[Top 10] Fortnite Best Zombie Maps

Fortnite Best Zombie Maps
Fortnite Zombie Gameplay

Are you looking to enjoy and kill time while playing the Fortnite Battle Royale? Then these maps are made just for you. Discover some of the best zombie maps to play in Fornite.

Fortnite's iconic Battle Royale mode is unquestionably enjoyable. However, with the popular game's introduction of the Creative Mode, gamers have changed how Fortnite is played. Custom maps and modes have multiplied the game's enjoyment tenfold. The Zombies mode is one of the most popular map series for Creative in Fortnite.

Inspired by the iconic Call of Duty game mode, Creative's single-player or multiplayer Fortnite modes provide a comparable experience. Given that we are already in October, Halloween is not far away. With the festival of spookiness rapidly approaching, now is the right opportunity for gamers to dive into a map that sends chills down their spine and enjoy the creepy décor. So, let us discuss some of the best Zombie Maps:


10. Z-Nite: The Factories

Code: 3303-8983-5104

Echo developed it, including never-ending waves of zombies that put the player's survival skills to the test. Additionally, this map has a monetary system that enables players to acquire firearms, ammo, health, and other items. Additionally, players may use in-game cash to access other areas of the map. To add to the suspense, as the game progresses, the zombies begin to evolve. They get increasingly faster due to the mutation, making it much more difficult for the player.

Why Z-Nite: The Factories is great:

  • Difficult for Players
  • Each zombie wave has better zombies
  • The best map to practice aim and kill zombies


9. Zombie Monopoly

Code: 8100-4167-5016

It is one of the most intriguing Fortnite zombie map codes in Creative since it recreates the traditional board game. Like the board game, all players begin at the same place on the map and gradually advance through killing zombies. Players may use hiding locations, tunnels and even search for three buried coins to open the armory and improve their weapons during their trip.

Why Zombie Monopoly is great:

  • Gives a board game experience
  • You can hide and kill zombies
  • Search and dig zombies


8. BO2 Town - With Zombies

Code: 6975-6526-1196

This map is a recreation of Town, a section of the infamous "Tranzit" area from Black Ops 2. The map Includes a goal (locate all twenty meteors) to win. It is almost identical to the original "Town" map. In this multiplayer map, your buddies can assist you in overcoming the obstacle.

Why BO2 Town - With Zombies is great:

  • Overcome obstacles and win
  • Avoid zombies
  • search meteors and pave your way to victory


7. Nuketown Zombie

Code: 0975-7667-0071

Oberon created Nuketown Zombie for lone gamers seeking to put their survival abilities to the test against swarms of zombies. Inspired by the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise's Nuketown map, this map also offers a variety of mysterious weapons that can aid the player's cause. However, these weapons are dispersed around the area, making them very tough to locate.

Additionally, the Zombies created in this mode are highly frightening due to their ability to inflict huge damage with their strikes. It enables the player to take a limited number of zombie hits before succumbing to them.

Why Nuketown Zombie is great:

  • Improve survival abilities
  • Kill zombies and survive
  • Search for weapons and kill


6. Winter Edition Zombie Maze

Code: 9300-2622-9913

If you're interested in participating in zombie combat over the Christmas season, this Fortnite zombie map code is for you. The 'Winter Edition Zombie Maze' goal is simple—kill zombies and escape the maze. On the other hand, players get to enjoy the snow-covered environment and Christmas decorations while eliminating zombies one by one.

Why Winter Edition Zombie Maze is great:

  • You can face the zombie head to head
  • Test your abilities to kill the zombies and escape the maze
  • Get an experience of snow-covered Christmas weather


5. Horde Rush

Code: 1811-5278-9963

Without a round of Horde Rush, Halloween in Fortnite is incomplete. Multiple waves of monsters attack a group of players charged with annihilating every NPC on the map.

The map was built by shucksourdiesel and supported up to four players. It includes 12 rounds of the moving storm phase. To win this map, players must acquire all four in-game goodies.

Why Horde Rush Maze is great:

  • Experience multiple waves of zombies
  • Play 12 rounds and clear the storm phase
  • Acquire all the game goodies to win


4. Arc of Retribution

Code: 0798-7985-2485

Snownymous created is the ideal Zombie map for those searching for a tough encounter. On this map, players are given only one life, making survival the primary aim. Additionally, there is a unique monetary system that enables players to acquire new equipment after each game. This map supports 1-16 players and includes a leaderboard to keep track of their high scores.

Why Arc of Retribution Maze is great:

  • Encounter and kill zombies
  • Survive, aim, and then win
  • Acquire new weapon each game


3. Sunrise City Horde Survival

Code: 4780-2589-3510

This map has to be one of the greatest Fortnite zombie map codes. This single-player Creative Mode level is geared at players who enjoy grinding and breaking records.

The tiny area will include incoming waves of zombies, and players' primary objective will be to keep killing them and attempt to beat other players' records.

Why Sunrise City Horde Survival Maze is great:

  • Grind and break records
  • Kill zombies in a tiny space
  • Beat the record of others by killing zombies


2. Kino Der Toten Remastered V2.3

Code: 0782-2189-7490

Another developer was motivated by Black Ops to recreate a famous Call of Duty: Zombies map - Kino Der Toten. The map has Infinite waves of zombies like nature intended. As with Call of Duty: Zombies, the map indicates the wave or level you are currently on. This map Includes bonuses, Gobblegum, and an upgrade option. 

Why Kino Der Toten Remastered V2.3 Maze is great:

  • Infinite layers of zombies
  • Get bonuses
  • Upgrade weapons to kill zombies


1. Open-World Zombie

Code: 8876-0278-7743

This map in Fortnite is located in a metropolis and provides players an RPG concept to improve the pleasure. One day, zombies unexpectedly took over the whole city, and now it is your mission to exterminate them and rescue the city.

Why Open-World Zombie Maze is great: 

  • RPG experience
  • Rescue the city by killing zombies
  • Equip weapons and get in action

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