[Top 10] Fortnite Best Maps For 2 Players

Fortnite Best Maps
Grab your teammate and jump into the BEST Fortnite maps for 2 players!

10.The Floor Is Lava


The title itself is self explanatory, but this map is a perfect pairing of a classic game concept alongside Fortnite’s built-in building mechanics. Outside of the map being a ton of fun, this a great map and game mode for you and your friends to practice your building skills on the fly.


What’s Great About The Floor Is Lava:

  • Perfect map for players that love to build
  • Fun and potentially challenging map
  • Good spot to practice building and editing to keep away from that lava


Download Map: 1201-1101-4279


9. ATV Race


Chaotic, thrilling, and daring are all perfect adjectives to describe this creative map. The map is a huge and intricate race track. The creator of this map definitely used every possible mechanic to make this track as dangerous and fun as possible. Watch out friends! 


What’s Great About ATV Race:

  • Incredibly fun multiplayer racing style game
  • Very different from Fortnite’s normal Battle Royale
  • Made with the intention of dangerous racing between friends


Download Map: 1330-3984-1519


8. Prison Break


Incredibly fun with friends, this map places you in a prison that you must escape from by solving puzzles alongside your friends. The goal is to get outside, which may prove difficult in this expansive and tricky map.


What’s Great About Prison Break:

  • Impressive use of Fortnite’s creative mechanics
  • A fun labyrinth-style escape room game mode
  • Lots of fun solving puzzles with friends


Download Map: 0893-8977-9494


7. Mega Wall Wars


This map is perfect for high stakes adrenaline seekers. The map is divided into eight sections with giant walls (surprising, eh?). You and your friend will have two minutes to gather every resource you can, and after those two minutes are up the walls come tumbling down. Once those walls are down it’s go time. With what you have gathered it’s now a battle royale until there’s one player left standing (or two?)


What’s Great About Mega Wall Wars:

  • Exciting and fast-paced battle royale game mode
  • Unusual, exhilarating and stripped down version of classic Battle Royale
  • Simple and straightforward gunfights


Download Map: 4177-4290-4967


6. Rollercoaster Escape


A great fusion of classic escape rooms and exciting rollercoasters, this map is an awesome way to be challenged physically and mentally. Bring your friends along for the ride and see how far you both can get. 


What’s Great About Rollercoaster Escape:

  • Less claustrophobic feeling for an escape room style map
  • Very well designed map
  • Mentally and physically challenging


Download Code: 1036-8889-6703


5. Lordly Labyrinth


You can tell when playing this map that some serious thought and planning went into this creative map. Get lost in this giant maze with a friend. This map is great for playing hide-and-seek or even turning a gun on one another for a fun gunfight.


What’s Great About Lordly Labyrinth:

  • Great attention to visual detail and overall design of map
  • Can be played competitively or adventurously
  • A large and expansive map 


Download Code: 1991-9282-9857


4. Shanghai Nights Deathmatch


Here’s a classic deathmatch scenario, but placed in a lush neon downtown area. A perfect creative world to play with friends, have fun sparring while darting through this bright and exciting landscape.


What’s Great About Shanghai Deathmatch:

  • Setting not usually seen in Fortnite
  • Creative and competitive game mode for you and your friends
  • Great attention to creative detail


Download Map: 6436-9253-5847


3. Bounty: Open World FFA


Another great free-for-all game mode to play competitively against friends. This map takes place in a deserted city with dense fog. The fog allows for a fun effect on gameplay as you and your friend hunt your bounty while avoiding your own hunter.


What’s Great About Bounty: Open World FFA:

  • Fun and creative free-for-all gameplay
  • Have fun either hunting your friend or being hunted yourself
  • Creative and well-made map and scenery


Download Map: 4313-6966-0814


2. Pancake vs. Waffles


This creative western-themed map is perfect for 2 players. Join either side of a two team western shootout. May the best team win!


What’s Great About Pancake vs. Waffles:

  • Can play cooperatively or versus your friends
  • Creative western themed map
  • Perfectly set up for good shooting vantage points


Download Map: 2503-5483-2948


1.Mos Eisley Gun Game


Calling all Star Wars fans, this is the perfect map for you and your friend! Another shootout-style gameplay mode. See which one of you is the best shot on Mos Eisley.


What’s Great About Mos Eisley Gun Game:

  • Great nod to a Star Wars themed shootout
  • Well curated map that feels natural
  • Exciting setting for an all-out Deathmatch on a distant planet


Download Map: 1337-8980-5503

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