[Top 10] FF14 Best Housing Items

 FF14 Best Housing Items
Inside a FF14 house

If your Warrior of Light is a new homeowner in Final Fantasy 14, then you’re probably deciding on how to go about decorating their home.

Ultimately, how you choose to decorate your house is up to you, but regardless whether you’re looking for a more sleek, modern look or a floral, forest feel, there are a couple of items that most players agree are essential to have in your home.

These items will make your FF14 experience much more enjoyable and allow you to access quite a few services you normally would find scattered all over cities.

10) Moogle Letter Box

The Moogle Letter Box

If you’re not in an FC or your FC’s house doesn’t have access to one, a Moogle Letter Box is a great option to have, especially if you often receive letters in game. This item allows you to receive and send mail without having to hunt down a postmoogle in another area. And if you don’t mind spending a couple extra gil, you might be able to get your hands on a Regal Moogle Letter Box, a flashier version of the regular letter box! 

Why Moogle Letter Box is great:

  • Allows you to receive and send mail from your house
  • You won’t need to search for a postmoogle
  • Just look at that cute, little guy!

Moogle Letter Box details

How to get a Moogle Letter Box:

  • Craftable as a level 45 Armorer
  • Can be purchased on the marketboard for around 200k gil (depending on your server)

9) Chocobo Stables

Chocobo stables allow you to house your chocobo

Much like the letter box, you won’t need to invest in a chocobo stable if your FC already has one, but if they don’t, this item is a helpful addition. The Chocobo Stables allow you to stable your chocobo to train them, feed them treats, or change their feather color. If you use your chocobo as a fighting companion, the stables will be especially helpful as they allow you to give your chocobo an easy boost in experience every day. This item can only be placed outside the house and can house more than one chocobo.

Why Chocobo Stables are great:

  • Provides services only found in FC or Apartment chocobo stables
  • Allows you to train your chocobo
  • Allows you to customize your chocobo’s feather color

Chocobo Stables Details

How to get a Chocobo Stable:

  • Purchasable from housing venders in all four of the residential areas for 125k gil
  • Also purchasable from the marketboard but the prices may be higher depending on your server

8) Orchestrion

A mini Orchestrion

If you enjoy collecting the various music scrolls in FF14 or you want to change the mood of a room by changing the music, then an Orchestrion is the item for you. An Orchestrion for your house functions essentially the same as the one you may have encountered in an inn.

Why an Orchestrion is great:

  • Stores and collects music scrolls
  • Allows you to choose what music to play in the background in your house

Orchestrion details

How to get an Orchestrion:

  • Craftable as a level 60 Carpenter
  • Purchasable on the marketboard for fairly cheap depending on your server

7) Free Company Chest

A Free Company Chest

Having a spare Free Company Chest in your house is a good option if you use the chest often and don’t want to track one down elsewhere. This item is especially useful if you craft many items you want to place in the chest or just want to gift other players with items.

Why a Free Company Chest is great:

  • Easy access in your home
  • No need to search for one in another area

Free Company Chest Details

How to get a Free Company Chest:

Craftable as a level 48 Armorer

6) Mini Aetheryte

A mini aetheryte allows for easy teleportation to your house

A Mini Aetheryte is a must have item for all new houses. This item allows you to teleport directly to your house rather than going through the residential area and its districts. The Mini Aetheryte is an outdoor furnishing, and luckily, pretty easy to obtain.

Why the Mini Aetheryte is great:

  • Allows for instant teleportation to your estate
  • Easy, simple, and saves gil

Mini Aetheryte Details

How to get a Mini Aetheryte:

  • Purchasable from your Grand Company for 14,470 seals
  • Also Purchasable from the Marketboard

5) Crystal Bell

Customize your WoL with a Crystal Bell

If your Warrior of Light changes their appearance often and you’re tired of teleporting to the nearest inn every single time, then you need to get a Crystal Bell for your house. Much like the Orchestrion in the inn rooms, the Crystal Bell for your house will summon the Aesthetician and allow you to customize your WoL to your liking without having to stop by an inn.

Why the Crystal Bell is great:

  • Allows you to customize your character
  • More convenient and fast than finding an inn room

Crystal Bell Details

How to get a Crystal Bell:

  • Can be crafted as a level 60 Blacksmith
  • Purchasable from the marketboard for very low prices depending on your server

4) Garden Patch

Tend to a garden for some easy gil

If you have a house then a Garden Patch is a good investment for your estate. Garden Patches are nifty because they allow you to make some spare gil on the side for very little effort. You’ll need to buy the garden patch itself soil -which differs depending on what kind of effect you want it to have on your plants - and seeds, which grow different plants. You can gather soil as a miner or seeds as a botanist, but both are also purchasable on the marketboard. If you want a more in depth explanation of gardening, check out this guide here. 

Why a Garden Patch is great:

  • Easy way to make extra gil
  • Little effort
  • Also serves as a beautiful outdoor decoration

Garden Patch Details

How to get a Garden Patch:

  • Can be purchased from the housing merchant in any of the four residential areas

3) Armoire

An Armoire allows you to store clothes

Having an Armoire in your housing is a necessity as it allows you to store clothing and create glamours for various outfits. Like the Crystal Bell, without an Armoire in your house, you will have to teleport to an inn room any time you want to change a glamour plate, which can be tedious. Having an armoire in your house will save you more time.

Why an Armoire is great:

  • Easy access to changing glamour plates
  • Stores clothing items
  • Your WoL will be stylish with little effort
  • Also comes in three other designs based on the Grand Companies

Armoire Details

How to get an Armoire:

  • Craftable as a level 60 Carpenter
  • Purchasable on the Marketboard 

2) Summoning Bell

Summon your retainers with a summoning bell

No one wants to teleport to a market every single time their retainer completes a task, so why not place a summoning bell in your house? This item gives you easy access to your retainers especially if you are a crafter and are often putting crafted items up for sale.

Why a Summoning Bell is great:

  • Easy and quick access to your retainers
  • Especially helpful for those who sell items often on the marketboard or craft in their homes

Summoning Bell Details

How to get a Summoning bell:

  • Can be crafted as a level 50 Blacksmith
  • Purchasable on the Marketboard 

1) NPC Venders

NPC Venders allow you to skip out on a trip to the Marketboard

Lastly, we have NPC venders. These include Material Supplier, Mender, Steward, and Junkmonger. Each NPC performs different tasks, so you can pick and choose which ones will most benefit your house. The Material Supplier supplies you with various materials needed to craft items without having to find a marketboard. A Mender will mend your gear back to 100% while a Steward gives you access to many furnishing items available for purchase. And, lastly, the Junkmonger sells dyes and some outside items like garden patches.

Why NPC Venders are great:

  • Replaces the need to visit a marketboard
  • Easy to craft, repair, or buy within your home

Material Supplier, Mender, Steward, and Junkmonger Details

How to get NPC Venders:

  • Buy a permit for the vender(s) of your preference from apartment merchants or independent sutlers in all residential areas.

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