • Fast attacks, lots of tracking timers, loads of positions to remember.
  • You can tell everyone you have the Greased lightning.
  • Monk got a nice update with Shadowbringers improving the overall DPS when used correctly.


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