Top 10 Best Greek Mythology Games

 Greek Mythology Games
Embrace the ancient world and the mythical!

Ancient myth and legend from the age of the Greeks, those epics of old, tell of tragedy, woe, and adventure.

The stories of gods, heroes, and monsters prevail over the ages, inspiring story tellers and artists throughout time. Now, games partake in the ancient tradition and tell new stories steeped in legends.

And so you may know of them, here are ten of such games. 

10. 12 Labors of Hercules

12 Labors of Hercules Gameplay

Here’s a mythology game if you’re looking for something simple. Clear the roads so Hercules can go save his wife, which sounds simple enough. But, each area is a neat little puzzle for you to solve, so it won’t be too easy.

What Makes 12 Labors of Hercules Awesome

  • With its casual gameplay, it lets you relax and find the best way to solve the road ahead of you.
  • It has some base-building mechanics, but merely for each level, so you’ll have to manage the resources in order to solve each section. 
  • There’s a variety of levels for you to go through, so you’ll have plenty of puzzles to solve and strategies to employ.

Get some extra help to clear the road

The further you go, the more you’ll have to manage


9. Zeus + Poseidon

Zeus + Poseidon Gameplay

Build up a city an ancient Greece, and help it expand! With plenty of things to build and decisions to make, you’ll be able to make a glorious city.

What Makes Zeus + Poseidon Awesome

  • You get to build an ancient city and design it how you want it to be.
  • You’ll have to manage resources and relations between other cities, which keeps the game moving and you engaged.
  • Respond to the goings on of your city from population to random events, which gives the feeling of a growing and lived-in city.

Build up your city

Make something glorious


8. Rise of the Argonauts

Rise of the Argonauts Gameplay

Battle your way through a legendary tale set in mythological Greece. Play as Jason as you discuss, fight, and travel your way through dangerous lands and meet with legends of old.

What Makes Rise of the Argonauts Awesome

  • With plenty of dialogue options, you’ll be affecting the lives of the characters in the game as well as your story.
  • With the ability to change your weapons mid fight, you’ll find you can keep combat versatile.
  • With the game’s in-depth upgrade system based on deities, you’ll be able to customize Jason to play more aligned with how you like it.

Fight your way through mythic Greece

Take some friends with you on the way, might be helpful


7. Smite

Smite Gameplay

This MOBA puts you in the shoes of many different gods. Work together to defeat the enemy team and enjoy the epic battle before you!

What Makes Smite Awesome

  • You get to play as gods from different mythologies, each having their own abilities, so you get to choose which deity fits your playstyle.
  • As this is a MOBA, you’ll have to employ strategy and teamwork if your team is going to win.
  • Enjoy the epicness of seeing multiple mythological pantheons teaming up with each other or beating each other to a pulp.

Pick a hero, be it mortal...


Or be it deity, and fight on


6. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Gameplay

Set out on an epic journey through the ancient world as it is being plagued by monsters. Loot and fight your way through this game as you try and help the world.

What Makes Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Awesome

  • There is an impressive amount to explore, so be ready to sink some time into this one.
  • Whether you want to play as a magic user or a melee fighter, this game will let you get stronger in those areas through upgrades and loot.
  • Monsters of mythology stand in your way, so go and fight them to save the ancient world!

Explore dangerous ruins

Watch out for the mythical creatures that block your path


5. Okhlos: Omega

Okhlos: Omega Gameplay

Ever wanted to join an angry mob and go on a destructive rampage? Hopefully not, but regardless, that’s basically the premise of this game! Gather an angry mob and leave a destructive path on mythological Greece!

What Makes Okhlos: Omega Awesome

  • This game is rather silly, which means you have a good laugh and a fun time.
  • Gather up a mob of people, determine who’s leading it as well as heroes involved, and then go beat up the monsters and gods of Greek mythology, which makes for some silly moments.
  • It has a fun and impressive pixel art style that aides with the overall silly atmosphere. 

Things can get a little crazy...

Topple monsters with your mob


4. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Gameplay

Fight and explore through the ancient world as you build up your bases. Whether you’re waging war or building up resources, Age of Mythology will have you doing plenty of stuff around the ancient world!

What Makes Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Awesome

  • To support your campaign, build up your resources in areas you land and protect them, and you’ll be able to do what you set out to do.
  • Wage war with a variety of troops, allowing you to engage the enemy in different ways which presents a strategic challenge.
  • Exploring the area around you allows you to see more of the map, giving you further understanding of your surroundings and what’s available.

Manage your resources well

Take on enemies from multiple mythologies


3. God of War III

God of War III Gameplay

In an epic tale, fight as Kratos against the horrors of the mythological world. With exciting combat and plenty of incredible monsters to slay, you’ll enjoy the brutal world of God of War III.

What Makes God of War III Awesome

  • Send your chainswords hacking and slashing with the thrilling combat system. 
  • Face giant monsters and gods from Greek myth in battle.
  • The game has plenty of abilities for you to upgrade Kratos with, allowing you an edge in battle.

Time to beat the crap outta Hades

Minotaurs got nothing on Kratos


2. AC Odyssey

AC Odyssey Gameplay

Playing as one of two Mercenaries, you get to sail, explore, and fight your way through the world of ancient Greece. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll run into some creatures of myth along the way.

What Makes AC Odyssey Awesome

  • You acquire a ship and sail around the ancient world, engaging in things like sea combat to exploration, which all makes for a fun time!
  • Thanks to the upgrade system and plenty of loot in the game, you can customize your character’s skills and abilities to how you want to play.
  • The combat is a lot of fun, feeling very fast but still in your control, while still providing plenty of challenge.

Cyclops are notorious for causing bad days...

Best to not make eye contact there, hero


1. Apotheon

Apotheon Gameplay

In this 2D game, you’ll fight your way through a land steeped in myth and explore it thoroughly. The artstyle combined with the fighting of ancient legend will make you feel like a hero of old.

What Makes Apotheon Awesome

  • This game has an incredible art style that matches well with the 2D environment, giving it a unique feel.
  • Throughout the game, you’ll face down creatures and beings of myth and legend, setting you on an epic adventure.
  • The game has plenty of places to explore and fight through, giving you lots to do and see.

Hunt down creatures of myth

Look at this freaking artwork!

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