[Top 15] Best Games About The Paranormal

You don't need a license to drive in Hell.

[Top 15] Best Games About The Paranormal

1. F.E.A.R First Encounter Assault Recon- October 18, 2005 (Microsoft Windows, PS3, Xbox 360)

Grab your guns and blast your way out of this hellscape.

Set in the year 2025 this first person shooter game has it all. This psychological horror game brings you the story of a group of telepathic clone soldiers named Replicas commanded by Paxton Fettel who has gone rogue and it's the job of F.E.A.R to bring him down. Players can choose from an arsenal of weapons including handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, nail guns, rocket launchers and particle beams. As the game begins you have hallucinations of a female named Alma who is the key to all this madness.

The doom style game play definitely covers the gore factor while the horror aspects remind me of a trip to Hawkins. F.E.A.R provides chills and thrills for any gamer.difficulty settings and multiplayer options are available providing plenty of entertainment for all skill levels. The jumpscares are my favorite part of the game. Overall this deserves a 85/100 for its original storyline and exciting plot twist.

Above pictured is Alma, the girl who started it all born with psychic abilities and Paxton Fettel, the man who must end it all.


2. Beyond Two Souls-October 8 2013 (PS3,PS4 and Windows)

Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page join forces to make this game unforgettable.

Jodie is the main character of this action adventure game born with supernatural powers and an unknown connection to an entity named Aiden. Jodie has the ability to possess people and manipulate physical objects. These abilities cause her foster parents to place her into the hands of the United States Department of the Paranormal Activity. Jodie learns how to control her powers and harness them to communicate with spirits. In the meantime Dr. Nathan Dawkins(Willem Dafoe)who is her caregiver is building a portal between the living and the dead known as Infraworld. She must choose between her connection to the spirit realm and Aiden or the world of the living while shutting down Infraworld for good.

Cinematic graphics and an intriguing first cut scene had me hooked. The first storyline shows us just how powerful Jodie is at a young age and leaves the player ready to discover the next secret. Willem Dafoe does a great job playing the villain as usual. The combination of supernatural and scientific elements mixed with eye pleasing graphics gives this game a rating of 90/100.

Jodie and Nathan when Jodie was a young child before her full potential was realized.


3. Evil Dead The game-May 13 2022 (PS4,PS5,Windows,Xbox One,Xbox series x/s, Nintendo Switch)

The deadites are coming and it's up to you to stop them.

Evil Dead is a classic franchise all about demons and survival and this is exactly what you are getting with this game. Join Ash as he hacks and slashes deadites and demon warlords. Inspired by all three original films, you will have no shortage of the gore and violence that made the films popular. Multiplayer, pvp, and single mode are available with single player requiring an internet connection.

The visuals of this game are high quality and leave little to nothing to be desired. The demons add that gruesome sleep with the lights on element we know and love. Bruce Cambell voices the audio for his character and that was a welcome feature fans are excited about.  The infamous chainsaw hand and the familiar fight between good and evil grant this game a rating of 97/100.


Ash and his accomplices at the cabin we all know getting ready to blast their boomsticks and send the deadites back to hell where they belong.


4. Hard West-November 18 2015 (Windows,OSX,Linux,Nintendo Switch,PS4)

Guns, Gold, and satanic forces beckon you to come play Hard West.

Hard West is a turn base tactical game that gives you that old western feel with an evil twist. You will encounter all of the expected gold rushes, lynchings and bank robberies but also some surprising nefarious enemies. Satan himself runs this outlaw town with his henchmen around every corner. You must battle against ghosts, demons and undead gunslingers to get your gold.

Sepia toned illustrations combined with great narration make this a real treat for all of the senses. An easy to follow storyline combined with the special skills of your character makes this a fun game and all around well developed. The blood and gore are there which  makes this a winner in my book with a rating of 75/100.

Pentagrams in the desert are exactly what to expect in this old west horror story.


5. Phasmophobia-September 18 2020 (XBOX Series X/S,Windows,PS5)

Enter a world where your worst fears may just become reality.

Calling all ghost hunters with this one. Phasmophobia is a single or multiplayer horror investigation survival game. Players must complete contracts by collecting evidence and turning it in for a payout in addition to unlocking maps, leveling up and completing objectives. You have access to an array of paranormal equipment and taking photo evidence gives you the most money. There are different ghost types and hunts and even a sanity meter.

Heart pounding jumpscares and dimly lit hallways give you a front row seat to hunting ghouls and ghosts. You are definitely not alone when playing this game. Who knows what's behind the next corner and that's what really keeps people coming back. This is the epitome of all paranormal lovers dream. It deserves no less than a 99/100.

The Ouija board lit by the glow of a candle is commonplace in this creepy game.


6. Alan Wake-May 14 2010 (Xbox 360,windows,pS4,PS5,Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S,Nintendo Switch)

In a world where you can do anything, just stay alive.

Alan Wake is a novelist with writer's block that visits a small town named Bright Falls. In this action adventure game your goal is to fight the darkness that has taken over humans, animals and even objects. The shadows that envelop this town are known as The Taken. Wake must use a combination of firearms and light sources to defeat them. In addition to ammunition you must replenish the batteries in your flashlight to keep The Taken at bay. Possessed ravens and animated objects are also an obstacle for Wake in this horror survival game. Stay aware and don't let your lights go out.

An isolated cabin on its own private island is a dream but it quickly turns into a nightmare as darkness settles on this picture perfect landscape. This game has all the creepy and anxiety-inducing cutscenes that attract players again and again. The storytelling is absolutely splendid. Bright Falls is definitely a misnomer in this paranormal fever dream. Alan wake is a wonderful paranormal surprise with a rating of 80/100.

Alan Wake with his two crucial tools for surviving the onslaught of darkness.


7. Dead by Daylight-June 14 2016 (Windows,PS4,PS5,Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S,Android,iOS,Stadia,Nintendo Switch)

Can you survive the night being stalked by a terrifying killer?

Dead by Daylight is a classic horror survival game pitting Killer against Survivor in this asymmetrical style game. One killer and a team of 4 survivors make up each match. When playing as the killer you have a first person pov while survivors are third person. The main goal is escape or be killed.Killers have the ability to lay special traps, see survivors auras, place them on sacrificial hooks and some have teleporting abilities. Survivors can be saved and healed by other survivors, they can also wiggle free from the killer when being carried to the hooks placed throughout the landscape but can be saved from the hooks by other survivors.

This game crushes it with everything from the sound effects to the visuals of blood and gore. From deserted farmlands and cabins in the woods it's like you are stepping into a cult classic horror movie set. The name says it all,you must survive or you will be dead by daylight. This is such a terror inducing and heart pounding good time it deserves a 95/100.

Leatherface is one of the many killers to choose from in Dead By Daylight.


8. The Medium-January 28 2021 (Windows,Xbox Series X/S,PS5,macOS,Nintendo Switch)

The spirit realm comes to life in this masterful horror story.


The Medium is a third person psychological horror game focused on ghosts and detective work. Marianne is a spirit guide who receives a call from Thomas who implores her to visit the secluded Niwa Resort. Niwa was closed by the Polish government after a massacre. The goal of this game is to find out exactly what happened at this resort.

The coolest feature of this game has to be the predetermined split screen that gives us a glimpse of the dark spirit world and our monochromatic world. We can see the spirits when this happens which gives this the total creep factor. Decisions in one realm automatically affects the other so beware of your choices. This game is a constant thrill and an exciting case to crack so it receives a 85/100.

The unique split screen is an exclusive quality of The Medium.


9. The Evil Within-October 14  2012 (Windows,PS3,PS4,Xbox 360,Xbox One)

In the wake of tragedy and despair, you must find the will to fight.

The Evil Within is a third person single player survival game. Learning when and where to fight are the key components to your survival. Sebastian and his colleagues are called to Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate a tragic string of murders. In a turn of events they find themselves in another world faced with monsters beyond your wildest nightmares. Players have access to weapons such as revolvers, shotguns, knives, grenades and a specialty item known as an agony crossbow firing bolts capable of freezing, blinding, electrocuting  and exploding enemies.

Dark and dirty hallways, dungeons, and outdated patient rooms litter the landscape of this game. The evil entities and creatures are spine tingling and anxiety inducing. The sights and sounds will give you nightmares for days after playing. Beacon Mental Hospital is one place I would never stay even on the brink of death. This nightmare fuel of a game deserves a rating of 70/100.

Sebastian observes the infamous Beacon Mental Hospital looming in the distance.


10. Ghost Rider-February 13 2007 (PS2,PSP,Game Boy Advance)

Decimate evil demons and kings of Hell in this epic adventure.

In this third person hack and slash you join Johnny Blaze after the events of The Ghost Rider film. Mephisto has hired Johnny to regain control of his demonic army before they trigger the apocalypse leading to the Angels of Heaven subduing his kingdom.

Ghost Rider is one of the best movies I have seen and that carries on into the game. Gameplay is simple and enjoyable with immersive storytelling. When it comes to  fighting your adversaries expect a pretty quick victory. Ghost Rider is a true gem of a game and mostly just a good time  it scores 100/100.

Ghost Rider on his Hellcycle cruising through the underworld.


11. The Mortuary Assistant- August 2 2022 (Windows,Nintendo Switch)

The dead don't stay dead in this nightmare fuel of a game.

In this first person puzzle game you play as Rebecca, the new mortuary assistant. Jumpscares are littered throughout this haunted mortuary. Players must go about their normal daily activities while avoiding demonic possession. Identifying which corpses are possessed and by which entity is crucial as you must perform the correct exorcism.

The terrifyingly dark imagery floods your screen upon start up. Bloated decaying cadavers must be examined. This game is full of jumpscares in addition to alternate endings with a new one just being added in July 2023. The Mortuary Assistant is absolutely terrifying and was praised as being the scariest game of 2022. A rating of 70/100 is appropriate for this spine chilling adventure.

An unassuming corpse lies in wake to strike at the first opportunity.


12. Marvel’s Midnight Suns-December 2 2022 (PS4,PS5,Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S,Windows)

Marvel Heroes are pitted against pure evil in this cinematic masterpiece.

Marvel has outdone themselves in this tactical RPG. Hydra is hard at work combining science and dark magic to resurrect Lilith in hopes of conquering the world. Familiar faces such as the Avengers, Dr Strange and Spider-Man are tasked with preventing this wretched plan. Gameplay is turn style which is a welcome break from the norm.

Cinematic cutscenes, a well crafted storyline and well loved characters make this game unparalleled. Lilith is the epitome of evil and her addition to this universe is fascinating. This game is a fan favorite and deserves a healthy 97/100.

Lilith may be bad, but in Marvel's Midnight Suns she is so good.


13. Ghostwire:Tokyo-March 25 2022 (PS5,Windows,Xbox Series X/S)

Do not let the bright and attractive imagery fool you, this is a dark and twisted tale of terror.

In this first person action adventure game players harness psychic and paranormal abilities to fight the spirits that are haunting Tokyo. Hand gestures are used to cast spells against the creatures that roam the desolate town. Defeating enemies will lower their health allowing the player to upgrade their abilities. An open world allows for hours worth of gameplay.

The bustling streets are now an apocalyptic wasteland littered with paranormal entities. A mix of Japanese folklore and realism make this a visual wonderland. The main quests are the meat of the game while the side quests are a bit lackluster and don’t add much to the bigger story. Overall the cutscenes and graphics boost the rating to a 88/100.


A Lamentation appears in the middle of the streets ready to strike her next victim.


14. Little Nightmares-April 28 2017 (Android,Stadia,Nintendo Switch,PS4,Windows<Xbox One)

Six may be small in stature but she is mighty in spirit.

Follow a little girl named Six on a strange and dangerous journey through an iron vessel named the Maw. In this platform horror puzzle adventure game you will rely on stealth and your environment to find your way out of the Maw. An innocent game of hide and seek takes on grim and lethal consequences if caught.

Nightmarish and exciting imagery mixed with head scratching puzzles make this a very unique and interesting game. Unlike most horror games enemies are in plain view and Six must do the hiding. This is an exciting platformer with an interesting environment begging to be explored. Little Nightmares is a breath of fresh air with a score of 95/100.

Six fumbling her way through the butcher's kitchen hoping not to become lunch.


15. Vampyr-June 5 2018 (PS4,Windows,Xbox One.Nintendo Switch)

Walk the line between good and evil as Dr. Reid adjusts to his new life.

Vampyr is a third person action rpg game that follows a man named Dr Reid on his journey from man to beast. Reid must follow targets and maintain his relationships so as not to raise any suspicions from his colleagues or patients. Investigating unsuspecting victims and the ability to use weapons on other vampires is a big feature of the gameplay. Players can gain xp from consuming blood to unlock abilities as well as it being a source of nourishment. It is the player's choice whether to kill or not as it is possible to complete the game without killing as one of the four endings.

A constant pull between man and monster really engulfs players. Dr. Reid may not have chosen this path but he has the ability to control his future by the actions he takes every day. Gloomy and dirty London streets alongside original  characters and quests make this a fun and challenging game with a rating of 75/100.

Dr. Reid ripping a victim apart on the dimly lit streets of London.

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