Fire Emblem Heroes Best Hero [Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List]

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List
Marth, the Hero-King and icon of the Fire Emblem franchise, preparing to strike.

Which Are The Best Fire Emblem Heroes in Top Tier?

The popular mobile game Fire Emblem: Heroes features a plethora of beloved characters from the Fire Emblem series, all with skills that reflect their original depiction, drawn in beautiful art for the fans to enjoy.

But the sheer number of characters may be intimidating to some players, especially new ones. To help narrow down the search for the most powerful blade wielders, manaketes, possessed heroes, and Santa-clad knights who wield Christmas lights, here is a list of some of the best units in the game. These are characters with great stats that are useful in a variety of situations, sporting a combination of skills both unique and common that make them versatile while powerful. While they may be difficult to obtain, they all have a huge payoff after you get them.

32.Owain (Chosen One) - Owain has a very solid toolkit of skills combined with equally solid stats.

  • A damaging boosting skill that is very easy to activate
  • A unique sword with good bonuses
  • Solid stats
  • Low resistance 
  • Not as overpowered as those in S tier
  • Usefulness: 90/100


31.Ophelia (Dramatic Heroine) - Ophelia has massive attack potential and good synergy with other mages.

  • Highest attack stat of any mage in the game- can defeat almost any hero in one attack
  • A unique weapon that helps charge up more special attacks faster with more mages on the team
  • Lackluster speed
  • Poor defence 
  • Usefulness: 90/100


30.Legendary Robin (F) (Fell Vessel) - Legendary Robin sports a niche setup with unique skills and attributes that can be useful on certain teams that have a lot of flying units.

  • Great movement range due to being a flying unit
  • Can counterattack from a distance
  • Has one of the best speeds of a dragon unit
  • Personal skill that negates super effective damage against fliers
  • Works well with other fliers
  • Balanced stats (but not great overall)
  • Underwhelming attack 
  • Usefulness: 92/100


29.Brave Celica (Warrior Priestess) - Brave Celica comes with a variety of tools to help her deal lots of damage, as well as well rounded stats.

  • Good speed and decent attack
  • Skills that give her damage dealing edges when she engages another unit in combat, such as increased damage or the ability to take two turns if she defeats an enemy
  • No glaring weaknesses within her stats and skills 
  • Defense that’s lackluster (although not awful)
  • An ability that causes slight self damage to her
  • Usefulness: 92/100


28.Zelgius (Jet-Black General) - Zelgius can dominate foes with his powerful attack and personal ability that undermines the opponent’s defense.

  • Great attack and defense stats
  • Personal skill that decimates foes’ defenses
  • Can counterattack from a distance
  • Low mobility
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor attacks
  • Low resistance
  • Usefulness: 94/100


27.Lewyn (Guiding Breeze) - Lewyn carries a unique ability that, coupled with his strong offense, making him a powerful force.

  • Good offensive potential and speed
  • Unique weapon allows him to attack twice before the opponent can get a hit in
  • Low defenses
  • Usefulness: 94/100


26.Eliwood (LA) (Devoted Love) - Eliwood overwhelms the opponent with sheer stats that have almost no flaws.

  • One of the highest stat totals in the game, with a high attack and defense, and an impressive speed for an armor unit (as they are typically slow)
  • A few in-combat stat buffs
  • Low mobility
  • Weak to armor piercing weapons
  • Usefulness: 94/100


25.Fallen Robin (M) (Fell Reincarnation) - Fallen Robin’s devastating attack power combines with skills that make him good on both offense and defense to make him a formidable character.

  • Very high attack and defense
  • Can counterattack at a distance
  • Has skills that make him great at both counter attacking on defense and having a proactive offense. Some characters only specialize in one or the other. 
  • Weak to weapons strong against both dragons and armored units
  • Low speed and mobility
  • Usefulness: 94/100


24.Hector (General of Ostia) - Hector possesses high stats and the ability to use special attacks often, making him a powerful force to be reckoned with.

  • A unique weapon that lets him activate his special ability often and deal extra damage
  • High damage dealing potential
  • High defense from being an armored unit
  • Slow speed and low movement
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor attacks
  • Low resistance 
  • Usefulness: 94/100


23.Fallen Corrin (F) (Wailing Soul) - Fallen Corrin (F) is effective in many situations, carrying a versatile kit and stats.

  • Solid overall stats
  • Colorless weapon, meaning she’s almost never at a disadvantage against foes
  • Weapon that grants her stat buffs
  • Weak to anti-dragon weapons 
  • Usefulness: 95/100


22.Legendary Hector (Marquess of Ostia) - Legendary Hector can overwhelm an opponent with sheer power, and his high defense aids him in staying alive on the battlefield.

  • Incredible attack and defense stats
  • Weapon that boosts defense and negates the disadvantage Hector has from being slow
  • Fairly low resistance
  • Low movement
  • Weak to armor piercing weapons
  • Usefulness: 95/100


21.Legendary Tiki (Young) (Legendary Dragon) - Legendary Young Tiki has unparalleled stats, making her a potent force against many opponents.

  • Has one of the highest stat totals in the game, displaying no huge weaknesses amongst her stats
  • Can counterattack from any distance
  • Deals extra damage to dragons
  • Weak to weapons that deal extra damage against dragons and armored units
  • Usefulness: 95/100


20.Bridal Fjorm (Bride of Rime) - Bridal Fjorm serves as a healer with a decent amount of attacking power, differing her from others.

  • Her unique weapon can keep enemies from assisting each other with its ability
  • Decent attacking power
  • Superior mobility due to her status as a flier 
  • Terrible defenses 
  • Usefulness 95/100


19.Legendary Eliwood (Blazing Knight) - Legendary Eliwood carries unique buffs and (mostly) solid stats into battle as a powerful ally in many teams.

  • Gains exclusive skills and a weapon that can elevate the attack bonuses of the teammate with the highest attack to insane levels, making them even more powerful
  • Great all around stats (except for resistance)
  • Great mobility
  • Terrible magical defense
  • Takes bonus damage from certain weapons because of status as a mounter unit
  • Usefulness: 96/100


18.Olivia (YT) (Sky-High Dancer) - Olivia (YT) carries the rare ability to buff units and allow them go twice in one turn, and this variation of Olivia make the best use of it.

  • Is a flying unit, giving her the highest mobility in the game and allowing her to most effectively refresh (give another turn to) units across the battlefield
  • Stats aren’t great except for speed, but better than many refresher units
  • Unique weapon that makes her dances even more effective as buffs to the team
  • Highly weak to archers
  • Poor defenses
  • Usefulness: 96/100 


17.Caineghis (Gallia’s Lion King) - Caineghis comes with the stats and skills to equip him for many a confrontation.

  • Amazing stats all around with the exception of speed
  • Unique weapon that boosts his stats when he’s attacked and allows him to counterattack from any range
  • Skills that boost his defense when he’s attacked
  • Low movement
  • Dual weakness to anti-beast and anti-armor weapons
  • Usefulness: 96/100


16.Tibarn (Lord of the Air) - Tibarn possesses an overwhelming offense with tools that work together well.

  • His weapon helps him automatically double-attack opponents at full health
  • Great attack and solid defense
  • Fantastic mobility, aided by his beast form
  • Stat bonuses from fighting alone
  • Low resistance 
  • Weak to anti-air and anti-beast attacks
  • Usefulness: 96/100


15.Winter Fae (Holiday Deer) - Winter Fae owes her success to a plentiful defense and a strong counter-attack.

  • An absolute wall with insanely high defense and resistance
  • Good attack
  • Skills that help her be more effective while counter-attacking and deal with her low movement
  • Weak to weapons effective against dragons and armored units
  • Poor speed
  • Usefulness: 97/100


14.Idunn (Dark Priestess) - Idunn’s amazing stats and weapon make her extremely strong.

  • Fantastic defense, both physically and magically
  • High damage
  • Personal weapon dispelles debuffs and grants a huge buff when Idunn is below 100 percent HP
  • Weak to both anti-dragon and anti-armor attacks
  • Slow and low movement
  • Usefulness: 97/100


13.Surtr (Ruler of Flame) - Surtr dominates the battlefield with mountainous strength and defense and some unique attributes.

  • Insane stats and balanced defensive capability
  • Unique weapon that damages opponents before Surtr even fights them
  • Grants buffs to himself and debuffs on opponents
  • Slow in both movement and speed stat
  • Takes extra damage from certain armor breaking weapons
  • Usefulness: 97/100


12.Legendary Azura (Vallite Songstress) - Legendary Azura is the ultimate refresher, carrying multiple bonuses to her refreshing ability that make her one of the best.

  • High mobility flying unit, greatly increasing her range when refreshing units
  • Refresher ability that also grants stat and movement buffs 
  • High speed
  • Low attack and defense stats and is highly weak to archers
  • Usefulness: 97/100


11.Legendary Marth (Hero-King) - Legendary Marth is a great all-around sword unit because of his stats and skills.

  • Has a fantastic stat spread
  • Multiple skills that allow him to dominate dragon opponents
  • Solid automatic stat buffs
  • Low resistance to magic attacks
  • Usefulness: 97/100


10.Legendary Alm (Saint-King) - Legendary Alm’s emphasis on speed based skills and getting past the target’s defense make him an exceedingly unique and useful archer.

  • Great attack and speed - can self-buff his speed to even higher levels
  • Abilities that can get past an enemies tough defense- which is rare amongst archers
  • Rather weak defense overall
  • Usefulness: 97/100


9.Legendary Roy (Blazing Lion) - Legendary Roy boasts impressive stats, especially speed, and has potential for huge stat buffs. 

  • Has an ability that doubles all stat buffs, combined with an auto buff to him and his allies
  • Grants a unique and powerful stat buff to his human allies
  • Great speed and attack and solid stats otherwise
  • Can counterattack from any range and deal extra damage to dragons
  • Slightly weak to mages 
  • Usefulness: 97/100


8.Brave Veronica (Brave Princess) - Veronica is an excellent support unit with effective stat buffs and debuffs.

  • A weapon that can simultaneously apply big stat debuffs to the enemy and buffs to her allies
  • Great movement due to her status as a cavalry unit
  • Healer
  • Decent speed
  • Low overall stats/frail
  • Usefulness: 97/100


7.Fallen Tiki (Young) (Torpid Dragon) - Fallen Tiki combines huge stat boosts with a powerful weapon to be one of the strongest dragon units available.

  • Good all around stats
  • Great skills that give her stat buffs, help her activate her special ability faster, and negate her movement deficit from being armored
  • Can counterattack at any range
  • Weak to anti-armored and anti-dragon weapons
  • Usefulness: 97/100


6.Winter Ephraim (Sparkling Gallantly) - A fighter that gains great boons from fighting solo, Winter Ephraim has almost all the bases covered.

  • Amazing stats, including a massive attack and solid defense against both physical and magical attacks
  • Gains multiple buffs from fighting alone
  • Multiple skills that help his damage boosting special attack activate faster
  • Relatively slow
  • Low movement
  • Weak to armor piercing weapons
  • Usefulness: 97/100 


5.Brave Hector (Brave Warrior) - Brave Hector comes with a powerful toolkit and the stats to make him an extremely powerful unit.

  • Very high attack and defense stats, with a resistance higher than most physical tanks
  • A unique weapon which can negate the negative effects of his low speed
  • Skills that allow him to be powerful against almost any enemy
  • Low movement
  • Weakness to armor piercing
  • Usefulness: 97/100


4.Brave Ephraim (Sacred Twin Lord) - Brave Ephraim comes with a great weapon, powerful stats, and useful skills, making him one of the best units in the game.

  • Crushing attack and stalwart defense
  • Skills and a weapon that further buff his defense and negate the negative effects of his low speed
  • Low speed and mediocre resistance 
  • Weak to armor piercing
  • Usefulness: 97/100


3.Fallen Mareeta (The Blade’s Pawn) - Fallen Mareeta attacks with a blinding offense, dealing lots of damage with her stats and skills.

  • Has one of the highest speeds in the game, and has a skill that reaps benefits from it
  • Unique weapon that helps her avoid damage 
  • Almost guarantees a double strike while negating the opponent’s ability to attack twice
  • Solid attack
  • Low defenses 
  • Usefulness: 98/100


2.Halloween Myrrh (Spooky Monster) - Halloween Myrrh boasts both a devastating offense and strong all around defense.

  • Her weapon allows her to match fast opponents, even with her low speed
  • Bulky defense against both physical and magical attacks
  • A skill to make up for her lack of movement
  • Weak to weapons that are strong against both dragons and armored units
  • Still has low base movement, and her skill to negate it isn’t always relevant
  • Usefulness: 98/100


1.Duma (God of Strength) - Duma mixes awesome stats with useful skills and a powerful weapon.

  • Can deal massive damage
  • Duma’s personal weapon gives him a big stat buff and negates one of his weaknesses
  • His personal skill can damage foes before the battle even begins
  • Great stats all around (except for speed)
  • Slow and low mobility
  • Weak to anti-armor and anti-dragon attacks
  • Usefulness (98/100)
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