[Top 10] GoW Ragnarok Best Armor Set

The Great Ares Armor Set

10. Survival Set

Shoulder Guard of Survival:

  • LVL 1: 0 STG, 2 DEF
  • LVL 5: 36 STG, 36 DEF
  • LVL 9: 68 STG, 68 DEF, 48 RUN, 48 VIT, 48 COL, 48 LCK

Wraps of Survival:

  • LVL 1: 1 STG, 0 DEF
  • LVL 2: 35 STG, 9 DEF
  • LVL 3: 68 STG, 17 DEF, 30 RUN, 30 VIT, 30 COL, 30 LCK

Belt of Survival:

  • LVL 1: 0 STG, 1 DEF
  • LVL 5: 9 STG, 36 DEF
  • LVL 9: 17 STG, 68 DEF, 30 RUN, 30 VIT, 30 COL, 30 LCK

The Survival set scales very well in God of War Ragnarok, which is unexpected considering that one might not anticipate the game's very first piece of armor to contribute much over the long haul. Even while it doesn't come with any talents, the excellent stat bonuses it offers more than make up for this.

A full set adds 153 to the Strength and Defence numbers, 108 to Runic, Vitality, Cooldown, and Luck stats, and 108 to both Strength and Defence. The absence of abilities, which allows players to mix and match without worrying about losing out on bonuses, is probably another advantage of the set.

What the Survival Set Excels in:

  • It excels in keeping you on your feet as it’s only the beginning armor and it doesn't really grant you any boost.
  • How to get the Survival Set:
  • Once you start the game the set is already in your inventory.


9. Dragon Scaled Set


Dragon Scaled Breastplate:

  • LVL 6: 62 STG, 62 DEF
  • LVL 9: 95 STG, 95 DEF

Dragon Scaled Bracers:

  • LVL 6: 60 STG, 17 DEF
  • LVL 9: 93 STG, 26 DEF

Dragon Scaled Girdle:

  • LVL 6: 17 STG, 60 DEF
  • LVL 9: 26 STG, 93 DEF

The Dragon Scaled set is equally as well-balanced as the Survival set, offering more than 200 stat points in both Strength and Defence once it has been fully upgraded. Sadly, it doesn't provide the same passive enhancements to Kratos' other stats, despite having one of the best armor skills in the game.

Each time a player parries or blocks an attack, Dragon's Fury increases Strength and Defence, with the bonuses piling up until the player is hit. Dragon's Rebuke, on the other hand, is a fantastic set for those who are skilled at timing their parries because it boosts shield damage by up to 50% and adds shield damage to successful blocks.

What the Dragon Scaled Set excels in:

  • This set excels in aiding players who are very defensively sound by granting boost to blocks and parries
  • It excels in a up close and personal play style as the strength boost is massive and it increases whenever you block or parry
  • Boosting shield damage

How to get Dragon Scaled Set:

 After finishing Chapter 13, players must head to Vanaheim's Freyr's Camp neighborhood and look for Helka to start the Scent of Survival quest in order to obtain the Dragon Scaled armor set. Players will be able to access a new place called The Crater and obtain the Dragon Scaled armor set's blueprints after following Helka and performing the favor. Players will be able to create and fully upgrade the set by killing all five of the game's dragons and finishing all of the hunts at the crater.


8. Giptumadr’s Set


Giptumadr’s Breastplate:

  • LVL 5: 32 STG, 36 DEF, 11 RUN, 36 LCK
  • LVL 7: 42 STG, 52 DEF, 16 RUN, 47 LCK
  • LVL 9: 54 STG, 68 DEF, 20 RUN, 61 LCK

Giptumadr’s Gauntlets:

  • LVL 5: 43 STG, 7 RUN, 23 LCK
  • LVL 7: 59 STG, 10 RUN, 29 LCK
  • LVL 9: 77 STG, 13 RUN, 38 LCK

Giptumadr’s Waist Guard:

  • LVL 5: 43 DEF, 7 RUN, 23 LCK
  • LVL 7: 59 DEF, 10 RUN, 29 LCK
  • LVL 9: 77 STG, 13 RUN, 38 LCK

Giptumadr's Set is without a doubt the greatest armor in God of War Ragnarok for Runic builds. Its Fortune's Refresh talent has a chance to instantly recover 70% of a Runic Attack or Relic's cooldown after activation, in addition to providing respectable stat benefits to Strength, Defence, Runic, and Luck.

When used in conjunction with a Runic Attack, the Fortune's Bounty talent from the gauntlets and waist guard enhances the likelihood that an enemy will drop a Healthstone or Ragestone. The two talents go along exceptionally well because players have presumably already increased their Luck stat to maximize their chances of hitting Fortune's Refresh.

What Giptumadr’s Set excels in:

  • Excels in runic heavy builds as it gives a high chance to cancel 70% of cooldown for runic and relic attacks
  • Excels in protecting players who take a lot of damage due to the high defense stats
  • Enhances the chances that an enemy will drop either a health or rage stone so it's good for rage farmers or players who often find themselves low on health.

How to get Giptumadr’s Set:

Once players have finished The World of Fate, the ninth chapter of God of War Ragnarok, they can access the recipe for Giptumadr's set. Following that, players can buy the armor by going to one of Brok and Sindri's workshops.


7. The Fate Breaker Set


Fate Breaker Shoulder Guard:

  • LVL 6: 44 STG, 35 DEF, 40 VIT, 13 LCK
  • LVL 9: 68 STG, 54 DEF, 61 VIT, LCK 20

Fate Breaker Wraps:

  • LVL 6: 50 STG, 25 VIT, 8 LCK
  • LVL 9: 77 STG, 38 VIT, 13 LCK

Fate Breaker Belt:

  • LVL 6: 50 DEF, 25 VIT, 8 LCK 
  • LVL 9: 77 DEF, 38 VIT, 13 LCK

One of the final sets that players can acquire during the main story is the Fate Breaker set. Given this, it shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that, all things considered, it is one of the best armor sets in God of War Ragnarok.

In the seconds following the use of Kratos' Spartan Rage, the Raging Aftermath skill offers a number of boosts in addition to giving enormous stat enhancements to Strength, Defence, Vitality, and Luck. This makes the outfit even more potent when combined with the Raging Fury skill offered by the Wraps and Belt, which quickens the rate at which the Rage meter fills.

What Fate Breaker Set excels in:

  • As one of the best sets in the game it gives you the full freedom to adopt any style of play you like.
  • For people who enjoy using Spartan’s Rage this armor is great as it refills faster with this set and gives to stat boosts after the rage is done
  • Aiding Brute style players with the massive strength stats

How to get Fate Breaker Set:

The Fate Breaker armour set recipe is given to players at the start of the final story chapter of God of War Ragnarok. It is free to make, but if they want to enhance it to the highest level, they will need the appropriate materials.


6. The Hunter’s Set


Hunter’s Pauldron:

  • LVL 6: 62 STG, 31 DEF, 40 COL
  • LVL 9: 95 STG, 48 DEF, 61 COL

Hunter’s Gauntlets:

  • LVL 6: 58 STG, 25 COL
  • LVL 9: 89 STG, 38 COL

Hunter’s Belt:

  • LVL 6: 17 STG, 41 DEF, 25 COL
  • LVL 9: 26 STG, 64 DEF, 38 COL

Although it is much more difficult to unlock and does not actually increase Kratos' Runic stat, the Hunter's set is still a fantastic choice for those looking to put together a powerful Runic build. However, it significantly reduces the time required for Runic Attacks and Relics to cool down, allowing players to use them much more frequently than they otherwise could.

The Hunter's set not only gives Kratos strong stat bonuses, but it also significantly increases the power of his ranged attacks. Players can temporarily increase ranged attack damage with the Empowered Range skill, and all ranged damage can be increased by up to 20% with Ranged Specialist, which is a feature of the set's gauntlets and belt.

What Hunter’s Set excels in:

  • Supporting players looking to create a Runic build as it decreases Runic attack cooldowns
  • Also great for players who heavily rely on Relics as it decreases Reloc cooldown as well
  • Great for players who love to keep space and throw the Leviathan or use other ranged attacks as it grants a 20% boost to ranged attacks

How to get Hunter’s Set:

Unfortunately, making the Hunter's set is very challenging because it requires God of War players to finish two different favors (In Plain Sight and Nocturnal Predator) in order to obtain the necessary ingredients. The Untamed Fury, a recurring Centaur mini-boss, must also be defeated five times in three different locations (The Sinkholes, The Plains, and The Jungle).


5. The Spartan Set


All the stats add up to a whopping ZERO.

The armor is made for the best of the best GOW players as it grants zero boost in all categories. My favorite set by far as it brings the nostalgic look from the earlier games.


4. The Steinbjorn Set


Steinbjorn Plackart:

  • LVL 6: 123 DEF
  • LVL 9: 190 DEF

Steinbjorn Gauntlets:

  • LVL 6: 22 STG, 55 DEF
  • LVL 9: 34 STG, 85 DEF

Steinbjorn Waist Guard:

  • LVL 6: 77 DEF
  • LVL 9: 119 DEF

It can be simple to overlook the fact that an armor set's main function is to shield its user from harm. In light of this, the Steinbjorn set's incredible 394 Defence points when fully upgraded make it the best armor in God of War Ragnarok, according to a very convincing argument.

Then there is the Plackart's Bloodthirsty Retaliation ability, which causes Kratos' attacks to temporarily restore health following a significant amount of damage. If used properly, this works fantastically with Spartan Rage and can enable players to instantly refill their health bars. Stunning Retaliation, which has a chance to stun nearby enemies whenever Kratos takes damage, can also be helpful.

The Steinbjorn Set excels in:

  • Defense. The build possesses almost 400 total defense points when fully upgraded
  • The Retaliation skill helps to regain health after attacks
  • The Stunning Retaliation stuns nearby enemies when attacked so this is great for group battles

How to get Steinbjorn Set:

Players must first obtain the Draupnir spear in order to obtain the Steinbjorn Armor set. Then, in order to obtain the Mystical Heirloom artifact, they should travel to Midgard's Lake of Nine and smash the ice block there that has golden cracks in it. Players should use the heirloom in close proximity to the unique troll statues in Noatun's Garden in Vanaheim (x2), the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim, and The Derelict Outpost in Midgard (x3) after equipping it. By doing so, they will transform into tricky troll bosses that, when defeated, will drop the materials needed to make the Steinbjorn set.


3.The Zeus Set


  • Cuirass of Zeus: 100 STG, 100 DEF, 80 RUN
  • Gauntlets of Zeus: 125 STG, 50 RUN
  • War Belt of Zeus: 125 DEF, 50 RUN

Just as it does in the previous God of War game, the armor of Zeus turns Kratos into a glass cannon, with immense power and non-existent defenses. In terms of stats, the full set offers a massive 350 boost to Strength, yet will only increase the mighty Spartan's Defense stat by 100, which isn't all that great for a set of armor. That's just the tip of the iceberg though.

When the entire set is worn, Divine Edge dramatically increases enemy damage dealt by 180%, making most hits fatal. The Zeus armor is actually the best set for players who can consistently avoid taking damage because they will receive an 80% bonus to any melee or runic damage they can deal. Unfortunately, the set is made available so late in the game that it has very little opportunity to shine, even for those who can use it.

What Zeus’ Set excels in:

  • Grants massive strength boost with 350 STG stat
  • For players who prefer close combat this armor set is great as it increases melee attacks by 80%
  • Runic attacks also get the same 80% boost

How to get the Zeus Set:

Players must be using New Game Plus mode in God of War Ragnarok in order to obtain the Zeus armor. After finishing the game's main story, they must complete three specific Remnants of Asgard before they can obtain the armor of Zeus.


2. Surtr’s Scorched Set


Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass:

  • LVL 7: Strength: 62, Defense: 52, Vitality: 36
  • LVL 8: Strength: 72, Defense: 60, Vitality: 42
  • LVL 9:Strength: 82, Defense: 68, Vitality: 48

Surtr’s Scorched Arm:

  • LVL 7:Strength: 72, Vitality: 23
  • LVL 8:Strength: 83, Vitality: 26
  •  LVL 9:Strength: 94, Vitality: 30

Surtr’s Scorched Girdle:

  • LVL 7: Strength: 13, Defense: 58, Vitality: 23
  • LVL 8: Strength: 15, Defense: 67, Vitality: 26
  • LVL 9: Strength: 17, Defense: 76, Vitality: 30

The best armor in God of War Ragnarok is undoubtedly Surtr's Scorched set, but it's also one of the most challenging and time-consuming sets to unlock. However, it partially makes up for this with enormous stat bonuses to Strength, Defense, and Vitality, as well as a few incredibly helpful skills.

Surtr's Scorched set rewards those who like to take the initiative, while the Dragon Scaled set is best for those who value timing. Aggressor's Resolve increases Stagger Resistance while attacking while reducing damage taken by up to 40%, while Preemptive Strike increases damage when players block an opponent's attack.

What Surtr’s Scorched Set excels in:

  • It excels in supporting in all play styles with the all around boosts
  • Great for players who like to go on the offensive as the Preemptive Strike grants bonus damage when interrupting an opponent’s attack
  • Good for situations where you know you’ll be taking lots of damage such as mob fights as the it decreases damage intake by 40%

How to get Surtr’s Scorched Set:

Players must first locate the two halves of the Muspelheim Realm Seed in order to obtain Surtr's Scorched armor set. They are situated in Svartalfheim's Modvitnir's Rig and Dragon Beach regions, the latter of which can only be reached after finishing Chapter 10 and obtaining the Draupnir Spear. Players must then travel to Muspelheim to participate in Surtr's trials in the Crucible region.


1. Ares Set


Cuirass of Ares:

  • LVL 7: Strength: 52, Defense: 42, Vitality: 31, Luck: 31    
  • LVL 8: Strength: 60, Defense: 48, Vitality: 36, Luck: 36    
  • LVL 9: Strength: 68, Defense: 54, Vitality: 41, Luck: 41

Gauntlets of Ares:

  • LVL 7: Strength: 59, Vitality: 20, Luck: 20
  • LVL 8: Strength: 68, Vitality: 23, Luck: 23
  • LVL 9: Strength: 77, Vitality: 26, Luck: 26

War Belt of Ares:

  • LVL 7: Defense: 59, Vitality: 20, Luck: 20
  • LVL 8: Defense: 68, Vitality: 23, Luck: 23
  • LVL 9: Defense: 77, Vitality: 26, Luck: 26

What the Ares Set excels in:

  • Excels in improving versatility as there’s boost well distributed between all stats
  • Excels in making Healthstones much more useful as it increases the chances health stones are dropped by enemies and  makes the healthstones fill up the rage bar
  • Also great for fights with multiple opponents so when Kratos stomps on a stone it does increased damage to surrounding opponents
  • Excelsip in utilizing Spartan’s Rage as it grants a 50% boost to attacks done right after the rage is activated

How to get the Ares Set:

Players can purchase the Ares set from any of Brok and Sindri's workshops while playing in New Game Plus mode for a total of 58,000 Hacksilver. In the second chapter of the game, they will have their first opportunity to do so.

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