[Top 10] GTA Online Best Arena War Vehicle

GTA Online Arena Wars, Arena Wars best vehicles
Welcome to the Arena, Do you have what it takes to win the games?

Arena Wars has only a few objections no matter which of the matches you choose.

You need to be able to stay alive in the match, destroy your opponents, and be the last man standing. To do this, you need the right vehicles for the job. In this list, we will look at my top 10 Best Arena War Vehicles.


10. Nightmare Cerberus- 

Cerberus customization and testing

We will start our countdown with what I feel is the most out-of-place Arena vehicle. The Nightmare Cerberus is a huge colorful semi-truck with an odd sounding horn. It's pretty solid, and I love the fun colors, but it's really slow, and with how big it is, there really is no place for it. There are two flame throwers on the semi and you can upgrade to boost and launch the semi. Other than being in the way of opponents for a moment, you aren't helping yourself win an Arena match in the process.. The Cerberus makes it to the top 10 simply for having flame throwers, which no other vehicle in GTA has, and for taking the heat while other players immediately gang up on the semi so I can sneak in and take the win. That  gives it a sympathy vote from me. 


9.Future Shock Issi -

Futureshock Issi customization and testing

From big to small, now, we have the Weeny car, the Future Shock Issi. The Future Shock is an upgrade from the Issi classic, however, I did not upgrade mine as I only use it for one style match hence why it is my number 9. The Weeny is exactly that, a weeny car. It's tiny and compact, and moves with swift agility. Where this vehicle shines is in the match "Here Come the Monsters' '. When huge Sasquatches are coming after you, this little booger whips in and out easily and has a stunner bomb it poops off its  behind and helps you stay in and win the match while other vehicles get smashed.


8.Apocalypse Bruiser-

Apocalypse Bruiser customization and testing

To mod this limo, you're going to need at least 1.6 million in the bank to get the Bruiser into functioning condition. The Bruiser is modeled after the classic Mercedes limousine, and by itself, it has no value and drives terribly. After mounting it to a 6 wheel truck chassis, this vehicle looks terrible but packs a mean punch making it great for smashing smaller vehicles in the Arena games. The Apocalypse Bruiser can be mounted with two side fender machine guns or top machine guns. Arena workshop add-ons include boost, bounce, and armor making this vehicle decent for Arena wars but not the best.


7. Nightmare Impaler - 

Nightmare Impaler customizing and testing

The Nightmare Impaler is the Final Form for the Impala Model Arena vehicle. The added mods include two hood-mounted machine guns, armor and shields, a roll cage,  and a sleek and smooth paint job. With the added speed to the Impaler, this vehicle is great for games like Carnage and Wreck-It. In games like Carnage, the Impaler is at an advantage with spikes and the added shields for more protection. 


6.Apocalypse Dominator - 

Apocalypse Dominator

The Dominator, when transformed, becomes a little beast in the pits of the Arena games. In the Arena Workshop, you can add modifications like protective cages, armored body, ram scoops, and my favorite, the Tombstone armor plate. While racing in Wreck-it, drop that Tombstone plate and wipe out your opponents. When using the Dominator in certain games, like Flag War, or Hot Bomb, features like Jump and Boost come in handy. If you're in a bind and need to speed through and jump over land mines, hit the horn, and the car launches itself soaring at high speeds!


5.Nightmare Scarab-

Nightmare Scarab

For around 3 million, you can grab the tank, the Scarab. You want to upgrade this to the Nightmare edition with the colored pencil spikes jacking out the back of it, so you can school anyone who messes with you!  You can choose from many upgrade options on how you want your Scarab to obliterate the enemy. You can easily rack up the thousands in upgrade costs, but I chose to add the large scoop and top-mounted 50 cal machine gun shooter.


4.Nightmare Slamvan- 

Nightmare Slamvan

I love the Slamvan because it's like the energy drink trucks that you see all over the place forcing you to buy unhealthy sugar drinks, except this time, it has spikes, chains, and launches across 5 lanes of traffic for no clear reason. Yeah, that's good salesmanship right there. The Slamvan is most useful as a goalkeeper in Capture the Flag. I prefer to use a Deathbike for agility, but the Slamvan is the only vehicle big enough, and fast enough to move and stop a Deathbike from stealing a flag. Other than armor, dual machine guns, and a fun drink can as a topper, not much needs upgraded.


3.Nightmare Imperator -


Nightmare Imperator customization and testing

At 2.2 mil, you can get a hold of the Imperator. This vehicle isn't as large as some of the other Arena vehicles, but it does still have the muscle-style body and still carries great speed and traction. Special upgrades include rear motors that you can send off at following enemies, hood-mounted machine guns, and spinning blades. With the added armor, the windows are not bulletproof but the rest of the vehicle takes a lot of damage which makes it a great competitor in the Arena wars. For added fun and sparkle, throw some of those colorful body spikes on there too, why not?! 


2.Nightmare ZR380 -  

ZR380 customization and testing

The ZR380 is more of a sports vehicle than a utility Arena vehicle like the rest of our list. I wouldn't say "delicate", but I would for sure load it down with armor before using it for Arena games. This vehicle is excellent for speed, steering, and traction. With the proper upgrades, and I mean money, this car is prime for the games, Wreck it, Here Come the Monsters, and Game Masters. Investing in this vehicle is for sure worth the money. The spinning blades will kill any enemy instantly, even yourself, so don't touch them. The armor can handle quite a bit of damage as well, but the windows unfortunately are not bulletproof.


1.Nightmare Deathbike- 

Nightmare Deathbike customization and testing

The Nightmare Deathbike will always be my number one pick. Yes, the rider is exposed, but with the Deathbike, you have the option to upgrade and add the back shield to protect the rider from being shot. What keeps the bike in the number 1 spot, is the speed and agility. In every Arena War, the better you can maneuver in and out of trouble, the better. The Deathbikes also come with spinning blades to knock off other riders, and damage vehicles, causing spin-outs. You can also equip machine guns on the front of the bike which comes in handy during matches like Capture the Flag. I use the Deathbike in all games, though if you are new to Arena Wars, the only downfall to this vehicle, it doesn't take much damage to kill you. 








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