[Top 10] GTA Online Best Bikes That Look Awesome

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To look this awesome in GTA, you're going to need to get yourself a motorcycle, and these guys know just where to find them.

Whether it's for racing, Arena Wars, Buiness missions, or just cruising around, every lawless person in GTA needs at least one Motorcycle, maybe more. 

What's up guys! In this Top 10, we're going to rank the Best Bikes in GTA based on appearance, stability, and overall greatness. So let's get into it and take a look at the Top 10 GTA Online best bikes that look awesome!

10. Vortex-

The Vortex racing

This super sport bike has excellent acceleration and speed. It has the capability of holding its own in any race with an Akuma but is not the greatest in control. With wide tires and a narrow frame, the Vortex does not mark sharp turns nicely.The Vortex shows lacking in performance as it cannot be wheelied, so it doesn't have that speed boost other bikes offer. For beginners in GTA, this is a perfect starter bike and if you purchased the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, this bike is free!

9. Akuma -

Akuma racing

The Akuma is a surefire motorcycle that was introduced to us back in the classic days of Grand Theft Auto 4. Rockstar is great about making sure, if it's great, keep it going (as we already know since we've played GTA 5 since 2013!) The Akuma is a civilian purchased bike and costs only 9,000 for anyone just starting out their cash flow. Why is it in this top 10? The Akuma, though the cheapest in our list, is still one of the fastest bikes in the game. The Akuma is fantastic for beginners learning to race and hug turns without losing acceleration. 


8. Bati 801- 

Bati 801 racing

Another stunning speed demon is the Bati 801. Modeled after the real-life Ducati, this sports racing bike tops speeds at 135 mph and priced at a low 15 grand in the shop. This bike is one of my personal favorites for street racing as it does not lose acceleration on loose turns and is quick to the start. The downside with the Bati 801, in racing, it does not handle super narrow turns well and you are likely getting launched if you are not familiar with these upcoming turns on the track. 


7. Ruffian-

Ruffian racing

Next up, we have the Ruffian in our number 8 spot. Resembling the Ducati Monster, this bike tops out at 127mph and is another bike that is on the lower end of the price spectrum. In fact, this bike doesn't have to cost you a penny, if you steal it! As for racing, I prefer this bike for off road dirt tracks. The motorcycle does well for stunts and straightaways, but again, struggles massively with narrow turns and takes away from its performance. On dirt, this bike makes high strides, as it handles better than most sportbikes  in the game without losing its speed. 


6. Hakuchou- 

Hakuchou racing

The Hakuchou is one of the big boy bikes on our list. This cycle can be bought for 82k and makes it one of the most cost-efficient of the top-tier bikes. Though the Hakuchou is one of the fastest bikes in the game, it has some major drawbacks pushing it to number 7 in our top 10. The Hakuchou compared to Bati 801 is wide-bodied and long, giving it a disadvantage with steering.  Steering disadvantages are not noticeable on off-road or wider road courses, but because of its size, the Hakuchou tends to lose control, easily sending riders flying around sharp curves.


5. Zombie Chopper-

The Zombie Bobber, resembling the Harley Davidson Fat Bob Custom, is not the best for racing. I enjoy the shape and look of  this bike and use it for motorcycle club missions and offroad cruising. The Zombie reaches a max speed of 113mph and glides nicely into slight turns. This is a perfect, Sunday Drive-by cycle when you just aren't in the mood to race or steal cars for your warehouse. You can buy this bike for less than 100k.


4. Chimera - 

Chimera drag racing

Another gorgeous and fun cruiser, The Chimera, is a tricycle. This trike is 100% unique when it comes to its build and appearance. As this mythological being would not be a great racing vehicle, it is just simply fun to ride! The balance on the trike is way off, so when popping a wheelie, be sure to not lean too far back or it will end badly for you. Spinouts  however are a lot of fun, the customizing capabilities are superb, and the overall handling of the Chimera is smooth. You can buy the Chimera for 210k and have fun testing your wheelie challenge skills right away!


3. Future Shock Deathbike - 

Future shock racing

The Future Shock Deathbike was introduced during the Arena wars update in 2019 and hits an intense top speed of 150 mph. The best features about the Death Bikes are the add ons. You can add Phasma lasers, chainsaw blades, and shields to these bikes, making business missions and Club fights insane! Capture the Flag in Arena Wars is the best place to test this cycle. The smooth turns and top speeds keep you moving in and out of tight areas, and with the added weapons, you're sure to obliterate your opponents. 

2. The Oppressor ll - 

The Opressor Mk II racing

I love the Oppressor MK ll. Modeled almost identical to the Oppressor, this model is a full-on flying hoverbike. It's not light on the wallet for sure as you have to shell out over 3 million for just the bike alone. You can however equip homing devices which make Casino heist missions easier to get done by yourself (or seek revenge on an online troll who keeps shooting you). I use my Oppressor more than any other vehicle when doing daily job missions and nightclub promotions. It has its many advantages, and of course, it is also a very hated vehicle for these same reasons. Trigger happy homing device shooters are annoying when they are aimed at you.

1. Shotaro -

The Shotaro Deadline match

The Shotaro, or Tron-style bike as I call it, is the most agile and best racing bike in GTA. This bike has a smooth and sleek body, futuristic neon colors that emit a bright glow, and glides when it moves. Whether it's Deadline matches or stunt racing, the Shotaro is hands down the best performer and easiest bike to handle. The only downfall to this cycle is the price tag of 2.25 million. If you love racing and love motorcycles, that price is well worth it. 


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